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Magento development India – Magento magical theme from the scratch

The Magento developers in India are slowly cultivating their seeds of management in the new spheres too. Whenever you deal with Magento extensions, you surely have many questions going on in your mind. So, to deal with them, you need to have a precise study of what is really needed and what is not. When you work on any project, you need to add a unique static header between the main panels of that CMS page. You have to customize each element with the help of a Magento panel that should be placed outside the main content, and you can do it by using the Magento layouts. As we are familiar with Magento, we can see that there are two things which happen:

  • A homepage handle with 404 error.
  • A CMS handle for all the pages.

Well, in that case, if you want to show a CMS on the homepage, you surely can use the homepage to handle the local XML file. In the same way, there is a static block that should be shown on all the CMS pages. But, the question lies is how about an individual CMS handler? In that case, it is where the front end comes to the action.


Well, Magento helps in the easy enabling of custom-defined layouts that are useful for every CMS page. It helps edit a CMS editor on the Magento panel. It uses the values which have been stored in the database. Initially, you need to create a static block and then add a specific CMS page to it, and then we can create a new CMS page again. It would help to add the Layout update XML through a keener side on the design tabs with the help of one header and one paragraph. Then, in this final procedure, you are meant to add the template files, and adding a code line will surely help to call the element.


Whenever we talk about options, there are always two options available, good options and bad options. Although the solution can be easy, many tedious ways would result in complications. So, when you have to go through these processes, you can add many projects to the CMS pages.


With the help of a powerful fallback system, the support of the Magento structure helps in the functionality of considering Magento as one the most successful and most useful options available in the commerce platforms. Magento certainly offers a lot to the commerce platforms, but there is a need to do additional work to the cliental needs. The first thing you can do while starting a Magento theme is to ask for custom styling and functionality of the product. Yes, creating a Magento theme is very easy, but in that case, you surely need to follow a few recommendations and rules to make the Magento work quite simple. There are designed packages in Magento that helps in having multiple themes in Magento.

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