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7 Solutions of the Question, ASP.NET or Node? For Fresher

When it comes to ASP.NET there are lots of question that you need to answer. However, finding these answers might be a little bit hard, but there is no doubt that these things play a crucial role. Well, making your work easy, here are the seven solutions to the questions with the idea about how you can answer them.

Questions that you should know about ASP.Net Development Service

Here are the questions listed, which will make your concept clearer:

1. Question about Model View Controller or MVC

It’s a software architectural pattern designed for implanting interference for the users. It has three parts that are interconnected. It defines the application for the web with the layers such as business, display, and input control.

2. Advantage points of MVC

There are different advantage points such as it supporting the multiple views and also changing the accommodation. Apart from this, it includes plus points, like SoC (Separation of concerns), that makes it light in weight and easily controllable.

3. Explanations about the MVC application life cycle

Well, there are two steps i.e. understanding the request and depending on sending correct for the response.

4. Types of controller action method

There are nine types of controller action methods. Such as View result, redirect Result, File result, Content Result, Empty Result, and JsonResult, etc.

5. Question regarding filters in MVC

The Filters are used for the controller section or to modify the complete controller section for the proper execution. Four kinds of filters are categorized into Action filters, Authorization filters, Exception filters, and Result Filters. Only action filters are most commonly used to perform data processing and other related tasks among all the types.

6. Differentiate between Temp, view, and View bag data

ASP.NET MVC has three options for passing or storing the data in between views and controllers. These options have three parts i.e. TempData, View, and View bag. These three options help in working better and smoothly.

7. Role of TempData in MVC

Another most important question is the role of TempData in MVC. Well, it’s a dictionary object which is used for storing the data for a temporary time. The TempData can keep the information that is used while HTTP requests. However, we can use it only with a subsequent or current request.

Is Asp.net MVC really made for beginners?

Asp.net MVC is harder to learn. Yet, people can grasp it like professionals if they get the proper guidance. In MVC, a developer needs to write much more code but have more control over things. It is a complex programming language that makes simple things like drop-down lists complicated tasks. The developer needs to create new view models and partial classes if he builds his app correctly with a well-established and thought-out database.

MVC is completely different from WebForms. And it is tricky to wrap your head around and with all of the addons that are open source.

The best thing about MVC is that developers can create a simpler site quickly. However, it is not control-based. When a developer needs to add a drop list, calendars, and elements, he needs to use JavaScript. So, this grows the complexity level of the application.

What if a beginner uses node.js?

Node.js is a server used by developers in JavaScript execution. Node.js offers nonparallel and APIs driven through events. It runs out a task without blocking since it runs on single-fortified, even based spirals.

Major benefits of using node.js are:

  • Node.js uses JavaScript, and JavaScript is an easy language to learn compared to MVC and can be easily handled by java programmers.
  • Node.js brings unfastened source runtime habitat that will assist in storing sole curriculum secretly.
  • Both the ends, the admin and the user, incorporate the same coding strategies that provide them a simple arrangement of abundant internet applications. Which in return makes them competent than ever.
  • Node.js becomes more lively and dynamic with the implementation of software development platforms, such as GitHub Inc.
  • Node.js is the most widely used software development platform at present. Since the scaling is higher than contemporary apps like PHP and C.
7-Solutions-of-the-Question ASP

Node is a completely event-driven platform. Primarily the server includes one thread processing one event after another. For instance:

  • Arrived new request becomes one event.
  • Server starts processing the event, and when there is a blocking I/O (Input/output) operation, the server registers a callback function instead of waiting for the completion of the event.
  • The server promptly takes up the new request’s processing.
  • The server processes the operation by executing the callback, Once I/O operation is achieved.

Where we can use node.js?

There are apps where Node.js can be applied, such as:

  • Chat – chat is the most common real-time, multi-user app. It is a lightweight, data-intensive, and high traffic app that runs through distributed devices.
  • API on top of an object database – although node.js shines with real-time apps, it is ideal for exposing the data from object DB. JSON stored data enables Node.js to function with no impedance mismatch and conversion of data.
  • Data streaming – Streaming of data is possible to process files during uploading, as the data enters through a stream. And then, developers can process it in an online mode.

If you want to build an application or web app that covers your business requirements, you can look towards ASP.NET and can hire dedicated net developers for application development. On the other hand, going towards other programming languages may be a good thing. It completely depends on you.

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