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Exploring Scala and Java – Myths and Facts

There are endless opinions on popularity of Scala programming language, out of them few are considered favorable and few are criticized. This article has been written with an objective of concluding Scala with your own understandings and evaluations. At the end of this article, you would be able to give an unbiased and accurate opinion about the language.

Scala is especially designed to work on managed environment and offers both functional and object oriented programming features. The complier is even better and smarter as compared to other programming languages. The syntax is also impressive and easy to use. Scala is good for complex business problems and lead performance oriented software apps.

Scala is more productive than Java?

Scala is both functional and object oriented programming language that makes it more productive and flexible in nature as compared to Java. There are some complex features in Scala that always makes programming language more preferable over Java. If we talk about Java, Java is always more secured and platform independent.

Scala is more complex than Java?

If we talk about syntax structure then Scala is certainly more complex as compared to Java. But for Scala programmers, they should be ready to learn complex syntax and code structure always. The end product is always more efficient and productive. SO it would not be saying wrong that Scala is always more complex when compared to Java. The combination of both functional and object oriented language makes it always more preferable over others.

Scala offers better concurrency than Java?

Writing concurrent code is always difficult but Scala makes debugging easy and more enjoyable than Java. Even more challenging and difficult programs can be written from convenient and ease. The smarter compiler will make programming interactive and automated. Other than this Scala is even extensible and interoperable in nature that makes it more preferable choice by Scala programmers.

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