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Java experts, brace yourself for new bunch of offerings in 2019!

As we have stepped into a New Year, it is the perfect time to first retrospect what Java brought to us in 2018, and what all can we expect in 2019. At the same time, it is also the perfect time of the year to understand what all we know about latest Java concepts and what we should be prepared to learn. In order to become better we have to keep ourselves abreast with the latest happenings. And, if you are a Java developer in India, then there’s nothing better that keeping your Java skills up to the minute. As, Java is constantly evolving, and we can expect a plenty of new features in 2019 and years after that too!

How are Java developers eying 2019?

Java developers are hoping for a host of new offerings by Java in 2019. As a developer or a programmer the most troublesome obstacle that we face is to stay updated with the latest happenings. Else, there is literally so much being upgraded every now and then. Technology is evolving like anything and at a great pace. Thus, the programmers are should be always geared up for a new edition of their favorite programming language. When it comes to new offerings from Java, we may expect a new framework in the near future as well.

Though, already in the last few years, Java engineers have witnessed a high number of modifications and advancements. Java experts are already coping up with the challenge of learning something new every 6 months. As, there have been Spring 5, Spring Security 5, Spring Boot 2 and a plenty of other editions in the past. Java has been very continuous when it comes to releasing updates and new versions. Though, this is good in one way, but in other ways, it becomes a little tough for the Java experts to manage. However, there is no doubt about the fact that new editions always make the work a lot smarter. Java 9, Java 10 and Java 11 were being made available so quickly. And, Java professionals are already trying to be an expert of many new features like the API enhancements, vary with local variables, Thread Local handshake etc. So, first of all, Java experts would be keen to make full use of all these features in 2019.

Are you all geared up for Java’s 2019 offerings?

Java is undoubtedly one of the most famous programming language around the globe. Be it peer-to-peer, open source, Juxtapose apps or anything else, Java has always been one of the top choices of the experts. This is the reason why Java has got one of the best greatest ratings as per one of the recent reports.

In 2019, Kotlin is definitely going to be a talk of the town. JVM-compatible programming language, Kotlin is one of the favorites in the Java/ Android community. What makes it a favorite is the concise coding syntax. Also, interoperability with Java, has certainly helped Kotlin to reach the height of success. Kotlin is a superb support for Android. Java experts are expecting Kotlin to enhance the use for mobile app development in the year 2019.

No significant porting of present apps from 8 to 11

Till date, Java upgrade path for apps was a lot more simplified. Starting from 6 to 8 porting of app was a lot cleaner. However, now, when it comes to porting from 8 to 11, one has to do a significant amount of work. One would be required to move an app from a non-trivial app to a new version.

Be ready for Java 12 and 13

We can expect Java 12 in March 2019, and it is expected to out in time. This new Java edition will have rounding-error production deployments. Java experts have to be geared up for a new Java editions also. 12 and 13 round the corner. Though, there are a few things to be expected from 12, but features will be present in Java 13 are still not clear. However, one thing is for sure, that both the releases are expected to be on time.

Java keeps evolving, therefore, it is a mandate for the Java experts to keep upgrading their skills as well.

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