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.Net Development medicated with the dependency injection

When it comes to the concept of Asp.net Development, we surely toggle between many issues, such as encountering troubles that deal with the sending of multiple files to the clients from an ASP.NET application. It, in turn, provides a solution for the same. Sometimes, a question comes that why always a question comes up while downloading any code that sends the first file. In those cases, it consists of a loop having a collection of files attempting to use the response at which it has been sent. It, in turn, helps to use the response TransmitFile that certainly helps in dispatching the file to the client at an affordable rate. It doesn’t appear to work because the work is not possible in this case. The potential exploit helps open up the scenario that would be a malicious webmaster sending the load to the malware.

In that case, you simply need to compress the files which have been sent to an archive. There surely might be many cases when you simply need to use a variety of third zip libraries. This has been specially created to magnify the .NET framework which has been used in the introduction of some zip files.


Whenever we talk about the dependencies, there are questions as to why the controller in any scenario is responsible for something that is not in concern. Then, in that case, the code certainly manages to help create the dependency of the controller class. It includes some problems such as

  • In some cases, you want to change the email system. You have to make changes in the controller class. It will not only help in clustering of the data but also in controlling the bugs which are introduced with the other responsibilities.
  • In such cases, if you have similar emailing functions, then there is no need to make the same changes multiple times. The more places you make changes, the more chances that these bugs will likely eliminate all the changes that need to be applied.
  • In cases, you need to test your controller’s contact methods, and then you can do so by generating an email. It will certainly slow down the tests but will give you the desired output.
  • In many cases, your tests might fail. It's true, in those cases, you should mail the routine that would help to view the selection processes.

Some good designing practices help in the creation of specific components that will cover discrete cores and eliminate functionality when services are needed.


We can say it as a design pattern that helps to outline a specific class to the implementation services. The DI offers a creative way of having the service injected into the dependent class. It is one of the rarest things that we all can use for abstraction.

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