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5 Mindboggling Ml And Ai Advancements That Will Stun The World In 2019!


Wondering how amazingly your cab booking app works? Are you thinking about how it matches the free cab to your ride request? Or, wondering how your email inbox smartly filters Spams, and now, even labels important emails? We will tell you how! When it comes to filtering emails, this special algorithm is responsible for this type of prediction. What is this algorithm? It is nothing but a part of Machine Learning! And, when it comes to the cab booking app, it uses the power of ML and Artificial Intelligence to streamline the process of booking cabs!

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become a topic of discussion now. You can see the use and wide adoption of both these magical technologies almost everywhere now. Be it your work or at home, AI has been transforming the way we all function. Artificial Intelligence has grown beyond just a technology used to develop driverless cars. It is everywhere, in our smartphones in the form of Google Assistance or Siri or at our homes in the form of the home assistance devices. Also, these technologies are widely used across corporate work as well.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 advancements of AI and ML in 2019:

AI and ML to be used in Politics more often?

In 2018, we were fortunate enough to witness some of the most unexpected uses of artificial intelligence, including a fair amount of usage in governments and even politics.

However, now, AI is expected to be used by the political parties as well. Artificial Intelligence will undoubtedly play a vital role in running successful campaigns in the political systems. Various political parties are making good use of the algorithms to gain success in their political campaigns. The use of AI and ML is only growing day by day. Now, AI and ML will be used to identify the key voters. Algorithms could also be used to recognize the specific sections of the population to target. Also, AI and ML will help political parties to personalize their campaigns for a particular group. We are even expecting the use of AI-powered robots in Politics as well.

Amplified use of ML and AI across different domains

Plenty of industries like agriculture, aeronautics, defense, automotive are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Now, in the year 2019, we are expanding the use of AI and ML and growth in various sectors, including healthcare. When we talk about healthcare, AI is predicted to carefully study the patient's health history, account demographics, health records to make predictions. We are also expecting some solutions in 2019 that have the potential to indirectly save patients' lives.


Also, we can believe that AI and ML will be used more widely in the field of the stock market as well. There will be solutions that will offer accurate predictions to boost the stock market performance. The solutions will work using the publicly accessible earnings documents as well as the stock price data. There is already a test done on a solution that could predict a low-performing stock, and the accuracy was somewhere near 62%. But, we are expecting a lot stronger and powerful tools in 2019.

Mobile AR (Augmented Reality)

The introduction of Pokemon Go and the hype certainly stunned the world. Needless to say, it quickly became the most exciting game of the century. However, this was just the beginning of the introduction of AR-powered features. With the integration of AR-based features in Apple devices, Apple is also trying to make AR more common. The latest integration of AR by Apple is the company’s latest multiplayer support in ARKit 2.


AR is expected to work a lot better on mobile devices. And, we can surely expect plenty of more AR-based apps or solutions that will stupefy the audience in 2019! As AR will become a lot more common. Hence, we will soon see a lot of exciting AR-based games, apps, etc.

AI to play a major role in 2019 Cricket World Cup

Sports authorities are trying to make the most of Artificial Intelligence to make predictions during the cricket world cup. The analysis will be based on training the models, and all the data gathered will be used to make predictions. A perfect predictive analysis model will be created for the 2019 Cricket World Cup, and with this, the experts will be able to churn out fascinating analyses and reports.

This type of analysis will not only benefit the viewers, but also it is going to benefit the teams and even the sponsors in many ways as well. Statistical analysis would surely take a new turn with the integration of AI. However, this is not the first time AI is being used in sports. Many global sports authorities and teams have used the power of AI and Big Data to derive valuable insights from the data.

Rampant use of Artificial Intelligence based assistance

AI assistance has already become an eminent part of our day-to-day lives. But, we can still expect a lot of growth and development in this field. Though AI assistance is being evolved a lot, there is still a lot of roaming of innovation. In the year 2019, people might use Artificial Intelligence-based assistants for plenty of more activities. There’s a lot that AI assistance can do, from making online purchases to checking the traffic status. Also, AI assistance will be developed more, and it might be a part of the apps as well.

AI and ML are two of the most revolutionary Offshore software Development technologies. Therefore, we can surely expect a lot from these technologies soon. Also, it is very clear that both AI and ML will be a part of many industries and not one!

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