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4 Answers of a Question "Why to Visit SauceCon 2019"?


The world's largest provider of continuous testing cloud services for web and mobile applications, Sauce Labs Inc. announced their third annual event SauceCon. This time SauceCon is coming to Austin, Texas, and will be held on April 23-25, 2019. If you have ever been to this amazing event, you must be familiar with how helpful it was! We are giving four reasons why you should be there again this time.

Prestigious Speakers

This time, SauceCon will feature Selenium, Appium, and continuous testing experts including Dave Haeffner, Richard Bradshaw Marcus Marcus Merrel, and many more. These industry experts will deliver the best content about continuous testing strategies and implementation so that you can put immediate use of this practical information about your concerned areas.

Best place for hanging out with computer Geeks

Some awesome parties are going to organize this year at Lucky strike with lots of fun games. This is going to be a fun gathering, including tasty foods and live music.

Best opportunity to learn about SauceCon

This conference is a great opportunity to meet and learn from so many different sauce Labs users and long breaks are specifically designed for you to chat casually with experienced employees of SauceCon and discuss your testing experiences.

Come First, Get the best

You can also avail the discount on entry tickets price if you register today. You can get your ticket for only $599. For more information, visit the official site https://saucecon.com/. You must have to visit such conferences to get more knowledge and expertise in the field of Selenium Testing Services.

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