Analyzing Network Data to Predict Problems


A well known network monitoring product development company required to build the product which can predict the failure in the computer networks based on the log analysis using bigdata tools.

The primary goal of the system was to collect all the logs at central location(server), parse the logs as per the RFCs and then index and analyze them for prediction as well as searching purpose.

Business Need:

  • Aggregate the logs at central server, parse them and extract information.
  • Index the Logs and save them using prominent BigData tools.
  • Perform analytics of the logs and issue alerts and notifications if required.

The Challenges

The most challenging part of this product was to develop highly available and scalable central server.
Apart from central server the secondary challange was to second level latency analytics.

Our Solution

We provided consulting services to the client for creating the product from scratch. We have also provided them assistence in product stress testing, product deployment and also provided services on daily bases.

Our staff is also responsible for performance tuning of data migration processes. We also implemented new capabilities like bulk loading the data to optimize the load in processes.


Implementation Process

We followed an iterative phased approach to implement the solution that included the following phases:

  • Business requirements analysis.
  • Architecture design
  • Developed the product suit, tested and deployed.

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