Java Programmers Solutions

Nex’s Java developers have created solution packages for organizations with benefits such as reduced expenditure, higher revenues, and optimized efficiencies. Our Java coders are familiar with differing technologies such as:

  • OCPJP/SCJP, and Java technologies such as JSP, JSTL, and NHibernate
  • NodeJS, Tomcat, Spring Web MVC and DB2
  • Ruby, Groovy, PHP, and Python
  • Elasticsearch, Lucene, and Solr
  • Jitsi, Kurento, TokBox and XirSys
  • Spring Boot and DropWizard
  • MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and HSQL
  • Oracle GlassFish, Jasper Reports, WebLogic, Talend, BIRT, and Tableau
  • RESTful, jBPM, Jersey, Apache Camel, Axis, Metro, Open ESB and Mule
  • AWS, TokBox, Brightcove, and FairPlay
  • Bootstrap, Kendo UI, and jQuery UI
  • Memcached, Azure Cache, MapReduce, Redis, and Azure HDInsight