Enterprise IoT Solutions

As an IoT development company, we provide IoT consulting and development services that powers the entire digital transformation journey for many of our clients' businesses. The Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud platform allows us to leverage and build an end-to-end cohesive digital strategy.

This platform serves as the backbone of our enterprise IoT solutions business - clients seek opportunities and ideas on this distinctive platform. Our IoT platform development services helps converge and provide transformative benefits, creates a robust customer experience, strengthens core business processes, and allows to implement disruptive business models.

Multi-industry solution expertise

Our solutions span across several industries and areas of expertise.

  • Life sciences - Clinical trial management, supply chain optimization, and intelligent medical devices such as counterfeit management.
  • Healthcare - Remote healthcare such as assisted living, and digital hospital management operations like equipment utilization and track + trace
  • Manufacturing and Logistics - Supply chain early warning mechanism, fleet management, and shopfloor automation
  • Retail Banking - Personalized banking and preventive solutions, fraud prevention, and claim management
  • Retail - Automated/digital staff assistance, warehouse management, and customer experience solutions such as in-store personalization
  • Travel - Connected restaurants and ‘smart airports’