Manual QA Testing Solutions

We offer manual testing services to several industries such as manufacturing and logistics, banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, communications, travel, to name a few. Our methodologies are proprietary, along with a set of carefully structured processes and best practices. These help us rationalize testing spends and finding defects at the outset in the application lifecycle.

Our manual software testing expertise is not limited to basic testing services, and covers a wide range of applications and architectures. Some of these are client server architecture applications, desktop and mobile applications, test techniques like error guessing and equivalence partition, and root cause analysis.

Offshore manual software testing services

As a specialized manual QA testing company, our testing services touch upon critical testing areas:

  • Our IT testing includes system and system integration testing, regression testing, and data migration testing, among others
  • Our business side testing involves user acceptance testing and a focused module on customer experience quality
  • Our compliance testing services cover SOX, HPIAA, etc.
  • We also conduct usability, accessibility, and scalability tests, along with localization testing
  • We provide other forms of manual QA testing services such as API testing, and database management testing
  • Our wide range of manual software testing offerings include black and white box testing, and security and network testing, along with functional and non-functional testing