Software Testing Solutions

The secret recipe behind our success is our continued and committed focus on customers and overall user experience, and not just profits and defects. Our approach, as is the trend today worldwide, cloud-centric and completely agile.

Our industry-leading testing methodologies are proven and deliver maximum bang for buck. With a team of 25 plus experienced testers and multiple delivery centres, you have a winner on your hands. With intelligent automation, a powerful alliance ecosystem, and cloud innovations built on top of all this, Nex’s software testing services are one of the most reputed in the IT industry.

Offshore software testing services

As a specialized software testing company, our services address several key engagement areas:

  • QA consulting - Study and assess organization wide QA maturity, and evaluate new tools and testing environments
  • Program management - Assist organizations establish robust, compulsory processes and policies that help overall QA across multiple, complicated projects.
  • Platform migration - Aid in OS and hardware migration from old to new platform.
  • Disaster recovery testing - Test disaster recovery approaches, guidelines, and put restoration mechanisms in place.
  • Merger and acquisition QA - Maintain overall QA during corporate exercises such as mergers and acquisitions, which also involves handling redundancies from such a large exercise.
  • Device testing – Analyse and assess application performance across a range of devices and platforms.

*Based on an internal study by our software experts