Selenium Automation Testing

Our test automation framework was designed with a clear purpose in mind: To eliminate critical issues in utilizing Selenium for test automation. The framework, created by our team on premise, enables us to run common test scripts across mobile browsers and native mobile applications. Additionally, it assists in higher regression test velocity that can be run simultaneously on a multitude of platforms.

As proven pioneers and thought leaders of Selenium automated testing, we engage our clients in strategic consulting services for Selenium testing as well.

Selenium automation services

Our Selenium automation testing services focus on:

  • Integration of API testing with Soap UI and REST-Assured, and with APPIUM for testing on mobile devices
  • HTML5/AngularJS support for applications on Protractor, and object identification on XPath and CSS
  • Advanced test reporting with built-in HTML and CSS views, and support for programming languages such as C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, among others
  • Ability to quickly scale applications with parallel execution support on BrowserStack, and Selenium Grid
  • Keyword and data-backed hybrid approaches built on the POM concept
  • Integrations for popular platforms such as Jenkins, TFS, Bamboo, JIRA, ALM, TestLink, qTest, TeamCity, GitHub, and SubVersion
  • Cross browser testing capability on disparate browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. with low script maintenance