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Enterprise IoT solutions


Internet of things services makes possible a smart, unique, intricately woven world of intelligent devices, processes and services. These services can enable organizations and individuals to communicate with each other and create efficiencies that was previously unviable.

Our IoT platform development services empowers companies to identify and utilize existing/new value in their respective industries; build intelligent strategies to benefit from that value. As an IoT development company, we create solutions that connect, manage, analyze and secure IoT devices and data using our custom cognitive APIs, blockchain, and much more.

Our key value drivers

  • Our PoC on demand model enables you to experiment and rebuild your development strategy
  • Our service models are flexible, and allow you to employ a pay-as-you-grow approach
  • Our services are fine tuned constantly to help reduce costs and speed up time-to-market
  • Our solutions support a wide gamut of devices across several markets
  • Our internet of things services follow a build-integrate-optimize-operate framework

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As an IoT development company, we provide IoT consulting and development services that powers the entire digital transformation journey for many of our clients' businesses. The Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud platform allows us to leverage and build an end-to-end cohesive digital strategy.

This platform serves as the backbone of our enterprise IoT solutions business - clients seek opportunities and ideas on this distinctive platform. Our IoT platform development services helps converge and provide transformative benefits, creates a robust customer experience, strengthens core business processes, and allows to implement disruptive business models.

Multi-industry solution expertise

Our solutions span across several industries and areas of expertise.

  • Life sciences - Clinical trial management, supply chain optimization, and intelligent medical devices such as counterfeit management.
  • Healthcare - Remote healthcare such as assisted living, and digital hospital management operations like equipment utilization and track + trace
  • Manufacturing and Logistics - Supply chain early warning mechanism, fleet management, and shop floor automation
  • Retail Banking - Personalized banking and preventive solutions, fraud prevention, and claim management
  • Retail - Automated/digital staff assistance, warehouse management, and customer experience solutions such as in-store personalization
  • Travel - Connected restaurants and ‘smart airports’

Awesome clients we worked for

Client Testimonials

  • Fabio Durso

    We found a reliable and efficient partner in NexSoftSys, ready to support our strategy of offshore software development. NexSoftSys has particularly impressed by the speed of response to any request for the development of software applications and for their maintenance.

  • Filipe

    We did hire full time Java developers from NexSoftSys, to help us to improve a time to market of a product. The software platform is based on Java & Extjs, and they are delivering the software on time and with success. We strongly recommend NexSoftSys as Reliable Development partner.

  • Steve

    Powerful solutions are given by NexSoftSys dedicated developers for my projects. They suggest solutions as per current market trend. Other than this, the team is always ready for any type of changes or update. That is the main reason that I would like to give my next project to them.

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