Android App Development

With our Android application development business, we build intuitive, scalable, dynamic apps for global organizations. Our Android development in India offshore facility is a state-of-the-art development centre built with years of dedicated efficiency. It helps us build apps much faster without compromising on functionalities and overall experience. Crucially though, it establishes Nex’s authority as an Android development company thanks to easy delivery of class-leading Android applications.

Cutting edge research on Android has enabled us to create a plethora of Android solutions across industry verticals such as banking and insurance, energy and utilities, communication, retail and logistics, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, and media, among several other large, well-established industries.

Our Android app development team is adept at creating innovative applications for specific use cases, cutting down on development cycles and costs. Thanks to our Android application development approach, our customers are able to create the right set of solutions for their customers which enhances brand value in their respective industry.

The Nex-Android partnership

Our Android app development team in India builds applications for modern organizations, and when you engage us, we enable you to gain access to a host of advantages:

  • Our collaboration-connectivity-communication model is an in-house concept where we collaborate with you on application development in an entirely seamless manner
  • Our application delivery system allows you to access applications in its various stages immediately on our ubiquitous cloud platform
  • Our mobility services team provides insights for faster and more accurate decisions for your business
  • Our team leverages its core development experience to propel your organization’s business performance ahead at a rapid pace along with making smart strategic changes at the highest level
  • Our development approach is unique, where we build applications only where we deem necessary and offer consulting services before development to make sure that we are on the right track and costs are controlled tightly
  • Our developers are experts at creating apps across mobile, IoT, and wearables
  • Our Android development in India workforce offers 24*7 support across major global locations