ASP.NET Development Solutions

At Nex, our developers deliver class-leading solutions to you at acceptable costs and trail blazing timelines. Our development skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Web application technologies such as asp .net, asp .net mvc, and web forms
  • Web services such as asp .net web services, wcf services, wcf data services, rest/ web apis, json, and odata
  • Azure migration, along with other migration services such as asp to, vb to .net, and legacy to .net
  • UI frameworks such as ajax control toolkit, telerik, devexpress, html5/css3, infragistics, angularjs, bootstrap, and jquery
  • Security services such as azure ad, thinktecture, sso, auditing, encryption, and logging
  • Data access solutions using, linq, entity framework, nhibernate, and enterprise library developers build and manage innovative solutions along with utilizing their project management skills to improve overall development approach and helping you gain manifold advantages.