Java Developers Solutions

Our senior Java developers have built solutions that has helped organizations reduce capital expenditure, drive revenues up, and fully utilized technical efficiencies. Our Java experts are well-versed in several technologies such as:

  • OCPJP/SCJP along with Java EE technologies such as Servlets, JSP, JSTL
  • Spring Web MVC, NodeJS, Tomcat and DB2
  • Groovy, PHP, Ruby, and Python
  • Elasticsearch, Lucene, and Solr
  • ActiveMQ, HornetQ, and Kafka
  • Spring Boot and DropWizard
  • MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and HSQL
  • Oracle GlassFish, WebLogic, Jasper Reports, BIRT, Talend, and Tableau
  • RESTful, Jersey, jBPM, Apache Camel, Axis, Open ESB, Metro, and Mule
  • AWS, Brightcove, TokBox, FairPlay, etc.
  • Memcached, Azure Cache, Redis, Hadoop, MapReduce, and Azure HDInsight
  • Bootstrap, jQuery UI and Kendo UI