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The recent years have shown drastic developments in the field of ASP.NET development. Well, but what really makes this language different is the usage of different search engines counted under this ASP.NET development. Let’s talk about the optimization of various ASP.NET websites for the search engines. Through ASP.NET you can surely help making the websites even more users friendly and thus helping the ranks through different end results. The ASP.NET practices have helped the people in gaining versatility over this language and it can easily drag up new areas forensuring the correct search engines in an easy manner.


The URL for any of the given page actually specifies its address that needs to be located in the mechanism which has been retrieved by any means of the protocol. Surely, there are chances that the protocol in many cases will be http or https in many cases. It is then followed by the domain and also the unique identification along with some description mentioned. In many cases, the URL should include the content and also the key words which have been mentioned in the page title, the description and the content. This also provides no clue about the resources and therefore isn’t descriptive at all. It surely provides no help even to the other search engines in understanding of the page that will actually fit in the internet. But comparatively, these days the URLS are much better from the SEO point of view.

SEO and other user friendly URLS:

The URL schemes related with the old versions have been relied upon the URLs which are actually matching the name and also the path of the physical devices. There can be many dynamic values which should be added to the identifier and the article should be displayed by using certain parameters which are actually helpful in avoiding string parameters. Therefore, the advice from the search engines is to avoid the query strings and keep them in short and small numbers. When there is a dynamic data, then there are chances that a new routing system is introduced which allow the developer to configure different types of URLs at the same time.

FRIENDLY URLs and their routing strategies:

Whenever we talk about the friendly URLS, there are always web forms that are constructed on the basis of mapping the required URLs to all the physical files. This also includes a new file system based on the same paradigm that helps in the default setup of the physical files. But, in those cases the extensions have not been mentioned. So, this caters to the need of the arbitrary values and also the passing of the data in the same URL where different segments combine together. In this context, the URLs matching the different segments need surely no headaches in extracting the hidden values. Whenever, we talk about the friendly packages, the Nuget packages play an important role in the development and the projecting of the newer templates.

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