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Manual Testing Services

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Unparalleled Manual QA Testing Company

At times when the technology is constantly changing, it is essential to keep our focus on the quality of the product delivery. With human intuition and experience as the precedence, we offer manual software testing services that identify and solve even the most complex troubles. We imbibe the rigor the practice requires in our manual testing services to ensure that quality is never compromised. Our Manual Testing Services India addresses your QA needs when you want it and where you want it.

With NEX Softsys You Make More Using Manual Software Testing Services

When your product goes through frequent changes, it automatically makes a negative impact on the time of software delivery. At NEX Softsys we use the required skills, appropriate processes and sophistication in software tools to help you track, troubleshoot and taper off errors thus ensuring that your Application Development remains a productive experience. Our Manual QA Testing Services is enriched with:

Ease of Expertise

Ease of Expertise

The level of experience and expertise of the manual testing services provider affects the quality of testing and ultimately the final product. NEX Softsys is a leading manual QA testing company because all the testers in our company use top-notch techniques for software and application testing.

Reduced Time and Resources

Reduced Time and Resources

Technology complexities necessitate innovative changes. It requires regular monitoring for bug-fixes involving substantial time and resources. Our Manual QA Testing Services helps you engage your resources in other areas, thus improving your utilization.

Sophistication in Software Setup

Sophistication in Software Setup

Advanced software tools have always been an asset in helping organizations achieves better results in delivering quality products. Manual Software Testing Companies like NEX Softsys value the importance of software sophistication to help augment defect visibility and enhance product efficiency.

Quicker Turn-Around

Quicker Turn-Around

Reducing your product cycle time ensures benefits in terms of saving costs, being able to innovate and reach shop windows faster. The evolved processes and tools we employ in our Manual QA Testing Services help you easily achieve faster market readiness.

Unparalleled Adaptability

Unparalleled Adaptability

Project requirements are in a constant state of flux, and adaptability is an important ingredient for success. We are one of the best manual software testing companies that offer flexible solutions that adapt to your product requirements and focus on improving product quality.

End-To-End Customer Support

End-To-End Customer Support

Every organization desires continued support in delivering unique products. As a Manual QA Testing Company committed to providing unique services, we cover the entire gamut of pre and post-delivery support services to help you achieve your objective.

NEX Caliber

The NEX Softsys Caliber

At NEX Softsys, a Manual QA Testing Company, we offer you a plethora of reasons to choose us as your Testing partner. Our rich assortment of expertise gives you the much-needed edge to move ahead of your competitors. Our services of manual & QA testing are honed and perfected to deliver a definite advantage for your business.

Proficiency Summary

When consistency in Quality is what you seek, simply eliminating errors is not enough. NEX Softsys offers Manual Software Testing Services that go beyond mere bug-detection.

  • We perform detailed Root Cause Analysis employing the power of the human eye-tracking techniques.
  • Our test cases are devised using preferred testing methodologies like equivalence partition, boundary value analysis, error anticipation, cause and effect graphs and many more.
  • We leverage the unique human gift of creativity and analysis to help you design and deliver superior products belonging to application genres like, but not limited to:
    • Desktop applications
    • Client - Server Architecture applications
    • Web Applications
Proficiency Summary

Advantage Array

Are you considering your manual testing practices redundant owing to its slow pace and poor code coverage? Let us change your perspective.

  • We are one of the most experienced manual software testing companies in India that offers a dedicated offshore team that works solely on your testing and developing a better product.
  • With our experience, we analyze and solve critical issues manually, which cannot be substituted by any automatic process.
  • We adopt our processes to be compatible with varied development practices including Waterfall, Agile, DevOps and even Hybrid.
  • The cross-domain expertise of our testing experts works in our favor enabling them to service various business verticals.
  • Our Comprehensive and detailed process for documenting defects helps to make reproducing defects simple.
  • NEX Softsys redefines Manual Testing Services in India, helping you discover its immense potential by leveraging its strengths in the way that benefits you.

The Process Map

The Process Map

There is a thriving need for organizations to remain unique. At NEX Softsys, we curate and customize our processes to complement your singularity. We align all our processes to help you reach your objective through the route best suited to your organizational culture. Our process involves:

  • Requirements (Functional) Collation and Analysis
  • Define and Design the Test Environment Setup
  • Create the Test Scenario
  • Post-Test Analysis and Report Generation

Our Service Offerings

Our Service Offerings

Manual testing is valuable. We help our clients understand those critical uses. Our portfolio reflects this array of services and we offer:

  • System Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Integration Testing (We use both Top down and Bottom Up approach)
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Sanity and Regression Testing

Manual QA Testing Services Process Lifecycle

When the market is laden with competition trying to outshine one another, the time to market a product becomes critical and this is the quality. With our manual testing services, we adopt smart manual testing techniques that minimize the testing period. At NEX Softsys, as we join the league of leading Manual Software Testing Companies, we have designed an approach that helps you achieve that. Our three-phased transparent approach includes:

Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis and Clarification

For organizations to evolve, superior product quality should define their mission statement.

As partners in your journey of achieving market superiority, we share your vision and translate it into actionable insights.

We acquire a clear comprehension of your requirements and seek clarifications to our questions to weave your vision into our process maps.

Test Case Planning, Creation and Execution

Draft Test Plan: Know how our Testing experts at NEX Softsys help you achieve your objective. Our test leads draft a detailed Test plan that is reviewed and signed off by all stakeholders in your product team.

Design Test Cases: Based on the plan our testing team designs individual test cases and creates a consolidated test case document.

Define test Strategy: Understand how the plan comes to fruition. Review the strategy our Testing team defines to deliver the best results for you.

Execution, Tracking and Reporting

Execute Tests: Based on the strategy defined, the Testing team uses the plan and test cases to execute tests on test data prepared within the test environment.

Report Defects: Retain full control over your product as our testing team updates your defect tracking system with all errors and bugs identified.

Generate Test Reports: Once completed our Testing team generates reports and delivers results as per the committed timelines.

The NEX Softsys Quality Quotient

When your application needs to deliver beyond the ordinary, then simple testing is not what you need. Your search should make you reach out beyond mere error-detection and look for an overall enrichment of application quality. NEX Softsys, an ISO-9000 compliant service provider, is equipped to help you achieve standards that embed excellence as an intrinsic pattern of your organizational fabric.

  • Continued Quality Enrichment

    We appreciate your need for continued quality enrichment of your product line. Because of that, we are committed to delivering support to minimize bug detection with our enhanced rate of defect identification.

  • Complete Transparency

    When it is your product we are dealing, with you can always demand to have complete clarity of the process adopted and progress being made. We pride in open communication channels and hence, maintain transparency throughout the product development and testing processes.

  • Skilled Teams

    With product handling capability amongst your top priority, the level of skills that your testing partner displays should be of crucial significance. At NEX Softsys, we are extremely selective about the technical expertise of our testing resources and ensure they have the relevant skill levels before coming on-board. We ensure you get nothing but the best when you hire our testing experts.

  • Regular Skill Enhancements

    As you strive towards consistency in the levels of excellence, it is but natural that you would like to be assured of a continued enhancement in the skills being displayed by your Testing partner. Our Testing teams are regularly encouraged to upgrade their existing skillsets. We also ensure that they are rigorously assessed on their progress before deploying them at your site.

  • Flexible Models

    With needs as diverse as yours, a strong element of flexibility in the models being offered by your outsourcing partner is quite expected. We are geared to meet up to your expectation as we can deliver customized models of engagement to complement your waterfall or agile (Scrum, Lean, Kanban or any other) development methodologies.

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