Manual QA Testing Services

Eliminating the possibility of errors has been the goal of effective software development. NexSoftSys has leveraged the conventional practice of manual QA testing to achieve the delivery of high performing quality applications. Our Manual software testing services is distinguished by being able to achieve software programs that deliver:

  • Optimal performance
  • Enhanced usability and endurance
  • Bug-free and risk free

Manual Software Testing Team Capability

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Our Manual Software Testing team capabilities have been honed with diligence. We are able to identify even the smallest of defects and understand the significance of the urgency to address it immediately. Our team displays excellent expertise in and has also delivered successfully in the following testing domains:

  • Units and Systems testing
  • Release testing
  • Static and Dynamic testing
  • Software testing
  • Integration testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Deployments testing
  • Functional and non-functional testing
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Grey-box testing
  • White-box testing
  • Black-box testing

Over the years we have adopted manual QA testing as an integral part of our software development services. We have catered to over a 100 clients and delivered optimised testing services in the form of varied deliverables like:

  • Test Outlines
  • Test Cases
  • Use Cases
  • Individual Test Scenarios
  • Detailed Test Plans
  • Checklists

Our Value Benefits

Manual software testing being the oldest and the most detailed process used for testing software applications has its obvious benefits. At NexSoftSys we have helped to push the value quotient a notch higher owing to our commitment to deliver quality and excellence in all our testing services. Our Manual Testing service benefits include:

  • Reliable and cost-effective services
  • Deep-rooted, thorough, and complete testing services
  • In-depth understanding of individual product functionalities
  • Complete focus on good software development
  • Improved GUI and advanced Usability Testing parameters
  • Detailed analysis and recording of defects/bugs
  • Elimination of recurring machine defects to deliver flawless products

Reach us at to know more about our Manual QA Testing Services and how we can ensure you develop an error-free product.

Awesome clients we worked for

Client Testimonials

  • Fabio Durso

    We found a reliable and efficient partner in NexSoftSys, ready to support our strategy of offshore software development. NexSoftSys has particularly impressed by the speed of response to any request for the development of software applications and for their maintenance.

  • Filipe

    We did hire full time Java developers from NexSoftSys, to help us to improve a time to market of a product. The software platform is based on Java & Extjs, and they are delivering the software on time and with success. We strongly recommend NexSoftSys as Reliable Development partner.

  • Steve

    Powerful solutions are given by NexSoftSys dedicated developers for my projects. They suggest solutions as per current market trend. Other than this, the team is always ready for any type of changes or update. That is the main reason that I would like to give my next project to them.

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