Manual QA Testings

Running testing software optimally mandates the usage of specialized tools on complex and sophisticated platforms, with the right set of tools and infrastructure to support manual testing services.

As a renowned service provider in the manual software testing space, we can help you with your myriad testing demands. Nex is recognized as one of the best Manual software testing companies and it has the right set of tools needed across both desktop and mobile platforms; we execute this on-premise or via our cloud setup. With more than 20 manual software testers and testing consultants ready, our value lies in knowing what we do and helping you reduce costs along the way.

The Nex difference

  • Our business-focused value added QA testing services will help define your operating model roadmap and implementation blueprint
  • Our manual testing services come equipped with a state-of-the-art service catalogue and help shape multiple, disparate commercial testing models
  • Our manual QA testing services will bring down overall time-to-market by 1/5th* and restrict nearly 97%* of high-severity bugs
  • Our manual software testing services assists in creating effective test service management environments with a robust monitoring framework
  • Our unique approach helps assess and define improvement objectives and organization-wide change management
  • Our testing services significantly reduce technical and business risks

Nex’s comprehensive manual testing services empower clients to experience user feedback before the release. Thus, contributing to making a successful entry. Our manual QA testing revolves around the test cases that are created based on your requirement and our experience. Make use of our manual Software testing services for flawless Software and hassle-free updates.

*Based on an internal study by our Manual software testing experts