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Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics Challenges

Data streaming is becoming essential for organizations of today to gather valuable insights for several business decisions. But what’s the use of data streaming when you don’t get access the vital information when you need? Real time data analytics is the solution to get your hands on such insights at the moment. With ultra fast real time analytics solutions, you will get predictive outcomes and on point status of current strategies and trends at that exact point of time you require.

High Data Quality

The slower data analytics leads to inaccurate solutions as the data it processes may not be relevant. Our real time data analytics services deliver insights that are highly accurate to the current needs.

Information Rich Data

Data analysis that is aimed at finding solutions for a specific solution is more efficient. We create customized ETL lines and collect data from particular sources whose analysis will lead to the needed results.

Complex Real Time Event Transfer

Event transfer and network traffic shouldn’t affect the processing time and should, in fact, aid in reaching insights much faster. We facilitate quick event filtering, transfer and aggression for quicker real-time analysis.

Automated v/s Human Decision Making

While we take considerable time in analyzing manually and making decisions, the solutions driven by real time data analysis is much faster, efficient and has a high success rate. Try out our real time analytics services now.

Real Time Analytics Services

In a time sensitive business world, you need to have the information you want at your hands at the very instant you need it. Including real time data analytics could transform your organization’s success like no other feeding you with all the information on the latest industry trends, analysis of competitors’ strategies, customer responses and many more. We, at NEX, offer real time data analytics services aimed at encouraging businesses to drive smart growth at a quick pace. We offer a host of services, all of which helps in establishing a data culture that banks on accurate real time data insights.


Real Time Data Analytics Consulting

From identifying the scope of real time analysis to suggestions on the best tools, you can get guidance on all things data.


Data Warehousing Solutions

We have worked with several data warehouses and can, therefore, set up real time data analysis with the right data warehouse.


Architecture Design and Implementation

We evaluate your business reach and propose a comprehensive design for the real time data analytics customized to your needs.


Real Time Data Integration and Processing

You can handle high volumes of data with no difficulty by setting up the right integrations that work seamlessly.


Performance Tuning

If you find any lags in the performance, our data experts will audit, make slight changes to optimize the speed.


Choosing the Data Analysis Platform

Let’s partner together in choosing the best real time data analytics platform that fits all your needs and comes within the budget.

We deliver Real Time Services across

USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France | Singapore | Italy |

Israel | Australia | Japan | Netherlands | Sweden | Switzerland | Norway

Real Time Analytics Solutions for Every Business Capability

We are living in the times when a few minutes of delay in implementing a strategy could lead to thousands of dollars in loss. You need systems that access a combination of data, processes them at lightning speed and sends across the results of the analysis in an understandable form. Any lag in any of these processes and your competitor will win over you. When time is critical, you need a robust and reliable platform with customized data processes to deliver curated results at any time you need. Our experts at NEX have pioneered in data engineering and real time data analysis and can help your organization to make the right data backed decisions within the right time.

Real Time

Our Tools Make Managing Your Data Easily

We create a customized ETL line with a proper set of tools that makes it simple to handle and run the analysis.

Real Time

Data Engines Executed Automatically in a Highly Performing Workstream

Highly functional data engines are what you need to enable the automatic running of data analysis that gives timely insights.

Real Time

Libraries Include Scripts for Information Extraction & Analytics

We include several libraries that make it simpler to extract the information and perform analysis on the collected data.

Real Time

Seamless Integration to Deliver The Flexibility Your Clients Need

Real time data integration is more efficient when integrated with third party tools and identify the expectations of your customers.

Real Time

Using ECL to Provide a Fast, Powerful Coding Experience

You can process high clumps of big data without any programmer with ECL and get quick insights customized to your necessities.

Custom Built ETL Pipelines

ETL (Extract Transform Load) is the crux of every data processing. It is a set of processes that facilitates in extracting the required data, cleaning and conditioning them and making them ready to go for analysis. A strong ETL pipeline is critical for real time data analytics as well as in getting accurate information. At NEX, we offer real time data analytics services to set up a powerful ETL system that works seamlessly without the need for interference.

Customer 360

Connect your customer centric tools and feedback loops to enable real time data flow of information about your customer experiences.

Know Your Relationship

Make use of our real time data analytics consulting services to decipher the data insights and understand where you stand with your clients.

Service Excellence

Provide heightened customer service through real time data insights that drive your customer interactions and helps in closing sales deals quickly.

Predictive Maintenance

Why wait till the trouble crops up? Assess and anticipate issues and fix them before it becomes a major expenditure now with on time data analysis.

Data Commoditization Services

We offer many data related services that can help in solving many business challenges. Schedule a real time analytics consulting session with us now to know more.

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