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The Microsoft .Net Framework, with its powerful programming modules and highly responsive platform, helps to uplift any kind of business, no matter if it is small or large. Being a distinguished Asp.Net Development Company India, we, at Nex, build enterprise-level web and mobile applications using .Net framework. We combine technology with expertise and innovations to help you grow with new opportunities and translate your business objectives into tangible solutions.

With the intuitive model of .Net framework, it helps in revolutionizing the performance and the productivity at the workplace with a strong emphasis on the security measures. It offers a unique developmental environment that supports in creating both mobile and web applications with an enhanced user experience. Our team has the ability to reinforce your web and mobile applications with the .Net framework with proper deployment and complete support to help your business acquire flexible and scalable application solutions that keep you equipped not only for the present but also for the future too.

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The Services We Offer

As a pioneer in developing web applications and providing custom solutions for various sectors in Asp.Net development services India, our team has solved a lot of challenges for many businesses and enterprises alike. From the initial consultation to the implementation and integration of the services and the applications with the business frameworks, our team will provide support at every point of the process. .Net framework supports multiple web and desktop applications and provides the freedom to work with other structured languages too apart from Java. The experience of the end users can be greatly improved with the enhancements made by coding through .Net that is greatly responsive and scalable.

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Desktop and Web Application Development

Our core team constantly stays on top of the current trends incorporating the latest ASP.Net frameworks to create large-scale web and desktop applications with sophisticated communication channels and large resource management modules.


Microsoft Azure development - Cloud solutions

Nex helps in creating, uploading and maintaining all your business database in Microsoft Azure Cloud and provides accessible channels in retrieving and working on it whenever one wants to.


Mobile App Development

With several years of experience in working and solving the problems from the user perspective, Nex provides mobile application development features that encompass the functionality of your business and does the right job of delivering it to the end users.


based Product Development

As a respectable Asp.Net Development Company India, we have expertise in product development with tailored solutions according to your business needs with end-to-end development services lets us provide a comprehensive product right from the analysis and design to implementation and maintenance.


Third-Party Tools Integration

We facilitate a seamless integration with the third-party applications catering to the various needs of the application with full security measures in place to provide a complete user experience.


Data Management Solution

Data management is greatly simplified with ASP.Net development framework. With scalable distributed applications and data storage services, it will greatly minimize the workload and further help in creating the most appropriate solution for the rising volume of data.


Application Performance Tuning

If an already developed software application isn’t performing as your expectations, we will help to refine and develop it according to the current requirements and enhance its performance to create highly interactive applications.


Application Maintenance and Support

At Nex, we provide 24 hours support facilities to sort out any problems and doubts as soon as possible. We provide maintenance to upgrade, monitor and analyze applications with feedback and suggestions.

Managed .Net Development

Our .Net Expertise

DotNet Service

Tailored Web & Mobile Solutions

We take pride in helping a business grow with customized application development depending on their requirements with a clear understanding of their business needs, capabilities and market scenario with .Net framework.

  • Ecommerce solutions development
  • Custom content management systems
  • Re-engineering .Net applications
  • Scalable website development
  • Social networking
  • Industry-specific engagement models
DotNet Service

Enterprise & Distributed Applications

We build interactive, user-friendly applications for enterprises that achieve a global reach by solving the challenges of today’s world. We strive to simplify the user experience for better customer feedback.

  • Customer relationship management modules
  • Enterprise distributed applications
  • Development of corporate websites
  • Project management
  • Resource planning
  • Business applications development

Our Value Proposition


Full-Cycle Development

We offer a comprehensive developmental process of project design, mapping, strategy, application development and support with complete integration with third-party applications and regular maintenance.


Agile Methodologies

Agile method of working enables us to deliver the product in the fastest possible time with an incremental approach that keeps the product ready at every step of the process.


In-Depth Domain Expertise

Being accomplished developers in Asp.Net development services India, our team approaches any project with openness to derive a clear understanding of the project and combine their expertise in technology to deliver customized solutions.


Certified .NET Developers

With competent certified .Net developers on board, our team can efficiently create reliable and efficient solutions with a strong foundation to solve all your business challenges.

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