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Getting to know your customers is good. But as your business expands, you should know everything there is to know about your customers - their behavior, your interaction and their preferences, to say a few. You also need a system to keep an eye on all your customer information and points of contact. And this is what Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services is all about.

With the integrated platform with multiple features to collect, manage and analyze customer data, you’ll be in a better position to win over more customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM development Services is the only platform you’ll need to understand your customers on a deeper level, answer their queries and attend to their expectations before it becomes a need. At NEX, we help many organizations to employ the Dynamics CRM platform and unravel many complicated business operations. Being an in-demand Dynamics CRM Consultants India, we have the resources, experience and skillset to create a customized system with the customers in its focus.

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Dynamics CRM Extension Development

Dynamics CRM Extension Development

Your way of handling customer data can be different from others. So, we design a specific extension based on exactly how you want to interact, collect and store your customer information for your CRM. These extensions can be for any purpose - bird’s eye view of customer behavior, lead information, conversion data, customer interaction charts, scheduling and a lot more.

Microsoft CRM Consultancy

Dynamics CRM Consultancy

At NEX, we have expert Dynamics CRM consultants who are well-versed with the ins and outs of the platform. We help in understanding the practical applications of Dynamics CRM and match it with your business objectives. We unravel complex needs with simple solutions that bridge the gap between customer needs and your business delivery.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Every industry has a varying approach to its customers, and therefore, their CRM should be customized to fulfill the gaps and connect the dots. We at NEX offer end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics CRM development services and integrations with the CRM app and portal to maximize customer satisfaction.

Dynamics CRM Support and Maintenance

Dynamics CRM Support & Maintenance

As a top Microsoft dynamics CRM development company India, we give 24X7 customer support services for businesses in any piece of the world. Any time you need any help, we will be there to fix the issues, give direction and guarantee that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system works seamlessly.

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Define Business Excellence with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company

Empowering your organization to work towards accelerated business growth starts with having a deep understanding of your customers, not just a vague knowledge of who they are. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide the information you need on customers and allow you to take many actions to develop excellent customer relationships. From customer engagement to relationship management, let us, the pro-active Microsoft Dynamics CRM company, take an innovative, deep-down approach designed to expand your customer base and improve customer loyalty.

As an acclaimed Microsoft Dynamics company India, we help you connect your data and gather intelligence from it that can use across many business purposes, from sales to logistics. No matter the industry, we have made customer management simple, time-effective and smart with our services for Dynamics CRM India.



Enable personalized engagement with your customers with advanced data insights, improve customer journeys, and improve sales performance with customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM services.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Adopt a multi-channel approach and resolve customer problems quickly; optimize the responses of the customer service personnel with the aid of NEX, the experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM company.



Reduce rotation time between multiple applications using a Dynamics CRM platform to manage all finance operations, automated payments and invoices and effectively manage client relationships.

Field Service

Field Service

Simplify the management of the employees on the ground with the customized services of the best Dynamics CRM service provider in India. Make information available to them readily and boost the productivity of the on-ground staff now!



Plan your production accordingly to align with the automated sales funnel from Dynamics CRM now! Partner with the acclaimed Microsoft CRM development company India to integrate the sales funnel with the production cycle and avoid delivery time lags.

Insurance, Healthcare, and Life Sciences

Insurance, Healthcare, and Life Sciences

A robust framework is essential to manage patient details and provide timely services. It is possible with our customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM services aimed to provide advanced patient care and minimal manual errors.



Get insights into market trends, create attractively targeted personalized campaigns that your customers can say no to automate processes for faster customer service with our Microsoft dynamics CRM development.

Project Service Automation

Project Service Automation

It’s now possible to automate and streamline the project, leverage the resources to their maximum, collaborate across the different verticals and forecast and preparation for unexpected incidents with the industry-specific services from NEX, the result-oriented Microsoft Dynamics Company India.

Best-In-Industry MS Dynamics CRM Consultants India

Dynamics CRM Consultants

From project evaluation to implementation and version rollouts, our Dynamics CRM consultants will be with you through every step and move the organization forward in achieving its goals in a short time.

crm development

Realize the full potential of the organization by avoiding unnecessary waste of time and manual errors in the automated process. Experienced dynamics CRM consultants from the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM development company India guide you to uncover new benefits of CRM.


Extend your customizations to every aspect involving customers with the Dynamics CRM platform. Bring all the data together on the same horizontal and achieve business intelligence backed by a deep understanding of sales, marketing and customer service.

improve business productivity

As an experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM company, we have worked with many organizations to make maximum use of resources. We can help you to optimize the existing resources and leverage them to improve business productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Developed by Microsoft in 2003, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses of all sizes to manage their sales, marketing and customer service efforts through a single platform. You can collect and store information, analyze the data, run campaigns and conduct customer interactions through Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM online is a cloud-based version of the Dynamics CRM, hosted on Azure, as part of Microsoft Dynamics 356 suite of applications. Some of the benefits associated with CRM Online as compared to CRM On-Premise is cost savings as it is subscription based model and the infrastructure needs and the maintenance of the same is handled by Microsoft also it as it is online it is easily accessible for the users anywhere, any other applications, services or tools that is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite can easily be added and integrated with CRM Online.

Yes, these applications are available and can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, however these applications or their subscriptions needs to be purchased separately.

While Microsoft Dynamics CRM was an individual application before, it was rebranded as Dynamics 365 by adding the ERP features. So, if you want to access Dynamics CRM, you need Dynamics 365 within which there are different modules for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation.

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