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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Company

The ultimate goal of every strategy and every business implementation leads to enhancing the customer service. In line with the fast-growing volume of data and expanding customer base, businesses need to stay on top of things and leverage the data available at hand to increase productivity and make a positive difference to the customer experience.

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To bring about an improvement in your business performance, we provide Microsoft dynamics CRM development services to solve your business challenges and provide a comprehensive customer management platform. At Nex, our Dynamics CRM Consultants will analyze your business requirements and provide customized solutions that tap into its core functionality depending on your business environment. As a prominent CRM Development company in India, we help you provide exceptional customer service with strategies developed from timely insights.

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Advisory Services

At Nex, we provide consulting services to various businesses about implementing Microsoft dynamics company India for their business purposes. Depending on their business features, we guide the companies in leveraging their capabilities to provide better services.

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Upgrade & Migration Services

In case your system can’t handle CRM services, our team helps in smooth migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM services. We also provide training for the employees to easily adapt to the new CRM software and get them up to speed about the functionalities present in it.

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Implementation Services

By implementing the proven techniques Microsoft dynamics CRM development services combined with innovative ways to make the platform tailor-made according to your business needs, our team of Dynamics CRM Consultants at Nex will help in developing the CRM and help you to make the most out of it.

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Maintenance & Support

We provide regular maintenance and Microsoft dynamics CRM services support 24X7 from India to help you with any technical issues you may come across. We also support in implementing constant support models to help you stay at the top of innovations.

Redefine Your Business Excellence With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services

If you want to engage, grow and transform your business and bring in more customers, then capturing the right picture of your customers is the right start. The way the customers experience your brand and your services are vital to have them coming back to you again and our expert team at Nex helps to achieve that in the fastest way possible.

By employing Microsoft Dynamics CRM services, you can now leverage sales and automation tools to make the maximum use out of the customer data and reach actionable insights that will drive more sales to your business and also in increasing your customer satisfaction rate.



Make all your dreams of achieving higher sales rate come true with insights gathered from tools and convert your one-time customers into repetitive ones.


Customer Service

Achieving great customer service is what every business wants and with Microsoft CRM Development, you can pay more attention to your customers.



Managing accounts and all financial aspects from a single platform can greatly help in improving the productivity and in reducing the time spent.


Field Service

Managing multiple teams on the ground can be a hard task and Microsoft CRM development India can help you regulate and watch over it with the help of automation tools.



Automation of the product sales along with the client’s data can help in regulating your processes and planning your production to align with the customer requirements.


Insurance, Healthcare, and Life Sciences

CRM development has been implemented in various fields and it makes a definite impact in every business it is implemented in.



With concrete conclusions from the Dynamics CRM, your marketing team can now come up with fail-proof strategies that bring in long-term revenue.


Project Service Automation

A project requires extensive detailing and proper resource management and the automated tools of CRM will serve as an advantage.

Our Value Proposition for Dynamics CRM Consultants


Attain rapid growth with improved productivity at reduced costs along all verticals from tangible insights with the help of extensive resources and tools at disposal.


Make use of our expertise and agile approach of our Dynamics CRM consultants combined with an open mind of our developers to solve business challenges to make a mark for yourself in your industry.


Our domain-specific approach in CRM development company India makes sure that you get customized software and tools which will simplify the way your process works and get usable results.


Increase your revenue by folds by leveraging the features of CRM and cut down the time spent on manual operations which will create an incremental impact on your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an application developed by Microsoft and launched around 2003, that has both online and on-premise version. It is customer relationship management software with modules like Sales, Service and Marketing to help businesses manage their customer, generate leads, create opportunities, engage with their customers, resolve customer service issues, run campaigns etc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM online is a cloud-based version of the Dynamics CRM, hosted on Azure, as part of Microsoft Dynamics 356 suite of applications. Some of the benefits associated with CRM Online as compared to CRM On-Premise is cost savings as it is subscription based model and the infrastructure needs and the maintenance of the same is handled by Microsoft also it as it is online it is easily accessible for the users anywhere, any other applications, services or tools that is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite can easily be added and integrated with CRM Online.

Yes, these applications are available and can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, however these applications or their subscriptions needs to be purchased separately.

Microsoft couple of years back rebranded its Dynamics suite, and combined its CRM and ERP products into one umbrella product and coined it as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has now been divided into following application - Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, and Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation as part of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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