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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services


Transform the Customer Experience with Dynamics CRM Development Services

Customer Relationship Management is more than a piece of software that you buy and install. Microsoft Dynamics CRM services are a way of thinking. It’s a business approach that puts the customer at the center of your business and helps you organize around customers rather than products or sales.

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Why Choose NEX Softsys as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company?

We have been providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services since their introduction in 2003. Over 20 years of experience working with organizations to find, evaluate and implement the right solution for their needs. As a leading Microsoft Dynamics Company India, we are closely connected to the work that businesses like yours do every day.

We leverage the best of CRM - so you can bring the best of your business to the world without worrying about technology concerns. You can use our Microsoft Dynamics CRM company to improve customer service and sales. And get a 360-degree view of your customers and build your brand. With multiple deployment options on-premises or in the cloud, we offer flexibility and choice to businesses of all sizes.

Define Business Excellence with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Extension Development

Dynamics 365 Consulting Services

Our Dynamics CRM consultants can help you make informed decisions based on your needs and goals. They will provide advice, guidance, and best practices to get the most out of your investment during your Dynamics 365 project.

Microsoft CRM Consultancy

Dynamics 365 Integration Services

Our Dynamics CRM integration services in India allow clients to expand their CRM system anytime, adding new features and systems. We have expertise in integrating Dynamics 365 with other products, like ERP, accounting and marketing automation systems. It can help automate many routine business processes so that employees can focus on higher-value activities.

CRM Managed Services

Dynamics CRM Implementation

Dynamics CRM is highly flexible, enabling clients to adapt it to meet the exact needs of their organization. But many businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage their CRM implementation. Our experience and expertise will save you time and money and ensure you get the most out of your new system.

Dynamics CRM Support and Maintenance

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

If you are still unsure how Dynamics CRM can benefit your business, we provide an overview of CRM software and demonstrate how it can be used. NEX Softsys - Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting also offers expert training packages to ensure effective adoption by every team member.

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Dynamics CRM Consultants India Deliver Services Across

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Israel | Australia | Japan | Netherlands | Sweden | Switzerland | Norway

We provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services across Industries

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM services, you can create a 360-degree view of every customer interaction. So that all departments - from sales, marketing, and service - have access to the latest information. Alternatively, you can manage your sales process, streamline field service operations, and provide financial insight across your entire business.

Our Dynamics CRM Development Company India has over a decade of expertise in providing CRM services, serving clients across various sectors in India and abroad. We offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM development services to help businesses get the most out of the platform. No matter the vertical or industry.


Dynamics CRM for Sales

CRM for sales helps you close more deals faster by giving your sales team a 360-degree view of their customers and prospects. At NEX Microsoft CRM Development India, Our experts can help automate mundane tasks to free up more time for selling and allow your sales team to collaborate on opportunities and close bigger deals.

Customer Service

Dynamics CRM for Marketing

CRM marketing features can help you get the most out of your marketing spend by making it easy to plan and execute the campaign. We deliver consistent messaging across all channels with a single unified system. You will also be able to generate real-time reports on your marketing performance, making it easier to optimize the campaign forward.


Dynamics CRM for Customer Service

We can improve customer satisfaction with a multichannel, enterprise-wide approach to customer service. It helps to start by shifting from reactive customer service to proactive customer care by managing cases efficiently, helping customers help themselves, consolidating customer data into one system, and enabling collaboration across your team with the company's digital transformation.

Field Service

Dynamics CRM for Finance

Our Dynamics CRM consultants can guide you to streamline financial planning and analysis with a complete view of your business. We begin by automating financial processes, quickly closing books with aggregation and reporting tools, and easily preparing for a regulatory compliance audit.


Dynamics CRM for Field Service

You can provide better field service by integrating the office seamlessly with the field. We bring together field service management, scheduling optimization, contract management, mobile integration, streamlined scheduling, and real-time access to information. It helps your engineer’s instant access to information to respond quickly and accurately on site.

Insurance, Healthcare, and Life Sciences

Dynamics CRM for Project Service Automation

We set up project management solutions that improve collaboration and streamline project planning and delivery for organizations in the professional services sector. You can also collaborate across different departments seamlessly with a single platform. It helps you deliver profitable projects on time, every time.


Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing

We deliver manufacturing solutions that integrate operations, sales, finance, and marketing processes for manufacturers of all sizes. This way, you can optimize your supply chain and manage demand volatility and end-to-end processes for optimal production and maximum ROI.

Project Service Automation

Dynamics CRM for Commerce

We help retail businesses customize their interactions across all traditional and emerging channels to deliver a seamless customer experience. We also transform the in-store experience, whether offline or online, through personalized recommendations that capture the most attention.

Unlock opportunities to work with Microsoft CRM Development Company

The most successful businesses put their customers at the center of their operations, and an effective customer relationship management system is an important tool for doing this. But without the right technology, your CRM system can become clogged with data and unhelpful information, which leaves your staff working inefficiently or not using the CRM to its full potential.

Our Dynamics CRM consultants can help you understand your business and implement solutions, which gives you the insight to make informed decisions based on your customers’ needs, expectations, and behavior. Our Dynamics CRM services can help you achieve your business objectives. Here are some of the projects that our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company India has delivered.

Success stories of our completed projects

Payment Gateway Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting team develop an end-to-end custom payment gateway integration using HTML with JS-based web resources to integrate various payment options inside the Microsoft CRM Development. We also designed a single-view dashboard and complex custom reports using SSRS development to monitor business performance.

Several Projects

NEX worked on several projects in insurance, developing BPFs, workflows, scripts, plugins, and custom activities, which incorporate insurance risks, quotes, policies, insured objects, and claims-related processes.


We made pre-development changes for upgrading CRM from the old classic UI to the new unified UI without breaking the functionality. Additionally, we integrated the CRM with the web portal using ADOXIO and custom dynamics C# library with MVC Web/API applications to provide separate web and API applications with CRM at the backend.

C# application

NEX Softsys developed a C# application that dumps all Dynamics CE entities and option-sets metadata into SQL Tables based on given filters. We’ve also automated scheduled processes to run daily, weekly, and monthly email notifications using the HTML tabular format to showcase trends, growth, and opportunity revenue.

Canvas App With Multiple Cascading

We developed the Canvas app with multiple cascading filters inside the gallery to add records dynamically. And use Power Automate flow to parse predefined email templates to CRM records and upload attachments of notes as SharePoint documents.

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