Software Consultancy Services

We’ll be frank with you - to completely transform your business, you will need a software consulting Company as a partner like us with deep industry expertise, potent insights, and a broad range of capabilities. At Nex, we collaborate with leading global companies, like yours, to create innovative, collaborative solutions for your software challenges. We work shoulder to shoulder to help you reach peak levels of performance.

With several years of experience in the software consultancy services and Solutions, we bridge business and technology rapidly, while managing the risks involved. Our software experts create solutions aimed at enhancing business productivity and profitability.

We are a Software Consulting Company which is capable of providing a wide-range of Consultancy services regarding Software Development, Testing, and other IT Solutions. Our Staff has the skills to provide proper guidelines and solutions to every problem.

Software consulting value add

  • We have devised a process excellence model that encompasses end-to-end IT efficiency management along with application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, lean IT, and testing solutions.
  • We take into account measurable benchmarks in a software application’s lifecycle and qualitatively intensify processes using customized frameworks and best practices
  • We ensure that TCO is reduced, while RoI goes up with the help of standardised data across all our systems
  • We, as a software consulting company, work towards achieving clear objectives such as lesser variability, higher efficiency, and much better quality software.
  • We also ensure that we reduce variability and complexity, and duplication of effort
  • We have a team of 20 plus software consultants with more than ten years of experience in the Software consultancy services field.