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Magento eCommerce Development Services India

Designing Flexible Magento Solutions to Augment Growth

Concerned that your e-commerce store looks no different than your competitors? Worried that your website isn’t giving the full customers experience as you intended? Frustrated after trying multiple ways to increase the retention rate? Well, you can easily come out of such issues with the help of our experts from NEX, a leading Magento website development, India. We specialize in creating unique, user-friendly e-commerce stores that enables your brand to develop progressively through our customized Magento e-commerce development services India.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any one of these questions, then it’s time to get the help from our experienced Magento web development experts. NEX is specialized in creating unique, user-friendly e-commerce stores that progressively develops the business branding and increases the conversion rates.


Revolutionize Shopping Experience

Customers can get quickly bored when they have to search a lot for what they are looking for. You need to sell the brand experience before selling your products, and that’s exactly what we help you do. With our Magento customization services, we assist in creating a great shopping experience customized based on their behaviour and engagement.

Lower Cost to Business

In any business, limiting your operational costs makes sense. With the implementation of Magento web application from NEX, you can reduce the costs you spend on maintenance, support and security with an expert team at your disposal and focus on managing your e-commerce store from the business front.


Quick Access to Shop Window

It is imperative that your products reach the shop windows before your competitors’ do. You can make use of the Magento dashboard to monitor metrics, the details of your marketing efforts and the scope of your expansion. Leverage the intuitive features of Magento to get prepared to make your move at the right time.

Grow Revenue

With the integration available with Magento, you view and access multiple e-commerce platforms from a single point which helps in analysing and growing your revenue with minimum investments. Analyse the sales data from Magento dashboard, find out the lagging areas easily, compensate them and drive your revenue higher.


Our Magento Development Solutions Deliveries Spans Across

USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France | Singapore | Italy |

Israel | Australia | Japan | Netherlands | Sweden | Switzerland | Norway

Magento Development Solutions Offered at NEX India

NEX has become the go-to Magento web development company in India for small to medium businesses and enterprises when they wish to make a tremendous transformation and get out their dry run. We have a great team of experts in Magento and Magento 2 who create an attractive, intuitive and customized e-commerce store that converts.


Magento Web Development

Magento is a comprehensive platform that allows creating an e-commerce store with high functionality, fast loading speed, excellent responsiveness and powerful customization options which is everything you need to run a successful e-commerce business. Our Magento experts can create such an excellent website for your products from the scratch that bumps your business off to a great start.


Customized Development

The online marketplace keeps changing regularly, and for your business to succeed, you need to keep improving with it. This implies that you require a fast-working team to customize, redesign and build new features. We provide a dedicated team of Magento customization web developers who will help in creating and maintaining your website according to your business needs.


Unique eCommerce Solution

Every e-commerce business has a specific essence they work with, but that doesn’t mean they are free from the competition. With Magento customization services, we can keep your e-commerce store ahead from its competitors and differentiate itself with our branding analysis and unique Magento web design. It is time to build an engaging e-commerce website that keeps your customers coming back for more!


Expert Shopping Cart Development

We develop highly functional shopping carts with a smooth checkout experience for your users. Our feature-rich shopping cart is designed keeping in mind the behaviour of the users to minimize the rate of abandonment. We also create customized shopping carts for mobile applications that work on both Android and iOS.


Building Themes

With the vast varieties of themes available with the Magento platform, you have a lot of options to choose for your Magento eCommerce development. We also help with customizing the theme based on your vision and business requirements to make it as pleasing and as user-friendly as possible.


Supervised Maintenance and Support

When you need your e-commerce store to run 24X7, you require a support service that can immediately respond and rectify any issue you have any time of the day. NEX is one of the most popular Magento development company in India who is specialized in providing support, maintenance and upgrade services as well at a fixed monthly rate.


Responsive eCommerce Website

Nowadays, a lot of people have started shopping in their mobile phones and therefore, when developing your e-commerce store, you need to make sure that it is highly responsive across all devices – laptops, tablets and mobiles irrespective of the screen sizes. We build a customized Magento e-commerce website that works smoothly across all devices with the same level of response.


Custom Extensions Development

Based on your e-commerce store, we custom-make Magento extensions that work perfectly well with your website. Our experts are adept at creating extensions for both Magento and Magento 2 for various requirements like custom search options, social media integrations, one-step checkout, quick navigation, specific category listing and options for webpage customization.


Custom Module Development

As an experienced Magento eCommerce Service Provider Company, we fully understand your requirements for optimization and develop custom blocks and models to revamp your website according to the changing needs. The custom modules can be used to improve the customer experience or deal with backend problems which can minimize your working costs.

Understanding Magento eCommerce Features and Benefits

In the times when there is a massive competition for every business, you need a reliable partner to support you to become the top e-commerce store. NEX is being time and again praised for its efforts to help various e-commerce websites find their grip in the business and help them secure great heights.

NEX is one of the few specialized Magento web development companies in India who has adopted the platform since its introduction. With the proven performance of Magento in some of the top e-commerce stores in the world, it is no doubt the best platform to go with when you think of providing best customer experience, be at the forefront of constant evolvement and increasing your revenue.


Purpose-Rich Business Experience

Every business has a specific goal that they work towards. NEX helps in tapping into your abilities and play to your strong points to move faster towards your goals. Magento provides a lot of freedom to design the website with various options helping to enrich the customer experience.

NEX, as a well-known Magento development company, will leverage the capabilities of Magento to its maximum to create a memorable experience for the customers.

  • Provide an omnichannel customer experience through social media and mobile phones
  • Creating categories with customization based on user behaviour
  • Intuitive recommendations based on user history
  • Create an attractive, visual platform for displaying the products with additionally developed customization features
  • Create options to speed the purchase process

Consistent Shopping Experience

To ensure consistency in your e-commerce store, a reliable support team who you can reach out to anytime is vital. NEX has a lot of developers and testers who will provide round the clock support services all days of the year to ensure that there is never a lag in your website.

We understand that even a few minutes of downtime could be a significant problem for your business and therefore, we take a great deal of effort to run the e-commerce store at an optimized level at all times.

  • Provide support for expanding your website globally with smooth global transactions
  • Maintain a responsive website compatible across all devices
  • Build additional features with an intuitive interface that speeds up the sales
  • Modify the customer journey for a better experience
  • Revamp the store with new functionalities for a refreshed approach

Operational Efficiency and Business Intelligence

To keep your e-commerce store on the path to improvement, it is essential to gain from past experiences, leverage data analytics and make informed decisions. With the Magento dashboard, you have all such details available which can be used for analysis and business transformation.

NEX has helped many e-commerce stores with the modification and customization of the website, Magento dashboard and modules. We can also help your employees to start with using the data from Magento for business growth.

  • Analyze the data to understand the progress of the store
  • Decipher the areas of improvement and make changes immediately before they could impact your sales
  • Empower your team to create optimized sales channels
  • Find out if a new revision is working or not
  • Automate logistics and purchase details for seamless and fast delivery

Confidence in Approach

Take data-driven decisions with confidence with the Magento platform. Magento web application can empower your business with all the necessary information you need to understand and meet the expectations. You can easily and quickly make changes to the website, try and test if a feature could be implemented from the reaction of the customers and modify the backend process for smooth working.

NEX can help you to boost the confidence with your business decisions by helping you identify the pain points of the website and lending a hand in rectifying it.

  • Be confident with the high-security features to protect customer data
  • Integrate any number of applications with Magento for ease of use
  • Leverage the ease of access to cloud
  • Customize and enhance the code regularly to keep the website up-to-date
  • Enable content optimization with design and testing options to connect with the customers

Make Magento Work for your Business

Leverage the unique benefits of Magento and Propel your business on the path of success


Order Management

Every e-commerce business faces the challenge of matching the inventory with the orders and the demand. With the intuitive, all-in-one platform of Magento web application, you can now view all your order details and automatically match it with the inventories. Further, you can also work with the logistics team to streamline the process flow from the minute the customer places the order to the time the order reaches the hands of the customer. You can include various options for updates to the customers too and speed up the time when the product leaves the warehouse.


Magento Business Intelligence

Every e-commerce website revolves around the opinions and the actions of the customers. The value that the customer insights hold could be a gold mine for you to perfect your e-commerce store and service based on what they require. Make use of analytics present with the Magento to get real-time insights and store historical data to analyse and understand what the customer feels when they perform a specific action. This will be a great starting point to optimize your website further for a much better experience.


Magento Marketplace

Magento Marketplace contains numerous resources for extensions, modules and themes which can be picked, customized and used for your e-commerce website. For any kind of application or requirement, there is always a product on the Magento Marketplace which can be fit into your website with a few tweaks.

If you want a newly-created and unique extension or module for a specific application, our experts at the NEX, Magento eCommerce Website Development Company can build it for your store.


Magento Commerce

You may have a lot of great products available in the online store. But if the products aren’t presented correctly or if the customer fails to find what they need, then you are losing out on valuable prospects. A highly optimized Magento web development process can help to customize every aspect of your website based on customer expectations.

At NEX, we spend a great deal of time to understand your business and your customers to create an attractive and intuitive e-commerce store that your customers fall in love with!

If you are thinking about creating an e-commerce store that starts bringing in good conversions from the beginning, then you have come to the right place. If you want a leading Magento eCommerce Development service provider to create wonders on your e-commerce store, contact us now.

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