Magento Development Services

Designing Flexible Solutions to Augment Growth

When functionality, user experience and content of your ecommerce portal needs to be impactful, Magento is your obvious choice. Magento Web Development entails harnessing the advantages of a contemporary e-commerce platform based on Cloud technologies for augmenting the business needs of your B2B or B2C enterprise. Explore new opportunites in enhancing customer experiences with the infinitely scalable, open-source and flexible solution from the Adobe Experience Cloud family.


Revolutionize Shopping Experience

To build e-commerce sites that sell, you need to provide your customers with the ideal shopping experience. NEX, a Magento web development company, helps you leverage the feature rich Magento experience to build the right content, improve shopping experience at every touchpoint, boost customer engagement, enhance sales and generate growth.

Lower Cost to Business

When growth is your prime focus, limiting costs always makes better business sense. With Magento development service from Nex, you get to avail the benefits of reduced TCO , increased security for your business through implementation of the open source cloud solution. Utilize the unique Magento dashboard to Monitor metrics of inventory sales, improve order management process by automating recurring activities.


Quick Access to Shop Window

As e-commerce organizations increases their pace of doing business , you need to reach shop windows before your competition does. Leverage the intuitive and agile features of Magento to expedite your market-readiness. The Magento customization service also helps to build the right package to enable smaller businesses to garner an early and definite business ROI.

Grow Revenue

Exploring new revenue options helps to enhance business prospects. Magento provides an integrated experience where you can combine multiple ecommerce platforms and excite better engagement from customers. The unified interface and distribution system of Magento also simplifies the process of monitoring and managing sales and inventory.


Our Magento Service Deliveries Spans Across

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Israel | Australia | Japan | Netherlands | Sweden | Switzerland | Norway

The NEX Service Benefits

Strategizing for garnering success in your e-commerce business can entail a lot of challenges. Partner with NEX, a Magento ecommerce development company to achieve your mission statement. Our exhaustive experience in Magento Web Development enables us to introduce you to the array of benefits this platform provides. Some of our service offerings include:


Custom Website Development

The path to your ecommerce success lies through a well-designed and user-friendly ecommerce site. At NEX, a Magento website development company, we help you design one of the best in league e-commerce website that helps to attract, engage and excite customers who will wish to come back for more.


Customized Development

Every ecommerce enterprise has varying needs to achieve their objectives. At NEX, a Magento website development company, we understand this need and do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We invest our expertise in curating customized solution that fits the varying needs of our customers.


Unique E-commerce Solution

E-Commerce solutions need to anticipate customer needs in order to thrive. Every e-commerce solution needs to incorporate this vital element that will ensure their uniqueness. Share your unique requirement with NEX and enable us to deliver our expert Magento customization service to help you build an engaging e-commerce solution.


Expert Shopping Cart Development

Ecommerce websites are defined by the quality of their shopping cart experience. Users prefer sites providing them with smooth checkout procedure via the shopping cart. At NEX, a firm providing Magento development services in USA, we ensure that your customers get a seamless shopping cart experience. We leverage our expertise in delivering convenient payment and checkout procedures as desired by your shoppers.


Building Themes

Make your brand stand out with unique themes. At NEX, a Magento development company in India, we leverage the vast theme library of Magento to provide you with the theme that best showcases your business brand.


Supervised Maintenance and Support

As your business grows, time is a premium and you start missing vital maintenance schedules and service notifications. When partnering with NEX, a Magento web development company, you need not worry about missing any more deadlines. We take care of all your maintenance and support issues for your ecommerce website so that you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted business.


Responsive Ecommerce Website

As device diversity rules shopping experiences, your e-commerce site needs to be responsive to remain in your customer's preference list. Let NEX, a Magento web development company, build reponsive and intuitive e-commerce websites to help you avoid missing your mobile shoppers.


Custom Extensions Development

Your business needs to create a unique difference to remain ahead of competition. With our Magento Web Development services, we provide unique and innovative custom extensions that will help to make your e-commerce continue to rank higher in user interests.


Custom Module Development

To remain unique in customer memory you need to continue delivering a difference in your storefront modules. NEX offers unique Magento customization services that helps to develop customized modules for your online stores to deliver the stamp of difference.

Understanding Magento Feature Benefits

Magento, your best option for building a world-class e-commerce website at reduced costs, leverages the cloud features of being scalable, flexible and free. It helps to provide unique shopping experiences for your shoppers that goes beyond merely streamlining shopping cart processes.

It brings in a whole new engagement to your site and ensures you can retain that excitement through custom modules and extensions. NEX, a Magento website development company, understands the benefits that this Cloud platform provides and includes it in their service offering to provide your business with a touch of class.


Purpose-rich Business Experience

To deliver quality output in business you need to own and nurture your customer experience. That is a critical factor in helping you gain a strong foothold in the e-commerce industry. Magento with its feature-rich ensemble of offerings, defines your path to success by helping you focus on your consumer interests

NEX, a Magento web deveopment company, harnesses Magento's purpose rich business features to smoothen the purchase path and provide a wholesome consumer experience. We utilize the following platform features to help you deliver personalized content to ensure better brand interaction.

  • Personalizing Content by creating customer categories
  • Staging and Previewing Content
  • Ensuring improved purchase experience with the Instant purchase checkout feature
  • Leveraging Page Builder, a unique drag and drop editing tool for creating unique content.
  • Categorizing products through a drag and drop option or by designing rules to improve visual merchandising

Consistent Shopping Experience

Spread out across geographies, segments and channels to enlarge your consumer base. Include both small and large businesses in your fold to increase your brand awareness.

Magento ensures you can do all that effortlessly by creating a seamless shopping experience for shoppers regardless of how, where and when they want it. NEX, a Magento development company in India, understands and customizes the following Magento features for your business.

  • Define responsive designs to help you leverage the Mobile first commerce culture in the new retail scenario.
  • Empower your business with enhanced B2B functionalities and revamp your involvement as a business buyer.
  • Leverage the ease and convenience of the PWA studio to develop intuitive,stable and agile interfaces that boosts engagement and ramps up your rate of conversion
  • Provide adequate support for expanding your e-commerce sites globally
  • Utlize Magento's excellent infrastructue to launch and expand your sales channels

Operational Efficiency and Business Intelligence

As an organization thriving on insights gained from data, you need efficiency and intelligence to automate, analyze and augment your success quotient. NEX, a magento e-commerce development company, leverages the benefits of the Magento Platform to facilitate your business transformation. We help you utilize the following Magento features:

  • Develop Business Intelligence and evolve with enhanced business capabilities
  • Transform Shipping as a profit earner as Magento Admin helps you learn how to automate fulfillment of orders and logistics.
  • Manage cross-location Inventory and hone your operational efficiency skills
  • Empower your order management and customer service teams with enhanced efficiency

Confidence in Approach

Meeting customer expectations is a part of your success criteria. Ensure you develop the ability to not merely meet but also exceed these expectations. NEX, providing Magento development services in USA, ensures that you gain and retain the confidence in your business operations to satisfy your customer expectations. We help you in leveraging the following benefits of Magento:

  • You can benefit from the open and customizable code structure to develop and enhance your own code
  • You can leverage the ease of deploying in the Cloud.
  • You can be assured of high security and trusted sources of data
  • Magento assures you of high performance and scalability to meet your growing demands
  • You can leverage a Magento's rich collection of Web APIs to build and integrate applications.

Make Magento Work for your Business

Leverage the unique benefits of Magento and Propel your business on the path of success


Order Management

The biggest challenge faced by most E-commerce portals is the gap between its inventory and online storefront. Magento helps you bridge this vital chasm which is often a setback in customer engagement. NEX, a Magento development company in India, helps you achieve complete control over your orders enabling you to fulfill them wherever and whenever your customer demands. Your products are on display always and everywhere. Devoid of device dependency, Orders can now be fulfilled from anywhere ensuring complete shopping experience.


Magento Business Intelligence

In a world where business strategies are being inspired by customer insights, you always need to know more about their experiences to remain ahead of competition. Nex, through their Magento customization services helps you remain updated on latest customer feedback and insights. You can now make intelligent decisions based on a single solution that captures, analyzes and processes critical business insights that generate growth.


Magento Marketplace

When you wish to avail an extended commerce experience, opting for Magento is always the right decision.

NEX experts recommends some of the best Magento marketplace extensions that will work to boost your organizational objectives. You can leverage the implementation of innovative payment methods or connect with ERP systems, complete calculation of sales tax or even avail marketing services to give your business the ideal optimization it needs.


Magento Commerce

As an ecommerce visionary, you have always desired to deliver the best commerce solutions for your customers. Magento provides you with the ideal platform to design unlimited range of exclusive shopping experiences tailored for your varied customer base.

Let NEX be your partner in this engaging journey to translate leads into prospects and subsequently customers. We help you leverage the infinite customizations possible in Magento to provide a personalized approach to your customers.

With NEX the experts in providing Magento development service you can utilize Magento in the right way to deliver the best commerce solutions you have ever envisioned.

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