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Pentaho BI Services

Get Smarter, Speedy and Sharperwith Pentaho Business Intelligence

Data analytics helps to avoid the confusions and inadvertent mistakes in the business. However, what if the process of data itself becomes cluttered and unmanageable? This is the high time companies realize the need for a proper platform that straightens out the muddle and simplifies data processing.

Pentaho Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the world’s top open-source BI platform that provides tools and features to satisfy the big data needs. From creating systems to properly collectingand segregating the data to enabling analysis and easy representation of the results, Pentaho BI and Pentaho Data Integration suite has everything a company looks for in a big data platform.

Pentaho BI Services – AchieveFull Potential of Data

As the Pentaho BI Suite provides a wide spectrum of features, you require an experienced development team to customize and build the suite ground up to align with your specific business needs. NEX is one of the top companies in India that provides Pentaho data integrations services. We work with your team to identify the needs and the results you expect out of the Pentaho BI suite and provide practical solutions to create a streamlined flow of data processing.


Pentaho Reporting

Present the findings of the data analysis in a manner that anyone can easily understand in various formats by utilizing the output options.


Pentaho Dashboards

Get customized dashboards with intuitive interfaces to showcase critical business information and access key data in a single tap.


Pentaho Data Mining

Deploy sophisticated algorithms that minimize the process of data collection and processing to unearth vital data patterns for analysis.


Pentaho Analysis

Utilize the various techniques and tools on your Pentaho BI suite to uncover interesting information for quick business decisions.


Pentaho Data Integration

A quick drag and drop Pentaho data integration features to create simplified data pipelines and combine the data operations to a single platform.


Pentaho Development Services

Comprehensive Pentaho BI services to set up and develop the entire Pentaho platform to take full advantage of the features it has to offer.

If you want to make use of any these services for Pentaho BI from NEX India, contact us immediately. Let us help you build a failproof data processing and analytics platform that will put you on a short route to achieving business intelligence.

We deliver Pentaho Services across

USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France | Singapore | Italy |

Israel | Australia | Japan | Netherlands | Sweden | Switzerland | Norway


Pentaho Development Services – Get Ahead of the Data Growth

Pentaho has multithread data engines that can accommodate the growing volume of data. You can make quick real-time decisions with the ultra-fast integration engines of Pentaho that allows for increased scalability without compromising the speed of data operations. NEX helps you to navigate through this dynamic platform by handling the entire set up of the Pentaho Business Intelligence (BI) with integrations from the other platforms as well.


Proven Data Analytics Techniques

Experienced Pentaho BI experts and proven data techniques for seamless data processing.

Streamlined Data Pipelines

Minimized human involvement by automating the data processes to facilitate quick and faultless operations.

Agile Approach

Take the journey of developing and customizing the Pentaho BI with us and know everything that’s going on.

Rapid Delivery

Get your Pentaho suite developed at an accelerated pace and start utilizing its incredible powers in no time.

Pentaho Consulting Services – KeepUp Your Business Productivity

At the rate in the data is multiplying, the Pentaho platform developed a few years back may not accommodate the current volume or the market needs. We create data processes that let you manage and process the data from hybrid cloud, multi cloud and on-premise systems. Through our Pentaho BI services, we ensure that you take maximum advantage of what Pentaho has to offer and keep up with the growing data trends.


Pentaho Consultation

We help you to improve the efficiency of data processes by many folds and create perfectly-tuned ETL pipelines. Talk to us about your domain-specific needs and let us build you a secure platform that quickly churns out useful data insights.

  • Enable quick real-time analysis with Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis and other third-party platforms
  • Guidance on building a data source component for better integrations
  • Suggestions to leverage the best of Pentaho reporting tools and libraries like Highchart and Fusion
  • Help to use Pentaho in identifying meaningful patterns
  • Make the best use of Pentaho BI suite with interactive analysis, visualization tools and reporting features

Pentaho Technology Expertise

Our Pentaho BI and Data integration developers have extensive experience in working with the top Pentaho development technologies. With our proven methodologies and expertise in working across various industries, we can guide you to increase your business performance with actionable insights from Pentaho. Here are some of the technologies our Pentaho developers are experts in:

  • Saiku
  • Kettle
  • Weka
  • Mondrian
  • Ctools
  • Schema

Pentaho Big Data Analytics –Discover the Real Value of Data

With the flexible options available in Pentaho, you can implement any data process with customized data processes. Pentaho can be used to test various data models developed with programming languages like Python and R, including machine learning algorithms. You can collect data from sensors, online platforms and connect with other data sources to increase the accuracy of the data insights.


Engineered Big Data Science

Blend the data sources and build customized data models to use the Pentaho features for efficient data analysis.


Modernize Data Operations

Leverage the best of latest technologies to get valuable data insights that give you a timely advantage.


Quick, Real-Time Processing

Process time-sensitive data at lightening pace and make quick business decisions with Pentaho’s real-time processing tools.


Interactive Visual Representation

Compress the essence of the data insights into a simple visual presentation by integrating with third-party applications.

Comprehensive Pentaho Data Integration Services from NEX India

Simplify your data processes and integrate them into a single interface with our Pentaho BI Services. We offer smart solutions to collect and process data and infer insights that make a difference to your business. Through our Pentaho BI services from the talented developers in India, you can get a 360-degree view of the data implementation and analysis through the open-source OLAP and reporting tools.


  • Mobile BI
  • Cloud BI
  • Open Source BI Development
  • Reports and Visualization


  • Dashboard customization
  • Visualization design
  • Schema design
  • User-specific personalization
  • Reports design


  • Data warehouse
  • Creating and adding tools and plugins
  • Data loading
  • Setting user access
  • Data analysis structure


  • Data load testing
  • Data quality testing
  • ETL setup testing
  • Load and performance testing
  • 24X7 Pentaho support

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