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Make Smarter Decisions with Pentaho BI

Pentaho Business Intelligence (BI) is an open source BI tool that helps organizations to manage business analytics starting from data integration to report generation. Pentaho’s integrated platform provides access to all kinds of data sources integrating them with analytics to reach intelligent business solutions.

With our technical expertise in working with Pentaho business analytics, we provide Pentaho development, design, analytics and other reporting services. We also offer Pentaho consulting services assisting organizations to plan their data integration, analysis and visualization with Pentaho Business Intelligence. Get onboard with us to plan the future of data management with Nex’s services for Pentaho BI India.

Pentaho Services India at Nex

Nex provides a complete spectrum of Pentaho Business Intelligence Services helping businesses to implement the various tools and components of Pentaho within the scope of their business requirements. With the amount of data snowballing every day, Nex creates innovative solutions to manage the flow of data effectively. Here are some of the main services offered by Nex.


Pentaho Reporting

With Pentaho reporting, organizations can access, format, group and sort data to create simple visual representations of the analytics enabling a better understanding of the results.


Pentaho Dashboards

Pentaho dashboards are designed for anyone to use without any training. With its intuitive interface, one can customize the dashboard, access data and understand the analytics easily.


Pentaho Data Mining

To make the most out of the data, data mining with Pentaho employs advanced algorithms and analytics to help organizations take the maximum advantage of the data.


Pentaho Analysis

With the intelligent analytics results from Pentaho business analytics, businesses are now equipped to make informed and data-driven decisions instead of banking on one’s intuitions.


Pentaho Integration

Pentaho’s integration solutions include extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) making it the most required data integration tool for organizations with scalability and flexibility.


Pentaho Development Services

From creating and testing models to streamlining the data pipelines for analytics, at Nex, we employ the best practices to personalize Pentaho according to your applications and future scope.

To work with Pentaho, there is no need for coding skills or any complex technical skills. At Nex, we help in customizing the Pentaho with industry-proven methodologies and frameworks. Hire Pentaho developers from one of the experienced Pentaho BI service providers in India.

We deliver Pentaho Services across

USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France | Singapore | Italy |

Israel | Australia | Japan | Netherlands | Sweden | Switzerland | Norway


Simplifying Data Management with Pentaho

Today many organizations are struggling with managing the growing abundance of data and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get usable information from the data. Nex has eliminated all the complications with data management with the easy to use Pentaho business analytics and Pentaho integration services. Nex has relieved many businesses with the burden of managing the data by employing the most user-friendly tools.


Experienced Pentaho Developers

Hire Pentaho developers who have years of experience in providing customized solutions for businesses.

Complete Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we keep our communication lines open.

Transparent & Collaborative

Our clients can view the progress of the project at any time and provide insights and modifications.

Rapid Delivery

With Agile development, your project will be streamlined and delivered in no time.

Strategized Pentaho Consulting Services

Our Pentaho development team keeps track of the latest technologies and advancement with data management systems. This enables us to provide suggestions for organizations to implement the best practices for data integration and analytics. Nex’s Pentaho Services India assists organizations in creating customized data models and deploy analytics to make better business decisions.


Our Consultation

Our proven business intelligence strategies and techniques with Pentaho can help in optimizing your business strategies. Our consultants can provide guidance in:

  • Business performance analysis
  • Setting up for real-time analysis
  • Optimization of financial, marketing and sales process
  • Internal operation management
  • Market research
  • Business planning and strategies
  • Reporting and consolidation of data analysis

Our Specialization

Our consultations have years of hands-on experience in working with Pentaho development and integration across a wide variety of industries. Here are some of the tools our Pentaho consultants have experience in:

  • Kettle
  • Weka
  • Saiku
  • Schema
  • Mondrian
  • Ctools

Pentaho Big Data Analytics

The big data analytics from Pentaho empowers businesses to get maximum value from the big data and easily absorb the analysis with reporting and visualization tools. Nex’s Pentaho development services focus on helping businesses to easily integrate big data into their daily strategies and business insights.


Scientific Analytical Models

We create analytical models to bring together structured and unstructured data, sort them and get visual insights that can be used in business decisions.


New Data Outcomes

We develop customized data models and dashboards to ensure that big data analytics helps your organization to become innovative and efficient.


Leveraging Modern Technologies

Since we update ourselves with our latest news and the modern technologies introduced, your system will be on par with the high tech organizations.


Visualization of Big Data

Pentaho’s tools help in visualizing big data analytics better. It helps business owners and stakeholders to get the grip of the insights easily.

Enhanced Pentaho BI Competencies

We help businesses to transform the unstructured data to valuable insights resulting in enhanced business solutions. With Nex’s Services for Pentaho BI India, the work of businesses in managing data is minimized and the effects of analytics on day-to-day business operations are maximized.


  • Mobile BI
  • Cloud BI
  • Open Source BI Development
  • Reports and Visualization


  • Dashboard customization
  • Visualization design
  • Schema design
  • User-specific personalization
  • Reports design


  • Data warehouse
  • Creating and adding tools and plugins
  • Data loading
  • Setting user access
  • Data analysis structure


  • Data load testing
  • Data quality testing
  • ETL setup testing
  • Load and performance testing
  • 24X7 Pentaho support

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