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Scala Development


The Scala is one of the few programming languages that found its way into the world's top apps soon after its inception. Scala was introduced in 2003 as an open-source, functional programming language. As a result, Scala development has become a part of some of the top applications globally like The Guardian, Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb and Foursquare, among many others.

With Scala development, you can build scalable, high-performance applications and particularly complex solutions, which was one of the main reasons it quickly rose to fame. Since Scala has tons of functional features and easy-to-use modules, many businesses prefer Scala for their application development. In addition, Scala is built on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and has an inherent set of libraries and high capabilities to handle any volume of data.

At NEX Softsys, we help businesses become like the global giants who leveraged the advantages of Scala and have created advanced systems. We provide Scala web development services to solve business issues. In addition, make your application more scalable, highly user-friendly and capable of managing major issues.

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Features of Scala

Scala is known for its efficient coding and for being a functional programming language. It means that there are numerous possibilities to create solutions for similar problems through Scala with multiple standards of complexities. As a result, Scala is a powerful, flexible language that can build gaming apps, data applications, web apps, AI solutions and a lot more.

Optimization for Code Complexity

Scala web development is suited for any application, no matter how complex it is. With Scala, we prepare concise code notations for highly complex algorithms, breaking them down for easy implementation.

Minimal Coding

Compared to Java and many other top programming languages in the world, Scala development has less number of lines of codes that do the same function. Due to this minimal coding, Scala enables fast development, testing, and deployment.

Compatible with Java

You can get the benefits of Java libraries and still retain the functionalities of JVM. In the case of migrating a section of code from Java to Scala, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility or interoperability with Java.

Fully Featured API Library

The library of Scala has a mix of various features that makes it more convenient to code in this language. Developers can access the advanced features in Scala web development for string comparison and pattern matching to build a robust application quickly.

Extensible Language

Scala uses a mix of different mechanisms of languages to develop applications and it simplifies the development of Scala libraries. Therefore, it allows the developers to include new statements without extending the syntax.

The Scala development team at NEX Softsys is highly skilled in creating integrated applications with Scala, which works quickly and provides an excellent user experience.

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Improve Your Business Operations with Scala Development

Scala development

To build a successful tech product, you require a strong team to back it and realize your vision. Our Scala development team believes in applying skills and practical knowledge to fully utilize the capabilities of what a language has to offer.

At NEX Softsys, we have expert Scala developers who have worked on several web development projects, data solutions with AI and gaming applications. As one of the renowned companies for Scala Development India, NEX Softsys can help you build high-performing solutions for mobiles and desktops. Having real-world experience working with Scala, we offer a full-service Scala web development service that fits your needs to the tee.

We also work with Scala web frameworks like Play and Lift to integrate components for a modern holistic application. It is simple to build web applications using Scala Play and Java coding patterns. Moreover, play and Lift are lightweight and, therefore, can use to develop complex scala and Java applications without many resources.

Scala Development Services Offer by NEX Softsys

Create brand-new desktop and mobile applications, migrate from different programming languages, and develop an existing application with Scala and others. We help you with every one of your requirements with Scala, be it testing, development, or maintenance.

Platform As A Service

Platform As A Service

Build a platform on Scala using its highly scalable functionality.

Software As A Service

Software As A Service

Develop a software application for desktop and mobile versions.

Scala Consulting Services

Scala Consulting Services

Utilize the experience of our Scala development team to come up with innovative ways to develop unique apps with Scala.

Scala Play Development

Scala Play Development

Develop applications with Play web framework at minimal resources.

Migration to Scala

Migration to Scala

We facilitate migrating to Scala from other applications and integrating them with the rest of the system.

Testing on Scala

Testing on Scala

For good user feedback and long-term stable performance, regular testing and quality analysis on Scala applications.

Build a highly functional application with Scala's amazing functionalities, then partner with an experienced company in Scala development India. Please email us your requirements to [email protected].

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