Scala Development

We offer customized Scala play development services for SMEs and global conglomerates. If your existing IT systems are still on older programming languages using legacy frameworks, we’ll help you migrate immediately.

At Nex, it is our Endeavour to move those on legacy platforms to better, different, and extremely efficient technologies. Our proficient in-house Scala play development team in India helps develop custom Scala-based software, built to specifications and aimed at wowing your customers.

For creating new solutions, our Scala web development team utilizes popular application frameworks such as:

  • Scalatra and Play 2
  • Ruby on Rails and Lift
  • Django and Circumflex

Our Scala development team in India has more than 15 experienced Scala development experts, with more than a decade’s experience in coding and consulting. Their Scala application development experience spans diverse sectors such as insurance, technology, retail, banking and financial services, media, among many other sectors.

Nex-Scala Value

We recognize that one of the primary requirements for a tech product is careful planning and dedicated deployment. Hence, we collaborate with you to create a future proof plan, and then execute it over multiple phases. Some of our offering’s salient features include:

  • Regular QA and testing for better reliability and lesser long-term maintenance expenses, along with application enhancements during Scala web development
  • For cost effectiveness, we use the offshore/onsite business model, and also for access to all our resources across the globe
  • We have helped our clients develop powerful, extremely robust IP using proven methodologies, which has helped them derive tangible benefits
  • We plan and then subsequently implement the most effective application development strategy for Scala development in India

Our Scala development team works on unique, self-created engagement models that have helped us create intrinsic value for you. We combine your product and market expertise with our technical knowledge to build ace solutions.