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Big Data Services

Explore the Value of Big Data Analytics Services

Data is the biggest asset of any business. You can do wonders if you have useable data that translates to valuable business insights. This is why it’s no surprise that lots of companies are placing the utmost importance on the process of collecting, managing and processing big data.

Big data analytics services helps businesses to identify inputs that would otherwise be hard to gather. As an experienced big data services company, we have seen first-hand the impact such data analytics has on business growth. Our team of data experts helps companies to create big data processes right from collection and integration of tools to analysis and visualization.

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Technical Capabilities in Big Data Development Services

NEX Softsys Big Data Development Services will take care of your data needs right from data collection to visualization.

Technical Capabilities

A wide range of expertise in big data analytics solutions including computational algorithms.

Data warehousing consulting solutions that include assistance in creating data pipelines and data leaks.

Experts in multiple workflow managers like, Airflow, Control-m, atomic, AWS Glue, Azure Data Factory, AWS EMR, AWS S3, AWS Redshift, HDInsight & many more.

Customized solutions to perform real-time data analytics using Kafka stream, spark stream, kinesis.

Build data lake, for new same as migrates data from the older system to onboard to the data lake.

We provide a solution for high performance reporting layer on top of data warehouse solutions.

Expert in video analytics and video surveillance.

Specializes in creating data warehouse solutions in monolithic databases as well as distributed databases.

Capabilities to build Tableau, Pentaho, Power BI reports.

Integration with AI-backed solutions, machine learning algorithms. and natural language processing.

We provide a solution with HIPPA and CCPA compliance.

Delivering multiple data marts, create flat reporting on top of the data warehouse, we worked with acceleration layers like Druid and Solar.

Give end-to-end solution from building, deploying and scheduling the jobs.

Expert consulting for initial cloud setup for scalable, secure & cost-effective components.

Expertise in building a large-scale, scalable platform for massive computational needs.

Proven history of migrating the large Legacy relational database to the Hadoop ecosystem.

Successfully provided Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions to our esteemed clients.

We Provide Dimensional data modeling for new subject areas for Reports.

Maintain, improve, clean up data for data winging and provide data to run data science models.

Deep expertise in integrating data science model into a data pipeline for fraud detection.

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Intelligent insights with Big Data Analytics Services

When you have a huge volume of data, it only makes sense to put it to use for the best purposes. This is where our Big Data Solutions team is of immense importance. We bring to you new ideas and perspectives on data analytics that solves your common business problems and helps you achieve a position of business excellence. The large amount of data generated through user interactions, social media, tools, and devices can give you everything you need to run your business successfully. We help in setting up smart analytics to unravel the true sense of the collected data.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Understand how your customers and prospects interact with your app, website, or social media profiles. Analyze the click rates and customer behaviors to drive relevant search results and better-converting ads.

Log Analytics

Log Analytics

Gain insights into your operations and find efficient ways to conduct them through log analytics. Handle vast volumes of data generated by your IT systems to analyze and visualize your overall processes.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Get ready for the future now by analyzing current and historical data collected from various data sources. Predict the direction of any campaign, strategy, or customer before they react.

Create Data-Backed Business Decisions with Our Big Data Analytics Solutions

Gone are the days when guesswork was the prime choice for making business decisions. When you have every information you need in data, you’re just a step away from making decisions with high accuracy. To make that happen, you need a trusted big data services company to guide you through the data analytics implementation and further support you with any new challenges. We tailor our big data analytics solutions to meet the need for speed and efficiency in data analytics that plays a vital role in decision making.

Structured Big Data Framework

Structured Big Data Framework

We create pipelines and frameworks to collect both the structured and unstructured data from various sources - website information, social media listening, in-house data, customer service data and other sources of data in the form of CSV. We use a variety of technologies and applications to ensure proper data is processed and ready for analysis.

  • We use Hadoop HDFS and Yarn for stream processing.
  • We make the best use of modern technology and tools, like Flume, Cloudera, Apache Spark, Hive, Airflow, AWS and many more.
Data Lakes

Healthy Data Lakes

Data lakes allow you to pool all your data under one platform. From data management to data science, your data analysts can maximize the operations’ efficiency with a data lake. You can ingest data easily from data lakes through:

  • Batch processing
  • Data streaming
  • Real-time analytics
  • Storage in data warehouses

Cohesive Data Ecosystem

Solving your business problems with data analysis can help your business achieve steady growth. We create a robust big data ecosystem that brings together data from different arenas like marketing, sales, finance and customer service and make sense of it as a whole.

  • Create the Hadoop ecosystem with MapR and cloud computing technology.
  • Use business intelligence tools like Power BI, Tableau, etc.
  • Empower businesses to make the most of real-time and visual insights.

Boost Your Business and Revenue with Big Data Development Company

NEX Softsys uses cutting-edge technology and the right mix of tools and resources to leverage data analytics. With our big data development services, businesses can now achieve planned scalability with a futuristic eye with data-driven strategies. Our team will partner with your business to create end-to-end solutions for platform implementation, data pipeline setup, analytics and support.

Big Data Analytics Services

Big Data Analytics Services

Big data is required for businesses of all sizes and industries. When you have an accurate idea of how your strategy can turn out, why rely on anything else but data?

As an established big data solutions company India, our team of analysts, engineers, scientists and experts have a proven track record of helping numerous companies to expand their potential with analytics solutions. We fashion custom big data solutions that help businesses to achieve their long-term goals and make way for new innovations.

Big Data Engineering

Big Data Engineering

Maintaining the data in its best form is the foundation for efficient analysis. Our data engineers create, maintain and re-engineer the data warehouses based on your data needs. We also facilitate data migration and consolidation for increased agility and better operations.

Big Data Consulting Services

Big Data Consulting Services

We consult in building data lakes and data pipelines to support data warehousing solutions. Our big data consulting services have helped many businesses transform how they perceive data and make changes to their data process that fetched results from the beginning.

Efficient Big Data Development Services

Often, the difference between a company at the top of the market and another way to make a decent profit is to gather data. Data is becoming the biggest differentiator for organizations to maximize performance and revenue. As one of the trusted big data service providers, NEX Softsys has partnered with organizations worldwide to maximize their data efforts. We personalize the implementation of a big data analytics solutions.

Expert Team

A Team of Experts You Can Rely On

Big data solutions are more than a technology or a process. It’s the way of conducting business and taking advantage of the raw information loaded with insights that could change the direction. To create useful insights from the raw data, you need an expert team you can depend on. This is where our Big data services team shines. With our expert skills, industry knowledge and on-hands experience, we’ll create data processes and pipelines that give you a competitive edge.

Big Data Strategy

Our Tailored Approach to Big Data Strategy & Implementation

We deploy a completely integrated strategy designed to align with your business goals. Depending on how your existing data operations are, we customize the data pipelines and data science models to make it easy for your team to work with the revamped data process.

Big Data Analytics Services

Our Use Cases in Big Data Services

We have immense working knowledge in choosing scalable, secure and cost-effective components specially customized for individual client needs. We have worked with companies from around the world and helped them with different data goals.

Big Data Deployment

Extended Support Beyond Big Data Deployment

As the data practices, platforms and applications of data keep evolving, so should yours. To stay current in your market, you need to move beyond data science innovations and update your data processing regularly.

Our Big Data services help companies stay relevant in their industry with constant updates to the platform, data models, and tools. We also educate the team to work effectively with the newer data models and derive maximum value.

If you want to excel in your industry backed by big data as a service and solutions, then get in touch with us at [email protected]

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