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Partner with Leaders in Software Development

NEX Softsys Software Development Company is a trusted name for custom software development across many industries. Our team of tech geniuses has helped MNCs, big enterprises, SMBs, and startups seamlessly navigate through intricate business problems with cutting-edge technological solutions.

Offshore Development

Offshore Development

Want to scale up your business and boost your revenue? Hire experienced professionals from the in-house team of NEX Softsys, a leading software outsourcing company.

Software Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing

Partner with NEX Softsys for innovative software solutions that will take you closer to your business goals and meet the exact needs of your industry.

Big Data Development

Big Data Development

Grow your business with strategic decision-making backed by the power of Big data insights. Create automated data pipelines with advanced ML and AI solutions.

QA & Testing Services

QA & Testing Services

Let your application operate in a highly functional state with frequent audits and multi-stage testing. Our experts will enable you to maintain the quality of your app.

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOps

Speed up your digital transformation and enhance the quality of everyday operations with our innovative cloud data warehouse and DevOps solutions.

Application Development

Application Development

Stay on top of your game with high-tech apps and integrated solutions! We use the latest technological innovations to develop advanced apps for your business processes.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Integrate IoT with big data solutions and collect meaningful data from various devices to enrich the current business processes.

Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Develop intuitive, appealing, customer-centric and innovative mobile applications for Android and iOS in a short time to expand your reach.


Tailor-Made Software Built Just for Your Business

NEX Softsys is a renowned and reliable software development company known for its novel ideas and avant-garde solutions. We envision, strategize and develop customized digital solutions to solve your business issues.

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Complete Solutions

Fully Managed Software Development Services

We are considered one of the best outsourcing companies for software development services because we have more than 15+ years of valuable tech experience. We’ve worked on over 2000+ projects to develop web applications, mobile applications, data platforms, software, automation and integration solutions. NEX Softsys is a popular choice for clients because we develop custom-made products to fulfill specific feature requirements. Our applications, software and tech services are based on the market conditions.

Our tech experts are adept at guiding you all through the process, irrespective of the size of the project. NEX Softsys has a very comfortable and flexible hiring policy that allows you to outsource as per your business needs and onboard the tech talent with different capabilities. Our professional’s team offers ASP.NET development, Java development, Python development, and other tech services to companies worldwide.

One major concern for businesses may be the implementation of tech solutions that fit into their budgets. Therefore, our team focuses primarily on understanding your budget and providing services at competitive rates that suit your budget.

NEX Softsys Software Development Company specializes in developing advanced data platforms, SaaS products, flagship multi-system solutions and much more. We have a talented tech team with extensive knowledge and practical experience in the fields of ReactJS, NodeJS, SQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, Restful, SOAP and many other technologies, programming languages, databases and web services.

We’ll be more than happy to give you a glimpse of our services while knowing more about your requirements.

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