The Nex way

Maximize performance and achieve your vision with us. As a software solutions provider, we create technology solutions that make your business run better.

When you partner with us, our expert programmers and consulting services will enable you to strengthen your position in your market.

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Interesting facts

We started off as a pure play software application developer before venturing into the consulting space.

Our developers are multi-talented with each developer well-versed in multiple technologies.


Software Development

Create customizable software solutions to transform your business


Commit to continuous improvement no matter what


Nex has an extensive list of IT services and bigdata services are amongst our top solutions.

Mobility Solutions

Meet critical business challenges with practical innovations in mobility

Internet of Things (IOT)

Accelerate growth, rediscover sectors, unlock opportunities

QA and Testing

Execute responsive testing for smooth release of software improvements

Cloud Computing

Create more meaningful customer experiences with AWS and Microsoft Azure