Data Warehousing Services

Build Efficient Data Warehousing for Successful BI Implementation

Data is one of the most precious assets of every company. But are you handling it properly?

Maintaining a proper data warehouse is essential to deliver relevant insights and make good business decisions. Nex, being one of the top service providers for data warehousing from India, can guide you in implementing a single central data warehouse. At Nex, we provide data warehouse solutions to efficiently manage the data to ensure its timely availability.


Reliable Information

A good data warehousing service can help in maintaining the quality of data which helps in delivering accurate insights.



When you hire a good data warehouse consulting service, the data ware house can be expanded as the business grows.


Better Quality Data

Since the data from all the departments are standardized, it removes inconsistencies and improves the data accuracy.

Enhancement & Optimization

Saves Time

Data warehousing solutions save a lot of time for everyone; else one need to wait until the reports turn up.

Migration & Upgrade

Better-Informed Decisions

Through data warehouse solutions, data available is accurate which automatically helps in making better decisions.

Data Lake

Increased Revenue

Companies which invest in data warehousing solutions and BI can increase revenue their faster and can, in fact, save money.

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Scalable Data Warehousing Modeling for Long-Term Business Goals

At Nex, we provide data management solutions that are tailored to your long-term business strategies. We identify the best structure for the data ware house and help in creating data warehouses solutions that can suit your future growth and bring in expected results.


Data Warehousing Services at Nex

With some of the best data warehousing engineers in India, Nex can help in solving your data challenges and help maintain valuable data. We help in reducing the risks, eliminate the unnecessary expenses and focus on reaching solutions that take your business higher.


Data Acquisition

Gathering a huge volume of data isn’t helpful for analysis unless the essential data are filtered out. We use advanced tools to filter and group the high-value data to make it easier for the data analysts.


Data Profiling

Data profiling helps in making sense of the data by checking the sources and identifying relevant uses for it. Our analysts comb through the collected data and profile them accurately to ensure that it is good enough for use.


Support & Maintenance

We employ a systematic approach to ensure that the data warehouse is up and running at any point in time. We scan, analyze, backup and update the data warehouses at regularly to maintain its security.


Data warehouse Consulting

We offer consultancy services to manage the huge volume of data coming in every day. We provide solutions and strategies to take care of the data better which will play an integral part in BI strategies.


Data Federation

When you have data coming in from different sources, it becomes difficult to manage them and get something meaningful out of it. With data federation, we help companies by unifying these different data and make it usable.


Data Transformation

From the bundles of data collected, we help in transforming the data and automating this process to ensure that the data can be analyzed quickly to attain relevant and accurate insights.


Why Is Nex The Right Choice?

With over a decade of experience in software and data management solutions, Nex has helped many companies to set up proper analysis and automation tools to manage data, solved many challenges with data and most of all, has an amazing set of the team to make your data-driven goals into reality.



Accessing data from data warehouses becomes a simpler task where redundancies and accuracies are eliminated.



With all data in a single repository, the security is concentrated on a single system making it all the more secure.


Cost Effective

Data warehousing solutions aren’t that expensive and it saves a lot a time which contributes towards the ROI.



Data warehouses can be extended to accommodate the growing volume of data and your future goals too.


Real-Time Data Warehousing

Capturing data real-time can help in reaching useful decisions faster. We use a number of automation tools to capture the real-time data and make it available to the analysts immediately.


Agile, Automated Data Warehouses

We put our full efforts to manage and secure the data warehouses thereby reducing the data risks. The entire process of collecting and updating the data is streamlined to waste no time.


Workload and Usage Analytics

We provide the workload and usage analytics of the data warehouse regularly which is required to monitor and optimize its performance, check the compliances and reduce the costs.

Data Challenges We Help With

Whether you are looking to establish a data warehouse, need some update with the old one or require solutions to your data problems, we can help you to harness the power of your data and drive your decisions with business intelligence. Here are a few challenges we help with.

Wondering if the data collected is authentic and can be trusted for analysis?

Is the cost of maintaining the data too high that your current budget cannot hold it?

Want to process huge volumes of data in Petabytes without any lag in performance?

Is the data from various sources causing a major confusion with the analytics?

Want to enable real-time collection and processing of data and get some immediate insights?

Doubtful if you can migrate your data from one system to another without any data losses?

Want to get some accurate and usable reports from the data gathered from multiple systems?

Are the results of your analysis ending up incorrect most of the times?

How We Implement Data Warehousing

We are focused on what you want and strategize to help you achieve your business goals. A robust data warehouse can help in increasing the business intelligence. We use the right technology and the right tools to achieve an optimal solution for your data warehousing needs.

We understand your objectives and take stock of the capabilities.

We review existing data sources and data process techniques.

We make a complete analysis of existing reports.

We design the architecture for the data warehouse.

We develop the warehouse and complete ETL routines.

We perform testing and profiling on the data before loading.

We load the historical data and again perform the tests and data tuning.

Some of our clients