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Dynamics Navision Services for Business Development

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an all-in-one business solution. It is flexible, scalable, and easy to implement in every business platform. It adapts to the needs of your business and provides a platform for rapid innovation and business growth. Microsoft Dynamics Navision services have all the functionality you need to automate your business processes, manage information, and connect your people. Dynamics NAV services give you one system to manage your entire business. It makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to run your business.

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With our Microsoft Dynamics NAV consulting solutions, we’ll help you to easily manage inventory, sales and customer service across your entire organization. You can track profitability and cash flow, manage cash flow and process payroll – all right from within the same platform. Our Microsoft Navision consultants can guide you to leverage the platform to control costs, manage assets and oversee your human resources.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Our Microsoft Dynamics Navision Consulting

In today’s global business environment, businesses need a single solution that supports them as they grow. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Services helps businesses automate and consolidate processes, integrate data and applications, and drive innovation.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is Microsoft’s next-generation (ERP) enterprise resource planning solution. At NEX Softsys, we provide Dynamics Navigation Consulting Solutions, which help you grow, evolve and compete.

Dynamics Navision Development

Dynamics NAV has been used by small to midsize businesses (SMBs) to streamline operations, raise profitability and scale with growth. We leverage the tools, analytics and reporting capabilities to help companies manage growth, build competitive advantage, create efficiencies, and drive profitability.

Automation with Dynamics NAV

Automate, streamline and synchronize business processes throughout the company and connect with business partners and customers.

Real-Time Analytics

Get real-time visibility into your finances, inventory and interactions to manage the flow of money and info.

Dynamics NAV Integration

Dynamics NAV also has a very open architecture, so there are a lot of third-party add-on products out there – from productivity tools to CRM to manufacturing or distribution. You can integrate it with other Microsoft products, such as Lync and SharePoint, as well as Sage 300, SAP, JDA and other popular solutions.

Dynamics NAV Customization

One of the best features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is its ability to customize the platform as much as you need. We can configure it to fit your needs exactly, design the system, and get it hosted on a cloud or on-premise storage. We can pick and choose the features you need like CRM, manufacturing, supply chain, or finance and create integrations as you need and scale them as you grow.

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Make the Most of Your Opportunities with Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV helps organizations streamline their business processes to focus on growing and improving their core business. Our Dynamics Navision consulting services help companies adapt to changing market conditions and provide the insight and agility needed to maximize business opportunities for their customers, employees, and shareholders.

Our Microsoft Navision consulting experts can help you get the information you need to make quick decisions and drive your business forward. We do customize business intelligence tools, dashboards, and reports. With these tools, you can see trends, monitor key performance indicators and forecast future sales.

Bring Together All of Your Business Processes

Dynamics NAV helps businesses improve their bottom line by automating key business processes. Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV company provides a complete, integrated set of business applications, including financials, distribution, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, manufacturing operations, projects, and human resources.

Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV services support many third-party applications, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and third-party business intelligence (BI) applications. This allows you to create an augmented and centralized system with a single point of view of our business activities.

Simplify Daily Operations with Help of Microsoft Navision Consultants

Dynamics NAV empowers users of all skill levels to configure and customize business rules, reports, screens, and workflows to meet specific business needs. Dynamics NAV enables customers to connect with customers, suppliers, and partners through Microsoft Office Outlook and Exchange. NEX Softsys Microsoft Navigation Consultants help facilitate multi-currency, multi-company, and multi-product management that is worth growing with your organization.

Capabilities of Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV Services

We believe in a lean, agile business model that allows companies to pilot an idea, validate it and make it a success. We have implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV in multiple industries like construction, real estate, public sector, shopping, finance and more. That said, we’re not a software company that outsources the implementation to an offshore vendor. We have a pool of experienced Microsoft-certified Dynamics NAV consultants who work closely with customers to identify their business needs, design and implement solutions through a phased delivery model.

Here are a few use cases from projects we’ve worked on:

Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Forecast the demand based on historical data or customer orders and plan your timeline.

Manufacturing Strategy

Manufacturing Strategy

Identify gaps between current and forecasted demand and plan the production capacity.

Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experiences

Manage every customer interaction from the start to closing the deal with personalized experiences.

Omni-Channel Integration

Omni-Channel Integration

Support the entire retail value chain and meet the needs of today’s omnichannel environment.

Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Get real-time information about business operations, including inventory, orders, shipments and transport.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Gain better visibility over orders and inventory with routing, inventory tracking and fleet maintenance.

Accounts & Finance Management

Accounts & Finance Management

Manage finances efficiently from general ledger to accounts receivable and payable and fixed assets to project accounting.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management

Easily monitor day-to-day expenses, keep track of the budget, cost center, employee and generate detailed reports.

A One-Stop Solution for All Your Business Challenges

The key to Dynamics NAV is its ability to give companies a holistic view of their businesses. It’s quite a valuable feature. Being able to look at financials, production, inventory, CRM, finance, and operations all in a single system and seeing what impact that business activity is having on the company is very powerful.

Our consultants have unique experience and an in-depth understanding of working with Dynamics NAV. With us, you get more generic Dynamics NAV services. You get a tailor-made solution, made exactly to your requirements.

  • We Make Global Operations Simple

    We Make Global Operations Simple

    Multi-company functionality to manage your business in multiple locations and subsidiaries.

  • We Make Financial Operations Easier

    We Make Financial Operations Easier

    Integrated financial management, including budgeting, forecasting, and cash management.

  • We Make Decision-Making More Accurate

    We Make Decision-Making More Accurate

    Real-time information, so you can make better business decisions.

  • We Bring Your Processes to a Single Platform

    We Bring Your Processes to a Single Platform

    Integrated user interface for easy navigation, fast information and instant reporting.

  • We Make Info Accessible from Anywhere

    We Make Info Accessible from Anywhere

    Built-in support for mobile and remote workers so they can get information wherever they are.

  • We Leverage Our Industry Expertise

    We Leverage Our Industry Expertise

    A growing list of industry vertical solutions, including distribution, finance, shopping, manufacturing, professional services and public sector.

  • We Integrate All Our Applications

    We Integrate All Our Applications

    Integrations with leading business applications such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce, NetSuite, and SharePoint.

  • We Achieve Digital Transformation

    We Achieve Digital Transformation

    A broad partner ecosystem to help you achieve your digital transformation through every department in your organization.

Why Choose Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV Company?

NEX Softsys offers several features that address industry-specific pain points without compromising on ease of use. We do reduce implementation time and get the platform up and running quickly – and ready to use.

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. For that, each client will be assigned a dedicated project manager. This way, we know everything about your project and the processes involved. And clients enjoy direct access to their project manager.

We have in-depth knowledge in many areas as we have worked very closely with the software. We know how the system works and we can focus on your needs. If you want something simpler or more complex, we offer Dynamics Navigation Development for any project needs. Here are some reasons why you should choose our company over others:

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