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Pentaho – Introduction and features

Pentaho is a big data analysis tool, which is Java-based. It is a complete Business Intelligence solution. It is not just a tool, but a suite that contains a lot of features for big data analysis and business intelligence. Being an end to end solution for business intelligence, Pentaho contains a vast number of exciting features. Therefore, it is adopted by several businesses. Being one of the best business intelligence solutions, Pentaho is preferred extensively over several other tools. Also, Pentaho seems to contain a large number of features that may or may not be available in other tools, therefore, it is touted to be one of the best in the industry.

Pentaho is used for a variety of reasons

Too many great features

Pentaho is a fantastic business intelligence tool that is used for the collection and study of the data. It is also used for the ingestion, conversion, management, storage as well as analysis of the data. Pentaho is one of the best tools that offers so many services, therefore, Pentaho is used extensively for a variety of reasons. Mostly, Pentaho is used across the world for generating insights from big data.

pentaho data integration

Pentaho is one of the most favorite tools of the businesses used for the analysis of the data. As, only when the data is analyzed properly, high-quality insights could be generated from it. The insights are further used for business intelligence. Pentaho is known to have several inter-dependent components as well. All of these features help the users to get valuable business intelligence related insights.

Who uses Pentaho?

Pentaho is not used by a certain category or size of business. Instead, it is one of the most favorite tools in the industry at the moment. And, it is being used by companies of various sizes. Starting from the big-sized multinational firms to medium and small enterprises, Pentaho is used by so many firms that are active in different types of industries. Simply because Pentaho is a perfect tool for business intelligence. And, business intelligence is needed by so many firms these days. Almost every company in the world these days is trying to make the most of big data analytics and business intelligence.

Pentaho makes reporting and visualization easier

A business intelligence suite, perfect for big data analysis as well, Pentaho contains several features that make data reporting and visualization possible. With the help of Pentaho, you would be able to generate highly engaging and interactive reports. You can also include graphs and a wide range of interesting graphical representations to make the report or the analysis brief highly engaging.

Data visualization is extremely important for the data scientists as well as the business intelligence teams. As, data could be collected and analyzed properly, but, at the end of the day, if it is not represented properly, then the insights could not be explained properly. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that the representation of the data is important. Only when the data is represented engagingly, interactively and neatly, then only the leaders would be able to gauge the insights or the meaning or the value of the data. After all, business intelligence is all about using the insights for making better business decisions and strategies. However, only with the proper reports and interactive representation of the data, the users can generate insights that could help to improve the existing strategies.

Analyze the data from various sources

Pentaho is used for the analysis of the data from a wide range of different sources. Data is being analyzed through a diverse set of databases. Data from different mediums is analyzed so that the most accurate and a wide range of insights could be generated. All these insights would be used for the betterment of the business. Using the trends and the results of the data study, leaders can make stronger and more valuable business decisions. Then, from the data which is being used from various sources, the users can make an intuitive presentation of the data that may include visuals, graphs, and plenty of other things. With Pentaho, the users can even integrate their database and do a lot more other exciting things!

A few of the top services that Pentaho offers are:

Pentaho Report Designer:

Pentaho contains the report designer that helps the users to make superb reports. It is a java based GUI tool that is perfect to create interesting Reports & Charts.

Pentaho Data Integration Services:

As the name suggests, the pentaho data integration feature is used for the ETL process. So, with this, you can easily extract, transform as well as load the data.

Pentaho Interactive Reports:

It is one of the most exciting features that help the users to create unique and highly advanced reports as well.

Pentaho is one of the most used Business Intelligence tools. It is recommended by businesses across the world because of plenty of reasons. One of the top reasons that make Pentaho a favorite of many is the fact that it offers a wide range of services.

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