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Financial Software Development Services

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Gone are those days when crunching numbers was a manual process. When your competition is taking advantage of finance app development solutions to quicken the pace and accuracy of their operations, why shouldn’t you?

Let’s Help You Excel at What You Do

What You Do

With the industry becoming tech-savvy now, we provide a competitive advantage with our fintech solutions. Our financial software services help banking, insurance and other financial service providers to add value to their everyday process and steadily grow in their market.

NEX Softsys delivers data-driven solutions to develop new financial management software, analytical apps and if needed, a brand-new digital ecosystem. If you have any particular challenge to solve, our financial software services are the best place to start. We work with financial companies worldwide, providing customized services that take the guesswork of the operations.

  • Stock market exchanges and brokers
  • Financial market data companies
  • Wealth management companies
  • Loan and mortgage providers
  • Retail banking providers
  • Insurance companies
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Rediscover Your Capabilities Through Our Finance Software Development Solutions

Staying current is the mantra for surviving and growing in any industry, particularly for the developing financial market. Companies are undergoing a paradigm shift from the previous bulk segment approaches to more personalized and detailed strategies and any-time, any-day operations.


When we observe the market leaders in the finance market, we can notice innovative technologies to fuel their development, often setting the example. NEX Softsys has been part of the journey of many such financial institutions for over a decade now. Our comprehensive, customized and pragmatic finance software development solutions will help you get a leg up in your market and serve your customers better.

Strengthen Security

When security is everything for a financial company, let’s create smart systems to keep the data safe.

Automate Processes

Be it automation for a simple financial transaction or complex data analytics, we are the go-to team.

Improve User Experience

Help your customers integrate their financial operations seamlessly without long delays or reworks.

Create Value-Added Services

Build fintech solutions to enrich your customer experiences and increase operational efficiency.

We Deliver Finance Services Across

USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France | Singapore | Italy |

Israel | Australia | Japan | Netherlands | Sweden | Switzerland | Norway

Financial Management Software for Retail & Corporate Banking

At NEX Softsys, we help financial institutions improve their offerings, leverage the best of analytics to guide business decisions and deliver highly secure and user-friendly solutions.

We work with retail and commercial banking service providers to adapt to the new waves of fintech innovations. Our customized finance app development aims to increase the efficiency of your front, middle and back-office operations.


For Retail Banking


For Corporate Banking

NEX Softsys Finance App Development Services

Having a complete interface of tools, applications, and technologies are crucial for a future-ready financial institution. We cater to the tech needs of financial institutions through a host of services that improves various facets of their products.

Streamline Your Finances

Financial Compliance

There are several compliances that a financial institution should follow. We make sure that your tech products are well within the norms of financial regulations like SEC, OCC, Fed, NAIC, FCA and PRA through:

  • Transaction monitoring.
  • Regulatory compliance based on the locations.
  • Compliance testing solutions.
  • Process control and assessment.
Access Elite Tech Talent

Financial Analytics

Data analytics is increasingly playing a vital role in the financial process. We can use analytics to understand customers, market scenarios, and a part of finance products. We can help you with:

  • Financial data management.
  • Profitability management.
  • Customer risk analysis for credits, loans and mortgages.
  • Accurate reporting for accounts and regulations.
Stay Agile In Business

Customer-Centric Operating Model

We help companies to uniquely position themselves in their domain with innovative, customer-centric financial solutions and products, including:

  • Omni-channel customer experience.
  • Cost-effective, result-oriented operating models.
  • Advanced social media analytics, customer analytics and research.
  • Chatbots and automated emails.
Stay Agile In Business

Enterprise Solutions

We offer finance software development solutions for enterprises to simplify the processes for superior and structured back-end operations.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline and build accurate processes.
  • Mobile banking interfaced with on-premise operations.
  • Automate loan issuance and minimize credit costs by historical data analysis.
  • Hierarchical reporting solutions to track performance and key parameters.
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Fraud and Risk Analysis

Often, the issue with the development of technologies is the risks in maintaining security. If we want to keep our data safe, we need to use the latest technologies to be one step ahead of the frauds by leveraging:

  • Anti-money laundering solutions.
  • Demand and risk forecasting.
  • Analysis of frauds and audits.
  • AI-powered financial crime investigations.
Stay Agile In Business

Third-Party Management

Every financial company is dependent on multiple third-parties like vendors, suppliers, service providers, etc. We help to mitigate vendor risks with:

  • Vendor onboarding.
  • Vendor screening.
  • Vendor analysis.
  • Vendor support and maintenance.

Cash in Profits with Our Financial Software Services

Our successful tech-based solutions for challenges in the finance market are possible through our proven combination of experts, technologies and exposure. We offer financial services with our consulting specialists who can help you to understand, analyze and find the best way to take your business forward.

Skilled developers with specializations in solving the challenges of financial organizations
Access to numerous tools and resources along with our experience of working in the finance market
Ability to solve even the most complex challenges with simple, smart tech solutions
A taken interest to help our clients achieve stable growth and be on the path of continuous improvement
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