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Microsoft Dynamics AX Development


Smart ERP Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Your business has established its Global presence. It is time to integrate the varied functions and complex data and adopt a centralized approach for managing your financial performance. As an experienced Microsoft Dynamics AX Company, NEX Softsys has played a pivotal role in helping organizations unify their operations to a single, simple software. We help enterprises implement Microsoft Dynamics AX services to enhance their business performance and focus primarily on business rather than backend management of activities.

Streamline your ERP, improve your workflow and make way for flexible operations.

Effective Workflow and Module Customization

Adapt to frequent and rapid changes in technology trends in a way that your team is already familiar with this, ensures minimizing training costs, reducing time for migration and improving employee productivity. NEX Softsys provides superior Microsoft dynamics AX services that help you in customizing your traditional modules and workflow processes. Our AX customization solutions are the right tools to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Personalized User Interfaces

Customer preferences for your solution increase when you can deliver individual approaches to their ERP user interfaces. NEX Softsys Dynamics AX Implementation Company helps you customize actions, fields and page-layouts to build the right personalized approach for your customers.

Efficient Dashboard and Report Customization

Customers demand enhanced interactivity in viewing dashboards and efficiency in generating Reports. Our Microsoft Dynamics AX development solutions offer customized dashboards with real-time feedback and ingenious features to seamlessly interact with the data.

Thorough Enterprise Portal Customization

Enterprise Portal customizations ensure multiple benefits for Businesses. At NEX Softsys, the Microsoft Dynamics AX Company, we help you leverage these benefits by offering services for building a new Enterprise portal, customizing existing portal, and reporting and Dashboard setup.

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Delivering Microsoft Dynamics AX Services Across

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Trusted Partnerships for Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud Implementation

You can use Dynamics AX to accelerate your business growth by leveraging your familiarity with the Microsoft legacy. NEX Softsys helps to make the most of Dynamics AX with integrated workflows, predictive analysis, and speedy execution.

Extensive Expertise

Extensive Expertise

We have honed our skills in Microsoft Dynamics AX Development to help you improve your business processes, expand your reach and provide your customers with an enhanced experience. We use advanced technology in building your solutions that help in increasing your employee productivity.



The current technology horizon is dominated by a diversity of data, devices, efficiency and capacity. Our Microsoft Dynamics company in India finds the right mix of solutions deployed through Dynamics AX to simplify your operations and make proper sense of your data.

Incredible Microsoft Dynamics AX Features

Dynamic AX's adaptability to multiple currencies, languages, and countries is one of its strongest features. It is adeptly equipped to handle all your complex business needs and is highly recommended for ensuring business success.

Flexible Deployment Options

Hassle-Free Cloud and Flexible Deployment Options

A reliable, low-cost ERP solution is critical to maintaining expenses as business costs rise. With our Microsoft Dynamics AX Development services, you can store and conduct operations in either the Cloud or on-premise without any disruptions to the user experience.

Functional Industry Ready Modules

Functional Industry Ready Modules

As your business spread across many industry verticals, you need an ERP system to fit seamlessly into this. We are an experienced Microsoft Dynamics Company that has done business in both public and service sectors.

Optimized Management of Global Finances

A Better Approach to Global Finances

When your company expands its services to cater to the global market, then you need to effortlessly manage multiple currency transactions and find the best way to minimize the conversion charges. NEX Softsys, with its powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX services, helps you integrate your Global financial performance.

Manage Enterprise Procurement

Manage Enterprise Procurement & Sourcing

Managing business scope enhancements is a crucial growth parameter. Businesses need to include this in their success plan. As a Dynamics AX implementation company, NEX Softsys delivers intuitive vendor portals to facilitate procurement and vendor management.

Supply Chain Administration

Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management

As a business expands, it becomes imperative to manage warehouse efficiency, profitability and safety. NEX Softsys, a Microsoft Dynamics AX Company, helps you implement control over warehouse inventory, delivery and purchase rules, streamlining your packaging and shipping process. Dynamics AX ensures enhanced efficiency in supply chain and warehouse administration.

Organize Employee Lifecycle

Lifecycle Management of Employees

As your business spans across geographies, you need to organize your resource lifecycle to ensure cohesiveness in your employee management. As a Microsoft Dynamics company in India, NEX Softsys helps you simplify your employee lifecycle management with automated tools and processes.

Improve Business Processes with Microsoft Dynamics AX Company

Our Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions are designed to help you reduce costs, generate profits and improve your business' performance financially. Delivering custom Microsoft Dynamics AX services that transform business processes is what we do. Partner with the best Dynamics AX Implementation Company and leverage our expertise to give your business the crucial transformation it needs to excel. Our Industry implementations showcase our exemplary ability to innovate and improve business processes.

Dynamics AX for Retail

Implementation of Dynamics AX for Retail

The retail industry defines success by minimizing complexities and streamlining all processes from sales to supply. It creates critical connects between the various stakeholders in the retail chain and delivers an effective customer experience. We have deployed Dynamics AX solutions to help retailers achieve the following goals:

  • Multi-channel E-Commerce integration.
  • Keep track of sales metrics and company-specific reports.
  • Expedite time to market deadlines for channels or stores that are recently launched.
  • Innovate with mobile POS capabilities in smartphones and tablets.
Dynamics AX for Public Sector

Implementation of Dynamics AX for Public Sector

Frequent changes in policy requirements and tight budgets plague public sector organizations. Delay in receiving clearance for budget changes also result in major bottlenecks. Dynamics AX, the comprehensive ERP system, has helped to mitigate that concern largely through its feature flexibility. To help you move more quickly, our Microsoft Dynamics AX company offers custom services to eliminate the roadblocks and help you reach your goals quickly. The benefits accrued include:

  • Customization of roles throughout the company to have access to business functions and processes in real-time.
  • A highly efficient data access method from Microsoft platforms.
  • Delivering a hassle-free experience across all platforms
Dynamics AX for Manufacturing

Implementation of Dynamics AX for Manufacturing

Today, data drives most business decisions. Dynamics AX plays a critical role in helping manufacturing organizations leverage the knowledge derived from the business lifecycle to manage multiple activities across the process matrix. NEX Softsys implements Dynamics AX in the manufacturing vertical and helped organizations derive the following benefits:

  • Improve their cost forecasting capability by automating the generation of cost production orders from Bills of Materials and product roadmaps.
  • Enhanced quality checks and controls right from the initial stage of production.
  • Optimized Inventory count using multiple methods as per Industry standards and managed existing inventory effectively for both raw materials as well as the final product.
Dynamics AX for Service

Implementation of Dynamics AX for Service

In a service industry, it’s often hard to put a number or a particular metric to determine the success of various activities. Due to such issues in measuring successes, there’s a lack of understanding of the landscape and difficulty in overcoming challenges since the deliverables are intangible.

Microsoft Dynamics AX goes to the root of this problem to solve the issue with multiple integrations to truly understand the results of business strategies and even small functions. Dynamics AX helps to bring about this integration of the various business practices and ensure customer satisfaction. At NEX Softsys we have implemented AX services to help the service industry achieve the following benefits:

  • Provide improved services displaying the capability to upgrade or adapt to higher standards as required by customer requirements.
  • Access information in real-time and deliver accordingly to surpass customer's expectations.
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