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Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Centralized Unified Interface for Complete Business Operations

Is your time being eaten up by the confusion in moving between multiple ERP applications?

Get rid of such unproductive times with a centralized ERP solution with a single source of truth.

Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is the iconic Microsoft application that connects all your business operations on a single platform. With such an interface, you will be in a better position to quickly access information, automate tasks, avoid inaccurate conversations, share unified data, and create an overall hassle-free business process.

Add value at every point of execution and simplify your business management through our Dynamic 365 BC solutions. Let us help you build your Business Intelligence and opportunities to accelerate the digital transformation.

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Optimize Your Business Performance with Dynamics 365 BC Services

When you want to get rid of the white noise that derails the proper functioning of your organization, it is essential to automate such operations and let the employees work as efficiently as they can. We will help with the Dynamics 365 BC development by customizing it according to industry-specific needs. The employees can efficiently work with the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform from day one and make the most of it. We also offer Dynamics 365 BC services to keep your system updated when the market demand changes and adds extra functionality whenever required.

financial decisions

Data-Driven Financial Decisions

Bring a unified interface from Accounts, Inventory, Purchases, and Sales to create a streamlined operation to manage and regulate the finances. Avoid duplicate payments, payment errors and delays in payment releases by automating a part of the account pipeline. Analyze the financial operations with charts and graphs in real-time and create financial reports on the go.

streamline supply chain

Streamline Supply Chain

Maintain the right amount of inventory, predict and order the stock, and automate workflows.

intelligent manufacturing solutions

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Create an automated workflow to deliver the products and stock up on the raw materials.

unparalleled customer service

Unparalleled Customer Service

Manage service requests, answer customer queries fast, make engaging interactions with your customers, provide a personalized experience and make them coming back often. Store historical information of customers, accelerate the sales process to avoid any lags or delays with our customized Dynamics 365 BC solutions.

cost efficient project management

Cost-Efficient Project Management

Create separate dashboards for important projects, keep track of customer details, required resources and project progress all under one interface. Use real-time analysis to gather insights from project flows and create better strategies to complement your project at a lower cost.

We deliver Dynamics 365 BC Development Services across

USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France | Singapore | Italy |

Israel | Australia | Japan | Netherlands | Sweden | Switzerland | Norway

Leverage the Simplicity of Dynamics 365 BC

Dynamics 365 BC Development provides end-to-end solutions for all departments of the organization and helps employees to work easily with interdepartmental tasks. Its simple and intuitive interface, robust and secure backend system supported by cloud platforms, and multiple analysis and reporting tools make it the perfect platform to enrich your business and add value in the long run. We help you configure the platform, eliminate operational inaccuracies and guide you to build a system based on data and fast processing.

Managed Systems for Integrated Inter-Departmental Solutions

Dynamics 365 BC pack with various functionalities that bring the applications of the different departments together and promote inter-departmental collaborations. We develop the Dynamics 365 BC platform that solves the major administrative issues and business challenges you frequently face. We eradicate issues of wrong figures, late information access and data duplications through this unified system of Business Central. Every employee will notice a transformation in the way they work by integrating their other supported systems with the Dynamics 365 BC.

Refresh Your Business Operations and Reach Operational Excellence

What more do you need in a platform that connects your tasks, automates the workflow, delivers relevant business analytics, improves your customer relations and excels in collaborations? Dynamics 365 BC Solutions does it and is accessible to anyone from any part of the world with its cloud-based platform. We offer Dynamics 365 BC development services, work towards building a powerful organization that works together towards its future. We offer flexibility and scalability in your everyday business operations and personalize the platform to align with the departmental goals.

Integrate Your Departments with Dynamics 365 BC

We create analytical models to bring together structured and unstructured data, sort them out and gain visual insights, which can use in business decisions.



Streamline payments, analyze and create quick reports and perform financial forecasts.



Develop better relationships with customers, provide relevant services and close deals much faster.



Make on-time purchases, send out purchase orders by integrating with an inventory.



Maintain the details of all inventories online and keep the stock values in check.

project management

Project Management

Manage your project details efficiently, track budget and manage resources.

human resources

Human Resources

Keep a record of all employees and their performance and create an efficient recruitment process.

assembly management

Assembly Management

Create incremental product flow lines that work on themselves without human intervention.



Automate the workflow, avoid human errors and increase the efficiency of operations.

Why Does Your Organization Need Dynamics 365 BC Solutions?

Many organizations and start-ups alike have registered a surprising increase in the efficiency of the business after making Dynamics 365 Business Central a part of their everyday operation. Your employees can do away with the recurring, mundane tasks and avoid unnecessary conflicts when all the data is store on the same platform accessible to all.

Why Choose NEX Softsys for Dynamics 365 BC Services

If you are looking to get the best out of your investments and digitize your business, we have Dynamics 365 BC Development. Realize your ERP capabilities and future-proof your business with the Dynamics 365 ecosystem customized by our ERP experts. This standalone system is the best resource to help your employees make a difference in the workplace environment and provide better services. NEX Softsys is a leader in providing the best suited Dynamics 365 BC services tailored to your business plans and workflow needs.

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Unmanaged Support Systems

Unnecessary Downtime

It takes a long time to identify and rectify the issues which take a toll on your revenue.

Hidden Charges and Variable Fees

Sudden surges in the bills and high hourly rates increase the operational costs of running the systems.

High-Risk Operations

Prone to risks in the form of security threats, data loss, or sudden lags in performance.

Unreliable Integrations

Breakage in integrated systems interrupted the transfer of data and high power consumption.

Difficulty in Meeting Compliances

Miss out on fulfilling certain compliances which, takes a toll on the authenticity of your systems.

Slow Systems with Performance Issues

Unbelievable shutdowns, undiagnosed issues that drag down operations and reduce efficiency.

NEX Softsys Managed Business Central

Secure and Reliable Systems

Do not worry about the security of the systems and unexpected downtime with our regular health check-ups.

Fixed Monthly Budgets

Complete upfront fees with on-time Dynamics 365 BC services with value for your money.

Quick Deployments

Get access to the platform fast with relevant customizations without any unnecessary delay.

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrate with any administrative platforms and access data with no extra power consumption.

Easy Compliance Management

Leverage Microsoft’s security benefits to easily mold your BC to meet the compliance regulations.

Fine Tuning the Performance

Daily audits to improve performance and platform speed for efficient working.

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