Articles and Technical Updates

Restful web services using spring

Large organizations maintain many web applications written in multiple languages. One could be a Java web development, another is a .NET application etc. There could be situations wherein cross application data sharing is required.

Machine Learning Using Python

Machine Learning is the art (or technique, actually) to make a “computational contraption”, or a computer, to perform actions based on the trend of outcomes of several sets of relevant and processed data input into it.

How to deploy Spring-boot application in AWS EC2 server quickly?

Hello friends today in this tutorial, we will check how we can deploy our spring boot application in AWS EC2 easily. Now a days Spring boot and AWS has got lots of momentum and lots of projects are being deployed in AWS with underlying framework as spring boot.

REST Microservice API Versioning Strategy

Today we will see how we can implement different version of same service in REST terminology. Now a days we have a boom of developing smaller services using REST and in microservice eco system, those services interact with each other and produce the final business output.

Cloudera Navigator Upgrade and Config Changes

Cloudera Navigator: - We need Cloudera Navigator as a fully integrated data management tool and a security system which is installed on Hadoop Platform. Cloudera provides a software platform for the Machine Learning & Big Data analytics Solutions and Services that keeps running in the cloud.

GUI Programming in Python

There are quite a few GUI libraries for use with python, and all of them have their own pros and cons. It would not be possible to go over each of them in this blog, so we will consider only those that are prominent enough (read “mostly used”). Specifically we will be considering 2 libraries/frameworks to create GUIs in python.

Is it Easy or Tough to Schedule a Resource in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the cutting-edge customer relationship management tools. Though, it is brimmed with a plenty of useful solutions for a company, but Microsoft still keeps evolving the CRM to make sure that meets the demands of the current generation.

Choosing Database: CAP Theorem

MySQL, Cassandra, HBase, Redis, etc. There are so many databases. One might wonder why do we need so many? In this blog I will take you through the practical limitations that require us to have these DBs. It should provide you a starting point while choosing a DB for a use-case.

4 Answers of a Question "Why to Visit SauceCon 2019"?

The world's largest providers of the continuous testing cloud services for web and mobile applications, Sauce Labs Inc. announced their third annual event SauceCon. This time SauceCon is coming to Austin.

Omni-powered customers expect only a flawless experience!

User experience is something that can instantly increase or decrease people’s interest in a software, application, website, webpage etc. Users hardly want to spend a lot of time on a website or a product.

Meta Programming and the Role of Meta Classes in Python

Python is a language that is used for variety of purposes and its USP is the simplicity of use by a programmer to solve all types of problems that come up. Around 99.99% of such problems can be solved by using various simple features of the language

Introduction to Aspect oriented programming in spring

Spring framework is a popular Java framework that provide support for various requirements of a Java application. It supports dependency injection, web services, MVC pattern etc. The main aim of a framework.

Web Scraping in Python

Some call it “screen scraping”, others “web scraping” and yet a few others call it simply “data extraction” from documents may be online or offline. These terms are used interchangeably, but they have slightly different meanings.

Image/Video Manipulation, Face Detection and Recognition Using Python

In the last few years, we have been seeing an explosive growth of python in several fields – web application development, REST API creation, automation of various processes...

Software Testing & QA Updates with Pro Ideas

SeleniumConf is coming to Chicago (USA) for a two-day conference on 18th and 19th of October 2018 preceded by a one-day workshop on 17th of October. This conference is organized for Selenium test automation professionals by Sauce Labs and other sponsors.

Role Base Security Architecture of Microsoft Dynamic AX

Security has very important roles to play in any ERP implementation. The security aspects of an ERP to helps the administrator to restrict the data to the users and provides the enough right to the user as per the roles and responsibilities (department).

Spring Profile Specific Logging Behavior with Spring Boot

Technology: Spring Profiles provides conditional approach to load the parts of the application only in certain environments. It is used to load one of the same types of available beans based on environment configuration.

Authentication using AWS Cognito

Amazon Cognito is a cloud based service that offers authentication, authorization and user management for applications. Application users can sign in using traditional user name - password combo, Multi factor authentication or by using third party services like Google, Facebook etc.

Unit Testing Spark Jobs for Faster Development

For any developer it is essential that he be able to easily test his code. The comfort of easy testing and debugging improves our efficiency. However, the Big data spark coders (at-least the ones I have worked with) seem to be oblivious to this simple fact.

Generating Docker Images using Google Jib

Technology:Containers are used deploy applications in an isolated environment, once we generate the container images can be deployed number of machines, but for a Java application building an image is not an easy way, we need to write a docker file...

Hot Swapping in Spring Boot applications

Technology: In the present world all majority IDE`s supporting the HotSwap for web applications using embedded JDK HotSwap Mechanism without restarting the running web/application servers or deploying the application.

Database Transaction Auditing using Spring Envers

Technology: Spring Data is one module built on top of the spring framework for easy database transactions. It provides various interfaces, and annotation for easy outsource Java development.

Profile Creation for Automation Testing

As per Mozilla “Firefox saves your personal information such as bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences in a set of files called your profile”. A person can have multiple profiles created each having a separate set of information.

Workspaces in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

One of the Important feature of the dynamics 365 is the personalize user workspace with different daily used reports, frequently used data and various transaction details to provide user friendly view to improve the efficiency in day to day tasks.

Spring Cloud Netflix - Ribbon

In Microservice architecture, a monolithic application is split into multiple Smaller and independent applications. Each application manages a certain functionality independently and can be deployed/scaled independently.

Client Side Load Balancing using Spring Ribbon

Ribbon is the client-side load balancerwhich gives control over HTTP and TCP Clients. The main purpose of Ribbon is named client, each load balancer is one of the component that work together to connect to remote server.

Version Controlling with GIT using GitBash

Version controlling is the most required feature when we work in an enterprise environment. This is because, the code we write is not out code. If you are working for a client, then it is the property of client.

Chatbots, The Smart Travel Ai Concierges Will Help You Plan Your Next Trip!

When it comes to planning your next trip, you are mostly reliant on your travel agents or the Internet to find out the best possible options. However, have you even wondered how would you feel, if there will be an AI powered program

Operations Maintenance in Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Recently I have got a requirement of having a possibility to update several values for selected Operation in AX 2012. This is not an inbuilt feature of AX 2012 but this was a client requirement.

Mouse Action Classes in Selenium

The Selenium Web Driver’s Advanced API allows us to perform operations like keyboard events, simple mouse events and complex events such as dragging-and-dropping, mouse hover etc.

eCommerce Site : More Than Just A Face Value Of Your Company

What is a website or an ecommerce site of a company? If we get into the technicalities of it, many experts will come up with various technical answers. However, in a layman’s language a website is considered the face of the company.

HBASE, Region Server and Related Issues - Eureka

What is HBASE? What are Region Servers? How these look like as a service in Real Hadoop and big data Environment? What are the issues/Use Cases related to HBASE?

Selenium Integration with Sauce Labs

Many of us have used Selenium grid to run selenium tests in multiple machine to achieve concurrency. But the same is not so cost effective as we need to have many physical machines presents with us. To solve this problem of acquiring physical machine and adding to cost, organization have slowly started to move in to cloud.

Spring Cloud Netflix - Eureka

Microservice architecture is a buzzword now-a days. As opposed to traditional monolithic applications, an application is deployed as a suite of smaller and independent applications each one managing a separate business operation.

Detailed Overview of Selenium Locators

Selenium uses locators to access the HTML elements from a web page. Locators can find and match any elements inside the page DOM. We can use locators to perform actions on any GUI elements (Textbox, Checkbox, Buttons, Radio buttons, dropdowns, links etc.).

Chain of Commands & Class Extension: Dynamics 365 For Finance & Operations

A notable change from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations does not include a rich-client application (ax32.exe).


Microservice architecture or simply Micro services has gained a lot of traction in recent times. They are better suited for agile methodology and ensure better continuous delivery. Big organizations like EBay, Amazon, and Netflix are embracing it.

How to Explore Project Lombok Using Java

Java is a very solid, robust, and matured and one of the widely used programming language with a strong community support.

However one of the criticism points it has drawn is its very verbose than compared to its counterparts like Python, Ruby.

Improving the Quality of a Mobile App Using Non-Functional Testing

The horizon defined for the quality of the mobile applications is ever-changing. Added to that, the operating systems and the system integration of a mobile application are not in control of the developers.

Creating API Development in ASP.NET Using GraphQL?

In this article, we are going to discuss the API Development in .NET with GraphQL. What is GraphQL? How to set up GraphQL in .NET application.

11 Things you must know about Helpdesk Software

Help Desk is one of the crucial parts that help to provide information and all kind of support to the customers, related to the services and products that company provide. For any organization or company, the Helpdesk is something that they must have.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be powered up by Big Data analysis!

To completely implement and analyze progress on Sustainable Development Goals, decision makers require a lot of information and statistics which are perfect, timely, adequately disaggregated, applicable, accessible as well as pretty easy to use.


GraphQL is a new concept devised by Facebook to design Web APIs. It is billed to be an alternative to widely used REST APIs.

How to integrate Spring Retry in Java Application

In a business application, we often come across the use-cases, where we need to access a resource whose access is unreliable. If the initial access fails, then ideally we retry the failed operation (hoping it might succeed in the subsequent attempt). Also we need a fallback mechanism in case all our retries fail.

Big Data is Making Your Life More Simplified, Here’s How?

Big Data analytics is one of the hottest and most thrilling technologies present today. Over the last couple of years more and more organizations have started making use of big data to get edge over their opponents in businesses.

Software Tester don’t forget to do these 7 tasks

Software testing refers to a software testing engineer to evaluate a particular software item, look for defects and resolve them.

Task Recorder in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations- Part II

This is in continuation of our previous topic “Task recorder in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations”. In this we will see Edit recording, Play recording as Guide, Playback recording.

Get all contacts of All hierarchical Accounts using FetchXML and Web API

In this blog, I will explain get all contacts of all hierarchical accounts using fetchxml and web API. This blog also explains how we can use FetchXML query in CRM web API when some complex data retrieval needed.

How IoT Apps Can Be Enhanced With Java Programming

As technologies such as AI, analytics and automation gain traction, the Internet of Things technology will increase in its enormity of adoption and innovation.

Is it just the hype of AI that’s beginning to merge with reality?

Everyone who is interested in artificial intelligence knows that it has picked up intensely in recent years. And, this growth also leads to the development of a plenty of questions in the mind like, what is the driving force behind this hype?

7 Solutions of the Question, ASP.NET or Node? For Fresher

Well, making your work easy and simple here is the seven solutions of the questions with the idea about how you can answer them.

Nurture an Everlasting Bond with Your Customers with Dynamics CRM’s Enhanced Customer Service Hub!

The upgraded release of Dynamics CRM is flooded with immense number of cutting-edge features. Starting from the advanced activity timeline to an interactive layout, the new version of the Dynamics CRM is certainly more exciting to use.

Top Emerging Big Data Startups To Consider In 2018

These new companies have wandered into the space of a few or all domains of the big data and analytics experience.

How To Fight Frauds In Magento E-commerce Websites

Online fraudulent behavior costs businesses dearly. The incidences have only increased over the years, and studies have revealed that globally, about $4 trillion of revenue is lost to fraudulent practices on E-commerce websites annually.

How to perform Quality Assurance and Testing for ML projects?

Testing and Quality Assurance are two most crucial steps that are more often than not neglected or underestimated. With newer and more advanced technologies engulfing the IT industry.

Java Is the Key to Boost Your AI Efforts

One of the best things about Java that attracts programmers and developers towards it is the Java Virtual Machine technology. With this technology, developers can build a single version of a Java application that will seamlessly run across all Java-enabled computing platforms and devices.

Big Data and IoT- The Siblings

It has been a while now since we have been talking about devices connected to the Internet and collecting huge amounts of data to be later processed for deriving value and information.

A Wrap Up About the Blockchain Buzz in 2017

The investment world enjoyed at the party conducted by Blockchain last year. It surged to twentyfold its value last year, while Ethereum rose about 11,200 percent, while ripple, the rising star in cryptocurrencies escalated to about 10,000 times its value.

Top 7 Big Data Technologies Today

If you have the right blend creative and logical and mathematical spices, Big Data is your way to go! And, if you are wondering where to start, this is a small guide for your rescue.

How Business Intelligence can help for Data Security

Businesses are continuously advised to protect their information from being hacked and at the same time warned that they should not share it broadly.

Conquer Data Analytics with These Five Simple Steps

There has been an evolution in the way modern organizations plan and proceed in order to gain success in their field. Gone are the days of arguments, insults and snide comments; business intelligence is the way to go in today’s world.

Working with Azure File Storage using Visual Studio 2017 and C#

In this blog we shall learn how to work with Azure File Storage using Azure Storage Client Library for .NET and Visual Studio 2017 with C# as programming language.

Microsoft Dynamics AX7: Packing a Punch in its New Avatar

Last year Microsoft came up with Dynamics AX7, making the ERP software cloud first. But that was not the only new feature. It has also tweaked or added a whole new set of features that put the Dynamics at the forefront of ERP solutions in the market today.

Top 5 eCommerce CMS Platforms to Check Out in 2018

The fastest growing industry online is eCommerce. Selling everything from apparel to electronic, eCommerce sites have caught on because of their convenience and economy.

Measuring the Connection between Big Data And The Internet Of Things

Accumulation and analysis of data is the upcoming trend, which is being supported by the internet. The internet has spread its arena in a huge way and the devices, as well as objects, are connected to each other through it.

What Magento Ecommerce Web Design Trends Will Be in 2018?

Magento brought a revolution in the ecommerce ecosystem. Small or large, big or small, all kinds of businesses use Magento ecommerce facilities to run their online business.

Top 5 technologies Trends with the Biggest Impact on Digital World

Every day there is a new trend emerging in the digital world to back up businesses and the society as a whole. Our world gets to see newer evolved solutions on a daily basis – models designed to work closely with the physical and the digital world.

Google gifts TEZ to Digital India

After the recent upsurge of demonetization, more and more people have resorted to digital transactions. But it is really tough to shred off the age old habit of dealing with notes and coins and use cards and online applications for monetary transactions.

How To Decide Dynamics AX Implementation Costs?

Businesses of the present day competitive and rapidly advancing technical world are witnessed to undertake diverse projects which imply varying services costs.

Implementing and Customizing Swagger UI in ASP.NET Web APIs

In this article, we shall see how to implement, customize Swagger in ASP.NET Web API.

Bringing Development and Operations Closer Together

Software development, implementation, and deployment are complicated yet critical processes for product and service oriented organizations

WAN Optimization for Cloud Computing Performance Improvement

Cloud computing is the most common technological thing which is used at present. Almost 97% of the companies are using at least one cloud service in way of SaaS.

Resolving ‘Application Default Credentials’ error encountered while accessing GCP resources via ASP.NET applications

In this post, ASP.NET professionals will explain how they integrate application default credentials.

Security integration into DevOps – a skillful job for software development team

In this post, software development India professionals will explain how they integrate security correctly into DevOps.

Tech Giants Are Drawing Great Revenue from Their Cloud Platforms

Cloud computing has been in the driver’s seat for some time now, with respect to driving revenue.

How Hybrid Cloud Will Improve Storage Performance?

As of today, one of the best parts about the internet is the accessibility to the cloud. The cloud is one platform where you can store all your data without fearing breaches.

Building ASP.NET Core 2.0 application with Angular & Deploying it Azure Web apps using Visual Studio 2017.

In this tutorial, we will be learning as how to create ASP.NET Core 2.0 application with Angular and to deploy the application on Microsoft Public Cloud i.e. Microsoft Azure, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 v15.3

A Different World through the Glasses of VR and AR in Enterprises

Virtual reality till some years back was a fascinating new form of technology that you probably thought would only be used for entertainment purposes.

Why AX is more popular among ERP ecosystem

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an integral part of modern business processing and data management.

Hybrid Cloud Trend—Booming or Not?

The cloud technology has already sky-rocketed and irrespective of what the critics say, cloud is definitely the future of computing.

5 Best Magento Extensions for Digital Marketing

Marketing is a crucial aspect for all businesses and your Magento-powered store would also need marketing to be popular.

Selenium news for automation testing developers

Selenium is now 12 years old. It was developed in 2004 by Jason Huggins as a tool that helps developers with some internal projects.

The Finance Behind Magento’s Aspirations

Developers with vested interest in development of ecommerce have always relied on Magento and its offerings.

H-1B Visa and Implications for Indians

Even before Donald Trump won the controversial U.S. election in 2016, H-1B visa was a popular topic of debate.

How to recognize the best outsource QA services providers?

It is never easy to get any job done with an outsourcing partner. When you have to outsource QA services or app development services from vendors, you possibly spend more time while surveying the market and talking to the customers and competitors.

Donut output caching in ASP.NET MVC

Experts of .net Development Company bring this article to help entire community understanding Donut Output Caching and its use in mvc programming.

Spring Cloud Data flow

In this article, Java J2ee development experts are sharing the concept of Spring Cloud. You will get to know about its feature also.

How to use Owin Authentication in development (MVC)

Learn the basics of Owin Authentication, its highlights, keys & components and how to use it in MVC by development experts.

Software consulting for Burden Free Life

The world is going through technological boom with every sector is going towards modernisation. The basic reason behind this boom is the resurgence of software.

Magento Customization—4 Tricks of the Trade

When you think progressive e-commerce, you think Magento. While top app developers prefer using Magento.

Using Service Fabric to Host .Net Core Services for .Net Development

In this post, .net development company experts will share the details about hosting .net core services with Service fabric.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry - Improve Your Magento Store Security with These 10 Ways

There is no argument about Magento being the most used software by all the leading e-commerce sites.

Why java developers India should apply Java in embedded apps?

Technology always evolves with time. Today, networked and programmable devices are being used by people throughout the world. Java developers India think that there is a need of application that can collect, process and transmit data used in these networked, programmable devices.

Automated Software Testing Simplified

The software is the soul of computers we can’t touch them but feels their importance and they still remain to be the most important part of our computer or any other electronic device.

Tutorial : Plugin System in Magento 2

Magneto development services provider will explain plugin system in Magento 2. You will learn the way to use magento 2 plugins from the basics. Read and discover how professionals do it.

Use of Docker Hub for ASP.NET Core Deployment

This article shares basics of Docker and deployment details of Docker with Core. You will find how experts of .Net Development Company use Docker for core deployment in this article.

Top 7 Extension for Magento 2 Store

Magento is the open source ecommerce platform which was developed by Varien Inc.

Apple iPhone 7 Modern Features and Specifications

Most of rumors eager to wait for iPhone 7, finally apple announced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus comes with next generation features with more powerful technology included.

.Net Development Comapny - New improvements in C#6

In this article I would like to mention some new functionalities that became available with a launch of VS 2015. At the same time as new VS version was launched the Microsoft also launched the new version of c# which was included in the new build (version 14).

Magento Extension : Experts Sharing Tips for Better Development

If you are planning to have a magento store, you should continue reading this article. Magento extension development experts are sharing tips to give you better magento store development experience.

Tutorial : Magento 2 Promotional Product Markers

This post is about toggling a promotional item such as free shipping in the website

CURD Data Manipulation in BsonDocument on No SQL Mongo Database ASP.Net

CURD Data Manipulation is nothing but a Create Update Read and Delete. Normally those operation will be happened on the Relational Databases like SQL, Oracle and MySQL using the DDL and DML queries.

Magento 2: Personalization for the shopper

In this story, magento development services vendor will explain the significance of personalization for the shopper

Analyzing the level of competitive advantage that businesses get of outsourcing projects to offshore java development team

With the software industry evolving into an incredible arena on which a lot of businesses are inter-dependent, it is essential to understand what steps should a business take so as to reap benefits.

ASP.Net compatibility with C++

This blog post explains why is compatible with C++ more than any other option. development company has shared this post for developers who would like to know about compatibility with C++.

How to Hide Application Launcher Icon in Android

Start by creating an Android application with one Activity and Broadcast Receiver; yes Broadcast Receiver will see how to use it to launch the hidden application.

Magento Pro Tip: Speed Up Content Deployment Within Magento 2

This post is about speeding up content deployment inside magento 2. You can hire magento developers who can help you out in this subject and bring you the relative output.

9 points to choose Nex for QA and Software Outsourcing

With advancement in technology is it evident that it’s not too far away when everything will be controlled by software and robots.

Hire iPhone app developers to get the best iPhone application for your business

When we talk about application development then IOS application development companies focuses on serving global brands along with leading edge entities.

How to create and bind Kendo Stack100 chart in development using Remote data

Have you ever thought about learning the best way to create and bind Kendo Stack100 chart with remote data in MVC? A leading development team is here to let you know about the same.

Things to consider when getting Magento ecommerce online store

People always are in search of new things whether it is related to routine life glossary, clothes, books, shoes, wallets, purses and any accessories.

Android App Development with the leading GUI tools

In many cases improving the application startup and also the load time has become the priority these days. As we are talking about the device manufacturers, there is a continuation in the faster and also more fluid experiences.

Learn how developers do social media authentication in MVC development development is an interesting platform and major developers today, are learning and grasping skills to make best development practices

Exploring Scala and Java – Myths and Facts

There are endless opinions on popularity of Scala programming language, out of them few are considered favorable and few are criticized.

Hire Scala Developers finding the right choices

Talking about the hiring Scala developers, they are damn difficult to hire at times. In many cases, you simply need to understand that there can be many great developers but to reach them is a bit tedious task.

Hire Magento developers to get your website ready for mobile

Is your website ready for mobile? Do your visitors either come through laptop, PC or smart phones?

How to integrate twitter bootstrap in mvc development solution?

Professionals are sharing this step-by-step tutorial to let you learn about the process of integrating twitter bootstrap in mvc development solution.

Net Development medicated with the dependency injection

When it comes to the concept of .Net development, we surely toggle between many issues such as to encountering troubles that deal with the sending of multiple files to the clients from an ASP.NET application.

The Coding Dojo in Tdo

Let me elaborate. You must all have surely undergone through the ‘CODE KATA EXCERCISES’ in anything. Whether a play, a game and also a process.

Java Bytecode Acting as a Showstopper

Let’s discuss the implementation of an advanced agent by using of the bytecode manipulation tool called as byte buddy. There is certainly a question, as to why byte buddy?

Python Web Development in pythonic ways

Let’s talk about the diabolical pattern in the Python world today. Since, there are many things in the PYTHON you need to consider which are as follows Development blended with different URLS

The recent years have shown drastic developments in the field of ASP.NET development. Well, but what really makes this language different is the usage of different search engines counted under this ASP.NET development.

Software Company India in the role of software testing

Software development companies in India have been stimulating different types of experiments in software testing.

Selenium Automation Testing

First of all whenever you are using a selenium IDE software testing tools then you need to understand the operation of Selenium IDE. These Selenium IDE software tools help to create different elements and also its functions.

Magento development India – Magento magical theme from the scratch

The Magento development in India is slowly cultivating its seeds of management in the new spheres too. Whenever you deal with Magento extensions, you surely have many questions going in your minds.

Python Software development an overview

The Python software development indeed provides a great exposure to the work that is related in Python. The modern world emphasizes on the is olation and the reproducibility dealing with the production and the development.

The snowflaking in the magento ecommerce

The Magento ecommerce has many distinguishing extensions that can be considered as helpful in constructing new roads for the specially guarded solutions.

Java Development, wrapped in a document

We are in the IT sector featuring different elements of Java and many other programming languages. Talking about the services, they are driven well in any organisation’s core processes and also in the collection of key business entities.

Story of Python Development

These days, Python development is the most talked topic in the world. This is because, it is very easy to learn and most importantly, it has a greatness that gives the programmers an ability to learn the best in everything.

Manual QA Testing providing the best coverage

Talking about the software development, every group test helps in testing its product. But it is always the end result that products are delivered with defects. In situations, the test engineers need to catch the products just before they are released.

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