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Pentaho for E-Commerce: Big Data Analytics with No Data Skills

Data analytics has reached such a level that big data is the best way for businesses to reach the next level. While most companies try to implement strategies to gather data from external sources, e-commerce businesses have data given to them on a platter.

The data from their e-commerce stores are a strong starting point to analyze and understand the data, and therefore, the progress of their business. While there are many tools that are said to help with big data analytics, most of them require the help of a data analyst or a data scientist; meaning, a typical entrepreneur, does not have any chances of getting useful information unless they have a data interpreter.

Pentaho is one of these rare software that anyone can use. And even those too who do not have any data analytical skills. Pentaho, developed by Hitachi, is a comprehensive data integration and analytics platform that lets the user access, prepare and combine data from multiple sources, all on a single software.

What is So Special about Pentaho?

Pentaho Business Analytics platform lets the e-commerce store combine their metrics from the website, social media, and any other promotional plans they run. It provides a unified view of the data that anyone can understand easily. As if you continue to work with Pentaho, you get more understanding and knowledge of the data as each day you progress without the requirement of any data scientist for guidance.

  • Pentaho delivers an easy-to-use and simple interface with Interactive visual analysis with dashboards and tools.
  • Integration into various third-party applications to streamline data analysis.
  • An excellent and vast toolset that anyone can use with ease.
  • Low integration time and infrastructure cost compared to other similar software.
  • Let the team access data from anywhere, thereby boosting productivity.

Get A 360-Degree View of The Customer

When you can create a complete view of the customer, it empowers the sales and marketing teams to increase revenue opportunities and make use of innovative ways to reach new customers. A 360-degree view of a customer includes the actions a customer takes when the person visits the e-commerce store until they leave. It helps us to analyze the reasons behind every action of the customer that they do. And above all, gain advanced insight into what is going on in their mind.

Pentaho Business Analytics can seamlessly gather all such data from the website, and with integration from other analytics and data collection, platforms can provide findings into customer behavior.

With the simple data visualizations and report generations in Pentaho, the data discoveries can be presented in easy to understand formats that instantly helps the employees to understand and process the findings.

Pentaho can provide an intuitive ETL process without extra coding techniques and helps to understand the customer patterns. With such a clear understanding of the customers, the e-commerce stores can revamp their campaigns to suit the need of customers, increase the customer retention rate and reduce the cart abandonment rate.

Furthermore, the Pentaho analytics is constantly updated based on the data, and therefore, you will always be kept in the loop about the changing preferences of the customers that let you brace for the change by implementing new techniques and designs that be adaptable to change.

Encourage Cross-Functioning Teams

It is common knowledge that a company that promotes its employees to learn and understand the working of the other team members is the one slated for significant growth. Pentaho Business Intelligence encourages employees to work with each other and use the same platform for their various business strategies.

The sales team, marketing team, logistics team, backend support team, and accounting team can use the same data set and analysis available on the Pentaho platform. The analysis performed by the marketing team can be even more helpful for the logistics team to streamline their shipping process. Similarly, many advantages can be gathered from the Pentaho platform when all the employees are dependent on the same single platform for their business decisions.

It brings employees to work together, coordinating among themselves to create business strategies that focus on maximizing revenue and improving business reach. With the proof of data at hand, there is no need for speculation or dependency on intuition. Be it a startup or a major e-commerce business, Pentaho can be the one-point solution for data collection, integration, and analytics.

Additionally, with the coordination of all teams, it becomes easy to streamline the data pipeline and workflow without losing each team’s momentum.

Pentaho can help in implementing complete data engineering to data analytics without being dependent on any data scientist. E-commerce businesses can set up their Pentaho platform and use it easily without any support and get actionable insights from it.

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