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ETL (Extract-Transform-Load)

Data is one of the most valuable asset of any organization. To unlock its maximum potential, data from different sources need to be properly integrated for analytics. This is achieved by ETL data integration. The three main steps of ETL is Extract, Transform and Load, but additionally, there are many more many procedures involved with ETL data services.


Data Extraction

Proper extraction of data from the source systems is necessary to collect data for further processing before analytics. The process of data extraction has to consume minimum resources in terms of power, response time or manpower. This extracted data will be made available as soon as possible to get it ready for the next step in the ETL data integration process.


Data Cleaning

Data cleaning is essential to maintain good quality data in the data warehouse. This step involves detecting the data errors, data redundancies, invalid data and data inconsistencies. In times when data from different sources have to be integrated, data cleaning helps to get accurate and consistent data to ensure that the consolidated data is good enough for analysis.


Data Transformation

This step helps in transforming the collected source data into the form that matches the target. It means converting the units and dimensions of data that can be directly used for the analysis. The data from different sources are also aggregated which results in the increased performance during the analytics.


Data Loading

In this step, the cleaned and transformed data will be loaded into the target environment which is generally the databases. The data loading process should involve as much fewer resources as possible and should be properly executed considering the type of the target. Depending on the kind of target database, the data will be loaded either incrementally or at one go.


Management of ETL Process

Designing a strong ETL architecture and managing it efficiently is important to streamline the entire process of data accumulation and processing. One should also have recovery settings designed to have a fallback option when the ETL system fails. The data sources and the entire ETL process should also be audited frequently to identify and rectify the errors.


Data Staging

The data staging area is where the data from one process is made available for the next process to take over. This staging is also used to save the intermediate results of the ETL process which will be useful in case a step fails. The data staging process has to be used only by the ETL and shouldn’t be made available to any other outside processes.

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Bring Data from Different Sources Easily with Nex

Nex is one of the leading ETL service providers in India known for the efficient management of resources and the short response time for the data collection and processing. We provide a wide range of ETL data services with expert guidance to deploy your ETL process with ease.


Installation of ETL Process

We help companies help in installing, configuring and managing the ETL data services. We set up the entire ETL process from scratch according to the company’s requirement and train the employees to use the ETL system on their own.


Analysis of Existing ETL System

For companies which already have an ETL system but wish to modify, upgrade or migrate to a different platform, our ETL engineers will perform an extensive analysis, identify the pain points and help in adapting to a new ETL system that overcomes the existing drawbacks.


Designing The ETL Architecture

Every ETL system varies from one organization to another depending on their capabilities and requirements. We provide ETL solutions in India by designing the right ETL architecture which solves complex challenges and helps in achieving business excellence.


ETL Testing and Deployment

We use some of the best ETL data integration techniques to ensure that the system runs without a flaw. Our ETL engineers use automation tools to test the ETL system regularly by following the best practices adopted by the top ETL solution providers in the world.


ETL Support and Maintenance

Nex provides one of the top ETL services in India for support and maintenance by providing optimal solutions for data challenges. We provide 24X7 support services and also ensure that the company never runs out of data memory space.


Integration with Third-Party Systems

We establish data integration with the third-party systems to help analysts in seamlessly managing and analyse the data. We help in integrating your ETL system with web services and other platforms like Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft products, etc.

Why Nex is The Favourite ETL Service Provider


Get The Maximum from Your Data

With Nex’s proven data practices and strategies, you will be amazed at the staggering value the collected data will bring to your business with its actionable insights.


Customize Your ETL System

Nex, being a top provider for ETL solutions India for over a decade, customizes the systems according to your current and future requirements–from the data collection methods to dashboards.


No Worries About Managing The Systems

Our ETL engineers will monitor, conduct regular checks and tests on ETL to ensure that the system is in a top-notch condition, reliving you from the responsibility of maintenance.

The New and Refined ETL Process

Being an experienced provider of ETL services India, Nex has time again stay on top of the recent developments and adopted the recent best practices and new technologies used in the ETL process.


The transportation of data

The overlap between each of these stages

How new technologies are changing this flow

Traditional ETL Process


In the traditional ETL process, the data extracted from the transactional databases is transferred to the staging area. A disadvantage with traditional ETL systems is that if the kind of analysis doesn’t match with the transactional database, then the whole process of transformation (consisting of both cleaning and transferring) has to be repeated again.

Modern ETL Process


With the modern ETL processes, the staging area has been eliminated and the data loading and data transformation happen directly in the analytics database. With the high powered systems used nowadays, the entire ETL process can be completed in a much shorter time making the data available for analysts faster than the traditional ETL systems.

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