Software Testing Services

The adoption and usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, newer operating systems, and smarter devices are increasing rapidly. Hence, they require continuous and better updates daily, which is what makes testing and QA more essential than ever before.

Our offshore software testing services have transformed from straightforward, simple error detection and prevention techniques to safeguard the reputation of corporate. As a software testing company, we support a wide gamut of hardware and software, testing infrastructure, and testing products to our clients. Our proven track record in offshore software testing makes us a thought leader in the quality assurance space.

Give your Software a boost by associating with Nex—a Software testing company with expertise in both manual and automatic testing. Our offshore Software testing services are the perfect way of ensuring that your Software release is not affected by glitches that fall within the purview of a quality analyst. A keen eye for detail and attention to test cases make us the right testing partner for all Software companies.

We are pure-play software testing Company and offering our Testing Services Worldwide. We ensure that our software testing solutions help to achieve the high quality of any software at low cost and less time.

The Nex Advantage

  • Our software testing services approach will help bring down costs by nearly 1/4th*
  • Our QA services will enable you to keep pace with disruptive models of innovation for both and new old applications
  • Our services will reduce time-to-market by 20% and prevent nearly 97%* of high-severity defects
  • Our solutions will help adapt to mandatory compliance standards such as FATCA, Dodd Frank, HL7 and BASEL III
  • Our unique approach to software testing services will enable easy optimization of application quality
  • Our customized testing models will render your business more flexible and lead to reduced CAPEX

*Based on an internal study by our software experts