Selenium Automation Testing

At Nex, our team of testing experts has created a comprehensive testing suite for myriad applications.

Our Selenium automation services utilize Selenium as the backbone for automation of:

  • Web application testing,
  • Functional regression, and
  • Test suites developed in-house

Our investment endeavour has been aimed at building a customized test automation framework that sits on top of Selenium. This framework will primarily be used for cross-platform testing of applications on the web and mobile platforms. Selenium automated testing enables reliability, cost-effectiveness and seamless integration of web applications.

The Nex Value

  • Our solution builds in script enhancements with the Selenium WebDriver, which can accommodate verifications subject to end-user needs
  • Our solution can improve Selenium QA testing efficiency by roughly40%*
  • Our engineering efforts can help bring down operational and ownership expenditures by nearly1/4th*
  • Our Selenium automation testing software can be used to maintain scripts and any alterations to test cases
  • Our Nex framework has detailed bug tracking built into the automated testing system
  • We really believe that the key factor of our success is a well-experienced team for Selenium testing services.
  • Our team of more than 20 testers with a decade plus experience has built Selenium frameworks and solutions with hundreds of pre-built functions and libraries for your benefit
  • Our Selenium QA testing services come with clear KPIs that demand rigorous business accountability and efficiency

Our expertise and experience with Selenium make us the right partner for your Selenium automation testing needs.Our Selenium automated testing services are focused on framework development, pre-built functions, libraries, etc. With more than a decade and a half of experience, Nex can enhance your Selenium QA testing experience with its customized Selenium testing services.

*Based on an internal study by our testing experts