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Magento Customization—4 Tricks of the Trade

Magento Customization—4

When you think of progressive e-commerce, you think of Magento. While top app developers prefer to use Magento, there are some business tips and tricks that can come in handy and save time and effort, which you will have to spend to do one thing manually. This blog will reveal 4 all-time Magento Customization tips.

Magento Customization tips

1. Alter CMS Pages

Magento has provisions that allow you to customize the CMS page. Whether you want to allow customers to be able to add a product to their cart from the CMS page or integrate a contact form on the page. Some quick codes can be used to get this done quickly. Here is an example of a code that can be used to add a contact form:

<!-- CONTACT FORM --> {{block type="core/template" name="contactForm" form_action="/contacts/index/post" template="contacts/form.phtml"}} <!-- END OF CONTACT FORM -->

2. Personalize the Interaction

As an e-commerce platform, you might interact with your customers in a lot of different ways and you might want to personalize your interaction with them. For example, you might want to reveal the prices of your products only to customers who are registered users. In this case, a small snippet can be used to customize Magento. You can play with a lot of customization ideas. For instance, include a custom comment box on the order page, remove the cart icon from the page unless the customer has something in the cart, etc.

3. Remove Physical Barriers

When you are an online store, you have your presence around the world including people who are not familiar with your language. Therefore, having a multi-lingual store is an important aspect if you ship products across countries. Magento customization codes allow you to set up a multi-lingual store in some easy steps. Now, when your store is ready, you might want to promote it using different social media platforms and Magento customization helps here as well. Integrate your favorite social media buttons (elements on your page) and go global.

4. Use Hotkeys

Last but not least. Hotkeys refer to keyboard shortcuts. Any computer professional would agree that working with a keyboard helps you complete work faster and Magento is no exception in this case. There are some effective shortcuts like pressing F12 for setting preferences, F11 for opening point of sale (POS) wizard, etc. that can prove useful. You would be wondering, what does this have to do with customization, but the fact is that using shortcuts allows you to customize quickly and therefore, this had to be included in our list of customization tips.

The above list includes the top things that the developers usually look for when it comes to Magento web development services. Many other customization tricks can be used to enhance your work and create user delight. That depends on the type of eCommerce site that you are developing or the customers that you would cater to. Watch out for more tips on this space and if you have something interesting to add, then leave a comment.

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