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Shift Left Test Automation

Shift Left Test Automation

Executive Summary

Shift Left

Involving the Software Testing Services team in the initial phase of the project, say planning, design sessions, and putting the Quality/Testing team before traditional SDLC start is the Key and need of time.

Shift Left Can Help To Achieve Below Things:

Below Are The Things To Look To Solve These Issues:

API Testing:

Wireframes Testing:

One of the Important Things to Look Forward Is “Mindset”

If we have a full suite of automated test cases then in general what is out mindset?

I think mostly pass rate, running them in CI and maintenance for changing environments.

Here we are missing the objective and only confined to have all TC pass, Focus of testing team has moved from quality gate keeper to development team or more specifically test maintenance.

Script Less Test Automation: Why We Need It?

Abstraction is the key to object-oriented programming language, and if we use it wisely during the framework development, then the automation journey is much simpler.

Let’s consider Automation team is already engaged from the start & requirements are clear to them in terms of product.

What Should Be The Approach?

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