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Key Improvements and Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners

Key Improvements and Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners

Your growing business still requires your attention and for that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is the best powerful solution. Launched in 2016, MS dynamics 365 received extended core CRM functionality which now provides new and robust tools to businesses.

These tools help the companies in transforming their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Dynamics 365 CRM works on productivity and knowledge of the employees in the company and offers deeper insight into opportunities, performance, and customer relationships.

There are many reasons that justify the decision of businesses while choosing MS Dynamics 365 over other options available in the market-

  • It has familiar and intuitive UI
  • It can be connected with other MS products like Office 365, Exchange server, SharePoint, Power BI, and more.
  • Robust built-in tools
  • Flexible architecture, pricing, and deployment options
  • Microsoft commitment and partner support

MS Dynamics 365 Capabilities

Dynamics 365 is made of several applications that are developed for managing any type of business process, ranging from sales and operations to administration and HR. Businesses can use the apps together or individually as per their needs. Apps related to CRM are – Marketing, Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, and Project Service automation.

Dynamics 365 for Sales is made for sales management. The UI of D365 for Sales simplifies lead qualification and yield successful conversions.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps marketing management team in handling leads, contacts, and campaigns. Companies can also avail analytics, reporting, and successful collaboration between sales and marketing.

Dynamics 365 for Customer service offers tools that assist companies in handling support and retention stage of customer lifecycle. It also provides efficient and consistent customer care.

Dynamics 365 for Field service module offers project management feature that includes routing, scheduling, and work orders along with other functionalities like inventory, contract management, etc. Professionals in the field can any time access the required data using mobile apps.

Dynamics 365 for Project service module helps enhance productivity. It has an awesome collection of tools for project planning, time and cost management, resource scheduling, etc. CRM developers can integrate this module with Microsoft project.

Key improvements of MS Dynamics 365

Seamless integration

D365 CRM apps are designed in a way that these can be integrated with other Microsoft tools, including each dynamic 365 and office 365 app. This has a major impact on performance and productivity.

Benefits of integrating Office 365 and MS Dynamics 365:

  • Import customer data into MS Word or Excel sheet via Dynamics 365.
  • Access any information collected in OneNote directly via customer record.
  • Easy data importing via Dynamics 365 in Power BI for analyzing.
  • Access SharePoint documents and calendars directly via Dynamics 365.
  • Use Skype for making any business call directly through Dynamics 365. Businesses can even use Skype for webinars and whiteboard discussions.

Every app in Dynamics 365 shares same common platform that allows businesses to adapt software as per their specific needs. They can easily define their dashboards to highlight the reports, graph, and most relevant data. The platform has robust and flexible workflow tools that let businesses to run automated processes within the system, including sending emails, follow up scheduling, and record status updating. The customization tools enable them to define new objects and extra fields of information within the system.

Dynamics 365 offers extra functionality at minimum price as compared to CRM systems. Moreover, when it is about flexibility, Microsoft offers three tiers of users having distinct levels of access and pricing option. So, by investing in MS Dynamics 365, businesses get complete access to the different apps and functionalities.

Commitment of Microsoft

The company Microsoft has massively invested in Dynamics 365 and is making efforts to turn it into the one selling point for business software solutions. While the company continues to support legacy solutions, the focus and efforts both are dedicated to Dynamics 365.

Why businesses must choose Dynamics 365?

There are several things that can be included in the support of choosing dynamics 365 for business -

  • User friendly
  • Full array of Microsoft products integration
  • Robust tools to change business perspective in meaningful manner
  • Availability of more options
  • Affordability
  • Support of Microsoft

Other latest features made into MS Dynamics 365 are -

  • App modules
  • Site map designer
  • Relationship insights
  • Relevance search
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Dynamics 365 for Outlook
  • Visual process designer
  • Editable grids
  • Learning paths
  • Integration

By implementing Dynamics 365, businesses will bring host of latest features and benefits to their users. You just need a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners to avail these benefits and functionalities. Connect with the local CRM development company in your area or if you have reliable connection to outsource, go for it.

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