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Workspaces in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

One of the Important feature of the dynamics 365 is the personalize user workspace with different daily used reports, frequently used data and various transaction details to provide user friendly view to improve the efficiency in day to day tasks.

Workspace is design/customized as per user requirement and only add contents often required by the user. This makes dynamics 365 very popular among end user.

There are various out of box workspaces available already for different roles of the organization to be use as per our requirement and also we can modify them if required.

There is also a flexibility to create our own workspace if existing one doesn’t fit the need of the organization. Microsoft dynamics AX company has provided a very easy and convenient way to create a workspace on your own which really gives great power to the user.

Steps to create workspace:

  1. Login to Dynamics 365
  2. From the home screen → Right Click → ‘Personalize
  3. dynamics-365-finance
  4. Click on ‘Add a workspace’
  5. dynamics-365-finance
  6. Now right click on the new workspace created → then click on personalize → Rename the workspace
  7. dynamics-365-finance
  8. Now it is a time to add required data in the workspace so that it will be use easily without any need to navigate in the system which is really a time consuming activity.
  9. Tile

  10. Here as we are creating a workspace for purchasing manager, we will first add Tile of vendors to the workspace.
  11. Go to Procurement and sourcing → Vendors → All vendors
  12. Go to header menu ‘Options→ in the personalize section, Click on ‘Add to workspace
  13. dynamics-365-finance
  14. Select the workspace created and selects the presentation style. We have three styles available and those are List, Link and Tile. In this case we will use Tile to display vendors.
  15. dynamics-365-finance
  16. Select name of the workspace tile and choose whether to display record count on the tile or not.
  17. dynamics-365-finance
  18. Go back to the workspace → you will see vendor tile along with record count
  19. dynamics-365-finance


  20. Next is to add data in the form of List in then workspace.
  21. Follow the same steps as mentioned above except select the presentation style as ‘List’
  22. In this case we will add list of purchase order in the workspace.
  23. dynamics-365-finance
  24. Click on configure to add list to the workspace.
  25. Select the columns you wish to display in the workspace data list
  26. dynamics-365-finance
  27. Click ok to add list to the workspace.
  28. Go to the workspace to view the List.
  29. dynamics-365-finance


  30. Now next is to add the data in the form of link in the workspace.
  31. Follow the same steps as mentioned above except select the presentation style as ‘Link’
  32. In this case we will add procurement catalog link to the workspace.
  33. dynamics-365-finance
  34. Click on Configure
  35. Add name of the link for the workspace
  36. dynamics-365-finance
  37. Click ok and the link will be added to workspace./li>
  38. Go to the workspace to check the Link added.
  39. dynamics-365-finance
  40. In this way we can add data to the workspace in the form of Tile, List and Link.

Share the workspace

It is very simple to share your personalize workspace with other colleague or to be use in other environment without any further hassle of creating the workspace.

Simple steps to share the workspace

  1. Go to the workspace → Go to the workspace → go to header menu ‘Options’ → click on ‘Personalize this form
  2. In the personalize menu, select Manage → click on Export
  3. dynamics-365-finance
  4. System will ask for the path to save the exported file or go to download folder to locate the file. This file will be in .XML format with the name ‘User_MyWorkspaceXXX.xml’
  5. dynamics-365-finance
  6. We can share this file which then can be imported to be used in some other environment or can be use by other colleagues
  7. To import the workspace, right click on the workspace area → click on ‘personalize this form’
  8. dynamics-365-finance
  9. Browse the file which was shared to be imported in the system.
  10. dynamics-365-finance
  11. Close and reopen Dynamics 365 to view the imported workspace.
  12. In this way we can share the workspace easily.
  13. BI Reports

    We can also add business intelligence reports in the workspace in order to provide real time operational insights.

    Follow the below steps to add BI reports to your personalize workspace:

  14. Go to the workspace → go to header menu ‘Options’ → click on ‘Personalize this form’
  15. Select the “+” symbol to add a personalization to your workspace
  16. on the right, move the selection to “yes” on the “Allow Power BI control” field
  17. dynamics-365-finance
  18. Click the “Get Started” button. You will then be prompted for credentials to connect to your power BI account
  19. Select the reports you wish to add in the workspace → Click ok
  20. dynamics-365-finance
  21. Reports will be added in your workspace

Final Thought

Workspace is a very powerful tool which can be used to design your space in dynamics 365 to get all the data at one place and in the style you want.

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