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Dynamics 365 Updates

Convert Your Manual Business Processes to Digital with Dynamics 365 App

A small, robust campaign must be run by eliminating physical work processes with effective digital techniques, which improves teamwork, speeds up the process, and reduces costs across all boards.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Top Features

Microsoft dynamics 365 has a set of CRM and ERP applications that helps businesses in effective resource-sharing. If you want innovation for the organization, then this application can open wide-opportunities for you.

Using Dynamics 365 business central on the excel sheet

The next level traditional Microsoft office package is termed as Office 365. This is an enhanced and different than the one you have been using for many years.

Azure: Function As Service Introduction

The code execution modus operandi where server side logic is made to run on a stateless, event-driven, short lived compute containers that are fully managed by a third party(in our case MS).

Dynamics 365 Customer Services Insights Expansion with Azure ML-based Custom Models

Microsfot dynamics 365 customer services Insights includes a platform that is helpful in customer data integration from several sources into single unified view.

How to - Unit Test the JavaScript in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Using XrmPage-Mock Framework

Automated Unit Testing is has now become one of the most important aspects of any project implementation.

Financial dimensions in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Financial dimensions are nothing but the strategic business dimensions which are used to get meaningful information from the transaction posted. Dimensions are decided in accordance with the business need and keeping in view the business objectives.

Scribe Insight – Using DBLOOKUP formula to set Lookup in Dynamics 365 CE

In this article, we will learn how to setup lookups using DBLOOKUP formula of Scribe Insight. The basic example we will be taking is to set parent contact id (customerid) field of Opportunity entity.

Introduction to PowerApps, CDS, and CDM

A public preview of PowerApps was introduced in April 2016, followed by its general availability in Oct 2016 along with Common Data Service, which was included as a part of PowerApps plans.

Create a Canvas App using Dynamics 365 as Data Source

In this article, we are going to create a Canvas App type of PowerApps which users can use to create contact records in Dynamics 365.

Is it Easy or Tough to Schedule a Resource in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the cutting-edge customer relationship management tools. Though, it is brimmed with a plenty of useful solutions for a company, but Microsoft still keeps evolving the CRM to make sure that meets the demands of the current generation.

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