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Finance and Operations Updates

How to perform an Automatic Logoff after each sales transaction at MPOS/CPOS

In most of the retail stores the sales representative will be having an individual mobile device to suggest and help their customers,

Editable Grid in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement – Configuration

With the newer version of the Dynamics 365 starting from version 9.0, the editable grid has been introduced.

How to Create Expense Type Transaction from D365 Retail POS

In this blog we are going to explain why we are creating expense transaction and how to create an expense type transaction from POS.

Table As A Service: Create Data Integration Strategy

Table as a service is a very convenient way of high frequency, high volume data exchange, Dynamics 365 finance and operations, without the need of worrying about the supporting architecture, speed and efficiency.

Using Microsoft Power Automate In Dynamics 365

Power automate is an umbrella of integrating your D365 business with any 3rd party data provider endpoint, without writing any additional code

Step by step integration using Azure APIintegration with D365FO

We already have discussed on an Azure API integration on a previous blog. This blog will guide you Azure API with policy parsing capabilities. But before that: to give you a recap:

Key Improvements and Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners

Your growing business still requires your attention and for that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is the best powerful solution.

Return Material Authorization in Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations

Return material authorization in dynamics 365 for finance and operations is a number given for authorizing the return of the goods.

Azure Cloud Storage Integration With D365

Azure Storage offers a massively scalable object store for data objects, a file system service for the cloud, a messaging store for reliable messaging, and a NoSQL store.

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