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List of all Operations and Effective Elements of Selenium Automation Testing

All About Selenium

Selenium is an open-source automated testing suite used by developers for creating web applications across multiple browsers and platforms. It focuses on automating web-based applications. Developers perform testing with the help of the Selenium tool which is usually called selenium testing.

You must understand that selenium is not a single tool but a suite of different software that is being used to cater to different testing needs of the enterprise. There are four key components of Selenium:

Let’s learn about the WebElement operations of Selenium.

WebElement in Selenium

Anything present on the webpage is a WebElement, including button, text box, scroller, etc. WebElement is used for an HTML element. Selenium WebDriver represents a DOM element and all the documents of HTML are created with the help of these HTML elements.


There are several techniques with which the WebDriver can detect the WebElement which are based on unique properties, like ID, Name, XPath, Class, CSS Selectors, Tagname, link Test, etc.

There are two main methods offered by WebDriver which are used to find the webpage elements:

1. FineElement(): it is used to find a single WebElement and return it as an Object of WebElement.

2. FindElements(): It is used to find elements in a specific location with the help of locators.

Types of Web Elements:

Selenium WebElement can be divided into eight types:

What operations are performed on the WebElement?

To access WebElement, developers need to carry out a set of operations starting with browser actions until the operations run on frames.

  1. Browser operations

    • Launch the browser

    • Navigate to specific web page

    • Close the current browser

    • Close every browser opened by WebDriver at the time of execution

    • Maximize browser

    • Refresh the browser

  1. Web Page Operations

    • Get the page Title

    • Get the URL of the page

  1. Edit Box Operations

    • Enter a value

    • Get the value

    • Delete the value

  1. Link operations

    • Click link

    • Return the link name

  1. Button operations

    • Enable button

    • Display status

  1. Image Operations

    • General image with no functionality

    • Clickable image button

    • Redirecting image link

  1. Text area operations

    • Return or capture the messages received from the web page

  1. Checkbox operations

    • Tick the checkbox

    • Undo the checkbox

  1. Radio button operations

    • Choose radio button

    • Determine if it shows the radio button

  1. Drop down operations

    • Choose an item from the list

    • Get the item count

  1. Frame operations

    • Switch from top window to specific web page frame

    • Switch to frame to top window

Let’s talk about the usage of the variety of tools and other things. Given below is the list of different elements that can are helpful in Selenium automation testing.

The Selenium automation testing is indeed one the most essential and important testing performed in any organization. Let's watch a tutorial on "How to write Script in Selenium Webdriver?" by Mukesh otwani


There is always a question as to how things will get recorded in the Selenium IDE. So, follow the described steps and procedures and know the recorded script even better.

Here I also like to share a video on the process of recording script in selenium IDE by Helpfolder Channel


This is a useful window that actually deals with the opening of the URL in a new window always. You simply need to open a window and you would see many popups.

Learn Steps for Debugging Selenium Scripts with Logs now.

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