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Magento Extension : Experts Sharing Tips for Better Development

magento extension tips

If you are planning to have a Magento store, you should continue reading this article. Magento extension development experts are sharing tips to give you better Magento store development experience. You will learn what not to do things for the store. When you think about an economical and reliable way to develop an ecommerce store, you will definitely consider Magento at first.

It is due to the robustness, completeness, and open source technology that makes most interesting features available for free.

Magento also has its paid version, which is known as Enterprise Edition. However, small enterprises can still manage their work with standard edition. They can rely on Magento store Development Company that can deliver customized site using Standard edition.

This CMS has a lot of readily available, advanced functions that save the development cost and time investments. It will be a mistake if you think that integrating the CMS with the ecommerce site will be the end of the project. For best experiences, you have to prioritize the needs of customers and then make changes to your ecommerce website accordingly.

The most common mistakes done by Magento site owners

The default settings

To increase the sales at your store, you must avoid default settings. There are some default settings that restrict desired goals, such as:

1. Default homepage title

By default, there will be a title named as “Home” in the home page of a store provided by the Magento CMS. You need to make changes in the title as per your requirement. According to the SEO norms, you should include primary keywords followed by secondary keywords in the home page title.

2. Default descriptions

This is another common mistake made by e-commerce site owners. They should add appropriate descriptions about their products for a better user experience.

3. Default magento XML sitemap

Search engines need an XML sitemap to increase site ranking. Many owners forget to add their sitemap during the development phase.

Layered navigation issues

Layer navigation offers multiple options on a single page. It’s a kind of navigation in which customers find the organized categories on one page and make choices from there. However, users encounter obstacle in using layer navigation. How to resolve it?

You may want to consider using Ajax Navigation to allow customers to filter products. Don't let search engines crawl your pages. You can use premium and professional magento eCommerce development also known as layered navigation pro.

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