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Java Updates

Hire Java Developers for Your Project: The Complete Hiring Guide

Choosing the best team members can be the compass that guides projects to success in the digital age, where creativity and efficiency are paramount.

How Application Performance is Improved by Java Collections and Java Streams Tools?

Java, one of the most well-liked programming languages, is extensively used to create various programs, from straightforward desktop apps to intricate enterprise-level systems.

Java Application Development Process For Enterprise Software

Java's versatility and scalability make it a prominent choice for enterprise-level applications in various industries.

Top Most Popular Resources for Improving Java Coding Skills

Within the REALM of the information technology industry, Java has the title of "most popular" and "evergreen" programming language.

How to Extend Horizontal Pod AutoScaler With Custom Metrics in Kubernetes?

You must be knowing that a high level of dynamism is one of the most important aspects of a Kubernetes-based system. Almost nothing is constant. Deployments or StatefulSets are defined, and Kubernetes distributes Pods across the cluster. In most cases, those Pods are rarely stationary for an extended period. Pods are re-created and possibly moved to other nodes as a result of rolling updates. Any type of failure results in the rescheduling of the affected resources. The Pods move as a result of a variety of other events. A Kubernetes cluster is analogous to a beehive. It's vibrant and constantly in motion.

How to Enable CORS in Spring WebFlux and Returning flux with Backend Implementations?

I used Spring WebFlux, which has been available since Spring 5 and is included in the Spring Boot 2.5 version. We'll use Spring Data and Spring Boot to connect to a Mongo database via its reactive driver.

Design Backend System of an online Hotel booking application using Java Microservices

In this blog, I have explained how do we design a hotel booking system something very similar to booking.com, MakeMyTrip, or goibigo, but just one thing to call out, we will be looking at a very high-level architecture of the whole system and also at a lower level class diagram and all of that in this blog.

Java Microservice Application Deploy using Helm in Kubernetes

In this blog, I have explained clearly and in detail how to create your helm charts. You can create helm charts to deploy your applications. It's the recommended way to deploy your application on Kubernetes.

How to Implement Distributed Caching in Java Microservices using Redis Cluster?

Actually, in the microservice world, there are different ways in which we can introduce caching into an application architecture. The databases, caches, or the use cases, which I have explained here in this blog, are just for reference, but you have to be wise in choosing the right cache and the right database which fits your use case. The most common cache which we all use is the embedded cache.

Distributed Transaction in Java Microservices using SAGA Pattern

Let’s understand first what the distributed transaction is and how the distributed transactions work in the micro-services.

How to Implement Java Rest API Automation using RestAssured?

When we talk about Java APIs, there are different ways to create this, apps are some set of standards we need to follow to create this app.

How to Design a Global File Sharing Service using Java Microservices?

The design of a cloud-based file storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive or to design a file storage service whether it is Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox, Design will almost be the same and is always based on the requirements.

Implementing Reactive, Adaptable, and Distributed Apps via VERT.X on JVM

Vert.x is a toolkit for developing reactive applications on the JVM and what do you mean by this is that it is a complete environment for building lightweight reactive applications so you can use it together with Java Enterprise or with Spring Framework but the intention is that Java development services provider use it separately from other big frameworks that dictate how your architecture looks.

How to Use KeyStore API for Mutual TLS Handshake?

Here, Experienced Java Application Development team describes all about setting up your mutual TLS client code (Java HTTPS client certificate authentication), which will communicate to your server with HTTPS protected with the certificate.

Java Sees Exciting Web App Development Features A right Choice For Businesses

Java is feasibly the most prominent programming language used to render Web apps and stages. Flexibility was proposed, allowing originators to build a code that would run on any system, paying no attention to the design or level.

How Netflix backend system operates with complete system designing flow?

System design for Netflix with about more than 130 million subscribers and its presence in more than 250 plus countries is a company that handles a large category of movies and television content we users paid monthly rent to access this content and what that means to Netflix is that the user experience should be very smooth and enjoyable.

Concept to Completion of Application Migration in 2021

Current legacy systems which are considered the backbone for any organization are not Cloud-ready. One of the biggest challenges includes redeveloping and reconnecting legacy applications with new age Cloud software.

Multi-Stage Builds using Docker

Docker is one of the most used containerized platforms to create images. Docker has introduced multi-stage builds from the 17.05 version.

Overview of Travis CI Pipeline, Google Cloud Kubernetes Cluster and Kubernetes Security with RBAC

In this section, I am going to discuss the travis.yaml file that I am going to put together to build all of our different images and then eventually deploy our application to our Kubernetes Cluster.

How Unicode’s help Java programmers?

Unicode is known as the 16-bit character programming standard and it can easily signify each and all the character of the world of recognized languages.

Overview of FetchMode in Spring Data JPA

Current tutorial we will get to know what is fetchMode, how to it is used to fetch the entity, introduction to @org.hibernate.annotations.Fetch annotation.

What is Stream API in JDK 1.8?

Stream API was introduced in JDK 1.8 release, for the sole purpose to ease the way to deal with collections of objects or we can say that stream of objects/elements stored

A Complete Guide about Spring Cloud Feign and Hystrix Circuit Breaker

I am going to explain how you can be able to create declarative Rest Clients with Feign. And will illustrate how you will be able to call REST services using the Feign libraries.

How does Anatomy of Spring cloud config work?

Spring Cloud: Spring cloud libraries are intended to be used by spring boot applications. They are not intended to be utilized using just the spring framework although it is possible.

How to Implement Spring Cloud Bus with Examples

Now, I am going to explain how we can use Spring Cloud Bus to apply configuration changes dynamically to applications while they are up and running.

What is a Kubernetes volume is used for PVC to Pod Template

The need for Volumes and PVC: In this section in particular, we are going to start looking at what a postgress PVC is all about. First, I will give you a better understanding of why we need PVC (Persistent Volume Claim).

What is Association, Aggregation, Composition and Inheritance in Java with Example?

In Java, as you know everything revolves around “Classes and Object” only. So, you must know about the relationships between classes and objects to model or design any software Application.

How to Start in Data Science?

A frequent question asked by beginners in any field is how to start? In this post, the definition of the data science field will be discussed in addition to giving a guide about how to start in this field.

An Introduction to Machine Learning

In the course of recent decades Machine Learning has turned out to be one of the pillars of data innovation and with that, a fairly focal, but generally covered up, some portion of our life.

Circuit breaker pattern implementation using Netflix Hystrix

A design pattern is a generic, reusable solution for a commonly occurring design problem. There are many design patterns in Java. The Circuit breaker pattern is one of such patterns which is applicable for applications that interacts with each other using remote service calls.

EntityGraphs in Hibernate 5

Hibernate is one of the leading frameworks used for Database interactions, also it is one of the JPA Specification implementer.JPA 2.1 introduced Entity Graphs feature as a more advanced way of handling performance issues.

Spring Custom Serializers with @JsonIdentityInfo

Jackson-databind is the one of the libraries widely used in modern spring-based applications for serialization or deserialization from/to JSON. Jackson library will convert object to JSON, and vice versa.

Java experts, brace yourself for new bunch of offerings in 2019!

As we have stepped into a New Year, it is the perfect time to first retrospect what Java brought to us in 2018, and what all can we expect in 2019. At the same time, it is also the perfect time of the year to understand what all we know about latest Java concepts and what we should be prepared to learn.

Unit testing Spring Boot controllers

Unit testing is one level of software testing where individual components of a software are tested. The purpose of the unit testing of a Java software development is to validate each unit performs as designed. A unit is the smallest testable component, like methods.

Introduction to Java Persistence API

Java is an object oriented language, i.e. A Java program deals with the creation of objects, their interaction etc. We can use Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API to for accessing the database. This approach possesses some challenges.

REST Microservice API Versioning Strategy

Today we will see how we can implement different version of same service in REST terminology. Now a days we have a boom of developing smaller services using REST and in microservice eco system, those services interact with each other and produce the final business output.

Restful web services using spring

Large organizations maintain many web applications written in multiple languages. One could be a Java web development, another is a .NET application etc. There could be situations wherein cross application data sharing is required.

How to deploy Spring-boot application in AWS EC2 server quickly?

Hello friends today in this tutorial, we will check how we can deploy our spring boot application in AWS EC2 easily. Now a days Spring boot and AWS has got lots of momentum and lots of projects are being deployed in AWS with underlying framework as spring boot.

Introduction to Aspect oriented programming in spring

Spring framework is a popular Java framework that provide support for various requirements of a Java application. It supports dependency injection, web services, MVC pattern etc. The main aim of a framework.

Spring Profile Specific Logging Behavior with Spring Boot

Technology: Spring Profiles provides conditional approach to load the parts of the application only in certain environments. It is used to load one of the same types of available beans based on environment configuration.

Authentication using AWS Cognito

Amazon Cognito is a cloud based service that offers authentication, authorization and user management for applications. Application users can sign in using traditional user name - password combo, Multi factor authentication or by using third party services like Google, Facebook etc.

Generating Docker Images using Google Jib

Technology:Containers are used deploy applications in an isolated environment, once we generate the container images can be deployed number of machines, but for a Java application building an image is not an easy way, we need to write a docker file.

Hot Swapping in Spring Boot applications

Technology: In the present world all majority IDE`s supporting the HotSwap for web applications using embedded JDK HotSwap Mechanism without restarting the running web/application servers or deploying the application.

Database Transaction Auditing using Spring Envers

Technology: Spring Data is one module built on top of the spring framework for easy database transactions. It provides various interfaces, and annotation for easy outsource Java development.

Spring Cloud Netflix - Ribbon

In Microservice architecture, a monolithic application is split into multiple Smaller and independent applications. Each application manages a certain functionality independently and can be deployed/scaled independently.

Client Side Load Balancing using Spring Ribbon

Ribbon is the client-side load balancerwhich gives control over HTTP and TCP Clients. The main purpose of Ribbon is named client, each load balancer is one of the component that work together to connect to remote server.

Spring Cloud Netflix - Eureka

Microservice architecture is a buzzword now-a days. As opposed to traditional monolithic applications, an application is deployed as a suite of smaller and independent applications each one managing a separate business operation.


Microservice architecture or simply Micro services has gained a lot of traction in recent times. They are better suited for agile methodology and ensure better continuous delivery. Big organizations like EBay, Amazon, and Netflix are embracing it.

How to Explore Project Lombok Using Java

Java is a very solid, robust, and matured and one of the widely used programming language with a strong community support.

Graphql with spring boot

GraphQL is a new concept devised by Facebook to design Web APIs. It is billed to be an alternative to widely used REST APIs.

How to integrate Spring Retry in Java Application

In a business application, we often come across the use-cases, where we need to access a resource whose access is unreliable. If the initial access fails, then ideally we retry the failed operation (hoping it might succeed in the subsequent attempt).

How IoT Apps Can Be Enhanced With Java Programming

As technologies such as AI, analytics and automation gain traction, the Internet of Things technology will increase in its enormity of adoption and innovation.

Java Is the Key to Boost Your AI Efforts

One of the best things about Java that attracts programmers and developers towards it is the Java Virtual Machine technology. With this technology, developers can build a single version of a Java application that will seamlessly run across all Java-enabled computing platforms and devices.

Top 5 technologies Trends with the Biggest Impact on Digital World

Every day there is a new trend emerging in the digital world to back up businesses and the society as a whole. Our world gets to see newer evolved solutions on a daily basis – models designed to work closely with the physical and the digital world.

A Different World through the Glasses of VR and AR in Enterprises

Virtual reality till some years back was a fascinating new form of technology that you probably thought would only be used for entertainment purposes.

Spring Cloud Data flow

In this article, Java J2ee development experts are sharing the concept of Spring Cloud. You will get to know about its feature also.

Why java developers India should apply Java in embedded apps?

Technology always evolves with time. Today, networked and programmable devices are being used by people throughout the world. Java developers India think that there is a need of application that can collect, process and transmit data used in these networked, programmable devices.

Analyzing the level of competitive advantage that businesses get of outsourcing projects to offshore java development team

With the software industry evolving into an incredible arena on which a lot of businesses are inter-dependent, it is essential to understand what steps should a business take so as to reap benefits.

The Coding Dojo in Tdo

Let me elaborate. You must all have surely undergone through the ‘CODE KATA EXCERCISES’ in anything. Whether a play, a game and also a process.

Java Bytecode Acting as a Showstopper

Let’s discuss the implementation of an advanced agent by using of the bytecode manipulation tool called as byte buddy. There is certainly a question, as to why byte buddy?

Java Development, wrapped in a document

We are in the IT sector featuring different elements of Java and many other programming languages. Talking about the services, they are driven well in any organisation’s core processes and also in the collection of key business entities.

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