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How does the Netflix backend system operate with a complete system designing flow?

Netflix Backend System Designing Flow

How does Netflix Operate behind the scene?

Netflix operates in two clouds:

1. AWS.

2. OpenConnect.

Both clouds must work together seamlessly to deliver endless hours of video for users. Netflix has three main components i.e.:

Now Java experts are going to mention some high-level working of Netflix and then jump right into all these three components in depth. Without the knowledge of high-level work, if they go and write the components of system design for Netflix it will be pretty hard for you to understand. So, the Java development team is going to mention a high-level overview of Netflix.

High-Level Overview of Netflix System Design

What is open openConnect?

What is the System Design flow of Netflix?

It’s time to understand the system design for Netflix. As I told you earlier, except for Open Connect, all other components are located in the AWS cloud. Just OpenConnect is a network of distributed servers, maintained by Netflix.

Diagram of System Designing

diagram of system designing

Now Java professional is going to mention individual components in the system design. The first one is the client.


Netflix supports a lot of different devices including smart TV, Android, iOS platforms, big gaming consoles, etc. All these apps are written using platform-specific code. Netflix web app is written using react JS, and react.js was influenced by several factors the first is startup speed, the second is a runtime performance of react.js, and the third one is modularity.

Elastic Load balancer

mention elastic load balancers

How does Netflix Onboard a Video?

netflix onboard video

Adaptive bitrate streaming




Subject: Netflix System Designing

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