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Big Data Updates

Impact of Big Data Shoots up Booming E-commerce Industry in 2021

This is the industrial and analytical era. And all facets of human lives are digitally recorded and converted into data. It is at the center of modern technology, which powers 21st-century enterprises.

Keeping in touch with evolving characteristics of Big Data

Off latterly the meaning of Big Data has been used by many companies and it is in limelight, however a lot of individuals are not aware about this term.

Telecom industry is changing: Data analytics is the key driver for communications

The communications business is among the most important reinvention and alteration in today’s world.

Analytics on Cloud: PrestoDB

PrestoDB is a fast analytic SQL engine for querying big data of any size.Presto was developed by Facebook in 2012 to run interactive queries against their Hadoop/HDFS clusters and later on they made Presto project available as open source under Apache license.

Setting the Foundation of Big Data in 2020 With These Trends

It’s no news that big data analytics are changing the landscape of how businesses are managed. Thanks to the new improvements in the cloud and the additional technologies, the reach and usage of big data are far-reaching.

Understanding the Promise of Big Data Processing with Apache Beam

Recently, there has been a war going on between several big data processing framework such as Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Storm etc. but it’s hard to say which one is better since these frameworks are evolving at a very fast pace and come with their own pros and cons.

Choosing Database: CAP Theorem

MySQL, Cassandra, HBase, Redis, etc. There are so many databases. One might wonder why do we need so many? In this blog I will take you through the practical limitations that require us to have these DBs. It should provide you a starting point while choosing a DB for a use-case.

Unit Testing Spark Jobs for Faster Development

For any developer it is essential that he be able to easily test his code. The comfort of easy testing and debugging improves our efficiency. However, the Big data spark coders (at-least the ones I have worked with) seem to be oblivious to this simple fact.

HBASE, Region Server and Related Issues - Eureka

What is HBASE? What are Region Servers? How these look like as a service in Real Hadoop and big data Environment? What are the issues/Use Cases related to HBASE?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be powered up by Big Data analysis!

To completely implement and analyze progress on Sustainable Development Goals, decision makers require a lot of information and statistics which are perfect, timely, adequately disaggregated, applicable, accessible as well as pretty easy to use.

Big Data is Making Your Life More Simplified, Here’s How?

Big Data analytics is one of the hottest and most thrilling technologies present today. Over the last couple of years more and more organizations have started making use of big data to get edge over their opponents in businesses.

Top 7 Big Data Technologies Today

If you have the right blend creative and logical and mathematical spices, Big Data is your way to go! And, if you are wondering where to start, this is a small guide for your rescue.

Conquer Data Analytics with These Five Simple Steps

There has been an evolution in the way modern organizations plan and proceed in order to gain success in their field. Gone are the days of arguments, insults and snide comments; business intelligence is the way to go in today’s world.

Measuring the Connection between Big Data And The Internet Of Things

Accumulation and analysis of data is the upcoming trend, which is being supported by the internet. The internet has spread its arena in a huge way and the devices, as well as objects, are connected to each other through it.

Cloudera Navigator Upgrade and Config Changes

We need Cloudera Navigator as a fully integrated data management tool and a security system which is installed on Hadoop Platform.

Tutorial : Combine HDFS And Linux Command To Query Data In Big Data Application

Here We are presenting tutorial about the combination of Hadoop Distributed File System Command (HDFS) And Linux Command using querying data in Big Data.

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